La Habra picks up Orange Lutheran QB Clark Livingston

The quarterback battle to replace Cody Clements just got interesting at La Habra.
Clark Livingston, the expected starting quarterback for Orange Lutheran, has transferred to La Habra and could push senior Cole Wolterman for the starting job.
Livingston threw for 1,055 yards and four touchdowns last season.
He still needs to be approved by the CIF-Southern Section office to be eligible to play this season.
La Habra coach Fank Mazzotta’s comments
On Livingston enrolling at La Habra:
“It’s something you don’t expect. You don’t expect to get a transfer this late, especially a high-profile one.”
On how this effects senior QB Cole Wolterman and junior Sean Sparling, who have been the frontrunners all summer: “The kids are working hard. They are still our guys. But we want to give a young man an opportunity.”
On eligibility process: “It’s a simple thing. They had to move and they moved into this area.”

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  • From PAC-5 to D-VI?

    I’m sure he must live in the Guada La Habra area for this not to look fishy; because after all, LH doesn’t recruit, right? Or did that apartment once occupied by last year’s rent-a-player running back (Logan was it?) coincidentally become available?

  • John

    Whittier daily news could have an article every year about the next transfer into la habra. Were they a little light in running backs last year? No Problem, by the way of miracles they got one. Good one too. Got most of the pieces together for this years run. But maybe a little light in qb position. Pray a little and bam, one shows up. What will be next’s answered prayers?

  • Guru

    Good luck to the kid at LH.

  • Guru

    Also, Livingston and his family moved within the city limits for him to attend La Habra.

  • Questions?

    Hmmm.why LH? If they moved to LH why not Sonora? Athletically motivated transfer? How will the CIF see it?

  • Trinity still beats La Habra

    Quarterback is obviously a very important position in football, but adding Livingston will not work magic when La Habra plays the Trinity league in preseason. The reason? The Trinity league, from top to bottom, have bigger, stronger, more talented linemen. Ask anyone who knows football, and they will tell you that the line is the holy grail of the game. This is the secret ingredient that separates the good from the great teams.