Two Minute Drill: La Mirada at St. Paul

Here’s this week’s two-minute drill, featuring Friday’s big opener between La Mirada at St. Paul. The game is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

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  • LMAO!!!

    I’m sorry but WTF was that…..Aram face expression was classic.

    1:04 and 4:12

    steve take a shot and relax’s… u’ll do find next time

  • There are actually stills from this video hitting the internet. Like the part when I pop my pen cap off.


  • LMAO

    LOL…u guys r doing fine…keep up the good work…theirs a whole lot of info going arounds…it’s awesome.

    Hey Steve, I think by week 5 u should hit ur stride.

  • whittier

    Steve why so nervous on camera? lol

    You guys should have a video weekly with the areas most valuable player of the week to sit with you guys. That would be awesome