Friday Night Recap: St. Paul makes its play, rallies past Ayala; Santa Fe is no match for Charter Oak; La Serna, Whittier Christian also win

We should have a new No. 1 next week, and it will be a familiar name as St. Paul, taking advantage of La Habra’s blunder on Thursday, rallied to be beat Ayala. Other big wins on Friday were La Serna getting back in the win column with a victory over Warren and Whittier Christian winning for the second-consecutive week. Also, Whittier fell from the unbeatens, with a loss to Paramount. There was also a big loss, with Santa Fe losing, 49-0, to Charter Oak. It’s the Chiefs’ third blow-out setback in five weeks.

Here’s the Friday night roundup:
No.2 St. Paul 30, Ayala 27 —
Do the Swordsmen have the look of the top team in the area? You bet. While this was closer than I thought, nothing beats 4-0, so you can expect St. Paul to come on up, especially following La Habra’s 41-6 loss to St. John Bosco on Thursday. Paul Echeverria rushed for 96 yards to lead the Swordsmen, who face Schurr next week before opening Mission League play in two weeks.
No. 3 Whittier Christian 29, Salesian 14 – That’s two in a row for the Heralds, who are starting look like the team that went to the Mid-Valley Division finals last season. Whittier Christian, getting 259 yards and three TDs from quarterback Daniel Chacon, led 26-0.
No. 4 California 27, Schurr 0 — You can throw the Condors in the mix for the Del Rio League chase after blitzing the Spartans. California, keyed by Nick Gonzalez, forced five fumbles and had six sacks to coast in a nonleague game. Running backs Gabriel Lozano, Justin Dankert and jAaron Garcia combined to rush for 202 yards and a pair of touchdowns.
Bellflower 21, No. 5 La Mirada 7 – Just when we think the Mats are about to step up, they fall back. Bellflower had an 82-yard interception return for a TD and a 54-yard fumble return to set up another score to beat La Mirada in the Suburban League opener.
Charter Oak 49, Santa Fe 0 – Boy the Chiefs are difficult to figure out. This is their third blow-out loss in five games. But all against the best. The question is how this will effect their psyche. Coach Jack Mahlsted says it won’t. But you still have to wonder.Running back Joey Davis rushed for 98 yards.
La Serna 21, Warren 7 – The Lancers are beginning to look like the Del Rio League favorite after beating the Bears. O.J. Medina rushed for 147 yards and two scores to lead La Serna.
St. Bernard 27, Cantwell 24 – This one will hurt. The Cardinals, getting 150 yards rushing and a TD from junior Jared Gonzales, looked like they were on their way for a win in the Del Rey League opener, leading 21-6 at halft. But the Vikings showed why they are one of the favorites after rallying.
Paramount 24, Whittier 14 – Whittier’s chance at at perfect season ended against the Pirates, who led 17-0 after three quarters.
Huntington Park 17, Pioneer 13 – It was close, but the Titans fall to 0-4.

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  • LM Fan

    My boys took a turn in the wrong direction. After the impressive win over an undefeated La Serna team, we come out and lay an egg against Bellflower, a game we needed to win. Turnovers did us in, and we just looked flat. Maybe we were still feeling good about last week, I don’t know. I had hoped that after playing those three tough teams ( Amat, SP, and LH ) we had toughened up and would play tougher against the not so tough teams. But Football is funny that way….you have to come out each week to play, otherwise stuff like this happens.

    LM really needs to get in gear and not have any hiccups if we think we will have any chance for playoffs.

  • Just Saying

    I do understand that won/loss means a good amount in the end, but you get a good understanding of a teams’ talent level when they play certain teams. I saw Ayala play this year against Diamond Bar, and they looked average at best. So I was very surprised to see St. Paul squeek by against Ayala. Yes, I understand that St. Paul still won, but by three? Really?

    And you still feel that you are better than LH. The truth is, St. Paul has a good team for their division. They are definately one of the better teams in their division. But their division is not a powerhouse, not even in the top three. I still believe that the elite teams perform well against the elite teams in socal, and those elite teams are in the Trinity, Serra, and some Inland schools.

    I know I am hating a little here, so let me say, Congrats St. Paul for another win, but let’s see what happens when your competition get from weak to decent, which happens when you start league.

  • Keep in mind

    We have had a lot of strange wins and losses thus far, but it needs to be emphasized that high school football teams EVOLVE during a season, and we won’t know where the dust is going to settle for at least 3 more weeks. I like Roddy Layton’s strategy of using the preseason to test and season his squad for the games that count. As long as a coach explains to his team that they may lose meaningless games in the interest of excelling later, those players can absorb the hurt of losing and stay focused.

  • football fan

    Your right about the elite teams and elite leagues, there is a big difference, you need to bring your A game every game.But there are only a handful of elite leagues, and elite divisions. LH is not in either of them, but does that taint their accomplishments. Not everyone can play on elite teams, that is why they have 13 divisions.
    Your right, the Mission league is not the Trinity league, but Serra is in the league, although they are down this year they have beaten D1 teams.
    The SP game was not that close. SP led 30-14 in the 4th quarter, with Ayala scoring with 19 seconds left in the game.
    Ultimately, who cares about the polls, they are meaningless. Just root for your school and don’t worry about the others.

  • Whittier

    St Paul #1 now… finally

    Way to go guys, it was a sluggish game but a W is a W. Now let’s march for that 10-0 season we haven’t had in years. You can do it!

  • anonymously

    the correct score for the whittier christian-salesian game was 29-24. salesian experimented with their backup QB in the first half and gave away 26 points. salesian star QB played in second half and almost won on the final play of the game.

  • danielrobertson4

    I have a few questions of my own,

    Im Daniel Robertson Former South Hills Football/Baseball player and im still trying to figure out how these guys have there own hour long talk show. STOP giving these guys credit who have done nothing and know nothing about sports!!

    They didnt know anything when I was in high school (Graduated in 2004) as well as now and nothing has changed in 8 years! Dont be scared to hire someone who knows about sports or even cares about the players who have come out of that area and what they have done on a PROFESSIONAL level!

    Please San Gabriel Valley newspaper please bring in people who know about sports and have a worthy opinion in listening to before you let them write articles on kids or even give them a show that is a waste of your money and a waste of our time who like to check in and see how sports are doing in our areas that we came from!

    Thank you…

  • Charlie sheen

    Daniel Robertson:

    First off it’s their* and where are the questions??

    This is not the SGV.. that’s Fred robledo you are talking about.
    Stave does not report on south hills. That’s why it’s called the “Whittier” daily news not San gabriel valley. Also this is his first year here and is doing a remarkable job.. You might wanna go to freds blog instead and ask him why he didn’t talk about you or SH 8 years ago… LOL

  • Whittier Fan

    To: danielrobertson4,

    You sound like a whining b@*ch. Go complain on Robledo’s blog dude. South Hills sucks anyway, so why would anyone preview them?

  • danielrobertson4

    @ whittier fan, They play football in whittier? and no need to curse talk to me when you actually played a sport or I even knew who you were cause if I google whittier fan nothing comes up…

    And your right steve Ramirez used to right for the sgv but they got rid of him cause he was terrible…ALL of the guys that talk high school football in the entire area have no idea what there talking about when was the last guy they talked about sign and be an impact player at a division 1 university?

    You guys dont know cause you waste your time trying to punch numbers of kids who grace the front cover and never play sports again after high school as even worse he is covering the area college portion too…is there even an area college worth writing about in whittier?

    if you can clear some of these up thank you but if you cant then dont waste my time with silly nonsense because you “think” you know about sports…

  • danielrobertson4

    @whittier fan

    Oh and as for south hills sucking there one of the best schools in the entire valley…and i have 2 rings of my own to prove it and an sgvtribune all valley patch and you?

  • Supporter


    Let me tell you, in the whittier area there have been several D1 college athletes. Example, Dwight tardy SP 05 went to Washington state, Nic grigsby Cal/SP 08 went to Arizona, he is now with the Miami Dolphins. Tyler Hadden currently at Hawaii

    And just so you know Whittier college is one hard school to get into..

  • LS FAN

    I just wanted to comment on a couple things. First off, even if LH lost to three Pac 5 schools that doesn’t mean that they aren’t number one in the area!! Thats what the ranking in this whittier daily news means right?! The #1 team in the area! Let’s have a round robin play between all the teams in this area and every man and woman would put their paycheck on LH winning! NOT ST.PAUL! So yeah they lost 3 games in a row but look who they lost too? Have some common sense people… I know your St. Paul team is 4-0 but don’t get too happy the losing will be coming soon, and if you played LH which you never would (cause you wouldn’t schedule them) it wouldn’t even be close, trust me I’ve seen both teams play! And look who your 4-0 against? LH played 3 teams that are ranked #1, #3, and #17 in the state of california! You wanna know the highest ranked team St. Paul has played this year La Mirada at #317! So with this information please stop talking like your better LH or deserved to be ranked #1 in the area… stop being ignorant!

    And second, I have followed LS for many years and I haven’t seen a more mobile, smart, and accurate throwing QB than this kid Frankie Palmer who is only a sophomore! But with that offense that LS runs it’s pretty unfortunate for him and his teammates, against Warren high school this week I can honestly tell you that I counted 6 different plays/formations (which are just left and right and all pretty similar) and it’s really boring! All they rely on is trying to hopefully catch a LB or DLineman over pursuing so they can run a trap or they run a short side toss/stretch outta of their horrible wing offense! And when it’s 3rd and long, guess what fake all those runs and throw a one man post route to another sophomore Duarte who is also really good, and the whole defense is expecting it! Or hopefully have Palmer bail you out and scramble and turn a horrible play into a good one! These guys need to spread it out and use all there weapons! I’m not even a coach scouting and I already know every play their gonna run, it’s sad! It’s no wonder once we played a real team that has coaches that actually scout and show there kids whats going on, that our offense couldn’t score! Sorry for venting LS fans it’s just I want the best for these kids they have a lot of talent and aren’t having the opportunity to play to their potential, especially Palmer! And I don’t wanna see them lose in league play, because with their abilities they shouldn’t!

  • Still Laughing

    @LS Fan-
    You’re forgetting one important thing, this is LA SERNA you’re talking about! You’re talking D7 football, not top-tier football. If you want a car that drives like a Porsche, buy a Porsche not a Kia!

  • LS FAN

    still laughing, you dont understand though, these group of kids are really good at LS i mean really good! They’re all sophomores and last year as freshmen there closest game was 21-7 against La Habra in there first scrimmage of the year! They rolled through the preseason and league easily beating all the teams by like 35-40 points! To an easy 10-0 record! This is one of the groups that just doesnt come around often! So to see that kind of talent wasted is hard to watch.

  • Still Laughing

    After what they did last year, I can respect that. Hopefully they can duplicate last year’s success and make another run (that took a lot for me to write). Don’t get me wrong, ALL these boys deserve credit for even playing, it’s just amusing to me when people don’t quite understand the level of play and denounce a team who’s at a different level; not only in play but competition-wise.

  • LS FAN

    Still laughing, I understand all the different levels of play, but no team was even close to them last year! LH lost to servites freshman by 35-21 and LS beat LH 21-7.. It would of been the first time I would of paid to watch a freshman game if they coulda set that up! Lol. And last year St.Paul and La miradas freshman either tied or one team one by a point or something and LS spanked la mirada 42-12! I’m just saying they are up to playing anyone talent wise! And I do understand this was freshman but these are the guys playing varsity the next year!