WDN Touchdown Table: Your Predictions and ours

This season, I will give my predictions for all the area games from week to week. Want to play? Just add your projections and keep your tally and see how you match up.
Record (season total, last week): Ramirez (52-30, 7-3).
Last Week: It was another decent week, getting victories by picking Santa Fe over California and La Serna over El Rancho. But I missed on Whittier Christian’s upset over Maranatha,, Montebello’s win over Bell Gardens and Pioneer breaking into the win column with a win over Whittier.
This week: It’s showdown week, with the winner of Santa Fe and La Serna likely winning the Del Rio League, and La Habra most-likely facing its toughest Freeway League opponent when it hosts Buena Park. I like the Highlanders and the Chiefs to reign surpreme.
Here are this week’s predictions:

Friday, Oct. 28
La Serna vs. Santa Fe at Pioneer HS, 7 p.m. – Santa Fe
Buena Park at La Habra, 7 p.m. – La Habra
Serra at St. Paul, 7:30 p.m. – Serra
Whittier at California, 7 p.m. – California
Alhambra at Montebello, 7 p.m. – Alhambra
Pioneer at El Rancho, 7 p.m. – El Rancho
Schurr at Keppel, 7 p.m. Schurr
Saturday, Oct. 29
Cantwell-Sacred Heart at Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m – Cantwell

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  • Whittier Area Fan

    La Serna vs. Santa Fe – Santa Fe will live up to preseason hype
    Buena Park at La Habra – La Habra by 5-6 TD’s
    Serra at St. Paul – St. Paul in a close one
    Whittier at California – Cal Hi
    Alhambra at Montebello – Montebello. Cal Preps has MTB also
    Pioneer at El Rancho – El Rancho
    Schurr at Keppel – Schurr. If they don’t blow Keppel out they should drop football
    Cantwell at Bosco Tech – As much as this pains me….Cantwell

  • joe

    Is Lone out for season at the ranch? Any word?

  • St Paul Alumni

    Really Ramirez, no faith in the Swordsmen? We are at home and just spanked Cathedral. We realize the importance of this next league game with Serra. Serra is down this year, and even with that you give us no props.

    Ramirez, you can’t call yourself a whittier area fan, you need to move to another region dude. We will show you what St Paul football is all about.

    Kick A$$ Swordsmen

  • LH Football

    The reason there is no faith in you Swordsmen is because you guys played a joke of a preseason, and then when you play a worthy opponent (Chaminade) you get killed. Serra is another worthy opponenet that will beat you by 14 plus.

    Cathedral is another joke that doesn’t belong in the Mission league. You might have a chance against Harvard/Westlake, but Serra and St. Francis will beat you easily.

  • LS FAN

    Santa Fe has played a tough preseason which has prepared them for a not so tough DRL, but if La Serna stops the run then Santa Fe is in trouble! Because then they become way to predicatable, and play into LS’s hands because they will have an inaccurate sophomore qb throwing the ball everytime to the malhstede or whatever, you know he had all the catches and all the recieving yards last game, every single one! That wont happen against LS! What it comes down to is LS stopping the run if they do, LS will be back to back league champs!

  • Jefe

    It was lookin’ like Bosco Tech might have something for Cantwell this season but now it looks like it will be another blowout.

    Too bad.

    That could be a great rivalry.

  • Swordman Alum

    To LH Football:

    You need to chill on your B.S. comments. Again you stick your big nose into a topic that does not involve LH. Stop being envious of the teams that play real competition in league, unlike that great powerhouse Freeway league you play in.

    LH’s championships carry zero weight with that weak division you play in. When you guys man up and get out of that pop warner league and division, than you can make comments about us.

    Just go away already.

  • A Fan

    @Swordsman Alum, the reason LH can talk is because their better than you at St. Paul period! You would not win a CIF Championship in their division right now! We all saw the game you played against Chaminade on IBN it was pathetic that your team has that much confidence, your small, weak, no speed, just plain average! I would love you see you play Santa Fe or La Serna, I’m positive it would be a good game! Okay I will agree st. paul used to be good, key word USED to be! Now your just an extension of the Del Rio League that would compete with their league champ! So don’t walk around like your better because your in a better league and division! Not only does everyone that knows football believes LH should be in a better division (possibly switching with you) but so does the state of CA that ranks them higher than you! How embarrassing that a team that is in a weaker league and division that isn’t private is better and ranked higher than you! So you need to shut ur mouth like you know anything or st. paul is even good anymore! Cuz there not! They’ll never win a CIF title ever again unless maybe they drop to say ummm Whittier Christians divison maybe!! Haha and don’t be mad just take the truth like a man!

  • St. Paul Fan 29


  • A Fan

    @ st. paul fan #29, awwww did we hurt your feelings??!! lol Just man up and face the truth man, were not talking crap when it’s the truth! Deal with it or don’t comment!

  • Mark Bailey

    LH Football,

    Do all of us Clan Fans a favor and shut your mouth already. We respect the SP program and know it would be a good game. Stop acting like a bully and have some class. I’m starting to wonder if you are really a LH fan. Best of Luck to both SP and LH this week.

  • Whittier Area Fan

    @Mark Bailey….finally a voice of reason.

    Unfortunately both teams (SP and LH) have so called fans posting on here that make the rest of us look bad. But they are entitled to their opinions and they are entitled to post their opinions on this forum.

    I’ll admit I’m a SP homer. But I’m also a big fan of all the teams here in the Whittier area. By having successful teams like St. Paul, La Habra, La Serna and others, it will show that we play good football up here.

    Another reason I want these teams to do well is that I know kids on most of these teams. These kids have at one time or another played on the same youth league teams in baseball, football or basketball. These kids are all friends with each other.

    All these kids sacrifice a lot to play football just so we can watch them on Friday’s and then come on blogs and talk crap.

    Support your team and respect your opponents.

    And to think we are all supposed to be the adults?

    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  • Amat Dad

    To Whittier Area Fan & Mark bailey:

    I love going to Amat games and watching my boy play every Friday. I live in Whittier, and could have easily sent my boy to St Paul or La Habra, but I felt Amat was a better fit for my son. It is a shame to read these blogs and see all the haters and their comments.

    At Amat, we seem to attract nothing but haters on Robledo’s blog. Then I read the crap people post here on the Whittier blog.

    I have friends at St Paul, La Habra, and Whittier Christian. People need to understand that the better all these teams do, the better our areas look overall in socal football. So have some class, have good will. Carma’s a b!&$@…..and good things come around.

    Good Luck to all the boys in our area !!!!!

    Let’s Go Big Blue !!!!!!!

  • The pit

    @A fan, LH football

    Have some class please. Steve you should delete these comments below, nothing but hatred and jealousy.

    Good luck ST PAUL!

  • Steely Don

    Best of luck to the Santa Fe Chiefs in routing the flash-in-the-pan La Serna team. Send those Lancers and their principle physco supporter home crying.

  • Freedom Fighter

    @The pit – Have you heard of freedom of speech ahole! This is a blog where people could express their opinions. If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy, stay on the news articles…

  • LS

    @ steely don, thanks we like playing as the underdog, and good luck in beating pioneer tonight! haha oh wait you don’t even care about this game or any game in the future just what happend in 1960 I forgot!

  • Tony G

    Great comments Amat Dad, Whittier Area and Mark Bailey. What I’m sure the haters don’t realize too is that St Paul’s enrollment is around 600 now, if that. It’s dropped 50% in probably the last 10 years back when it used to be around 1100-1200. With that said, it’s impressive they are competing and hopefully contending in the Mission League where you have some all-boys schools with higher enrollments then co-ed St Paul

  • LS

    Before retards like steely donna come on here talking crap, I just wanna say santa fe did what they wanted to do ran the ball and won the game.. They give it to Joey Davis every play and just let him out run everyone, pioneer and whittier have no chance against Santa fe so they will be 5-0 but when they face a team with (how can I put this nicely, forget it) other players with his same speed they will lose easily in the playoffs. But a good run stop team will make there QB throw and he’s not good at all, all his completions were quick and out of the backfield to guess who Davis, so santa fe looked pretty good and la serna played about how I expected them to play, they battled but come up short two times in the redzone, that would of made it possible for them to pull it off, but all in all a great learning experience for the boys! They just need to take the positives from this game finish league strong and fight in the playoffs..

  • Elrancho

    What happened to the all world sophomore QB? Only 8 points…. CIF title in 2 years for sure!! The only team to challenge SF this season in league was ER.. In before u act like la Serna had a shot tonight lol… It’s ok u beat em 3 out of the last 5 years lol… It’s allright u beat them on he the lower levels the last few years…. Bow down kid!

  • LS

    You werent at the game idiot you were watching el rancho struggle with pioneer haha, and if you ask santa fe about Palmer they will say he’s great for a sophomore, trust me he made every play tonight running and creating something from nothing! See if you ever beat Palmer at el rancho! Never!!! We’ll never bow down to you! EVER! El Rancho sucks, you always ALMOST BEAT TEAMS! You’ve beat santa fe maybe what once outta the last 10-12 years! Your a joke, your never in the league title talks and trust me la serna will be for the next two years guaranteed! So until you ever beat us again shut your mouth and you bow down cause any way you look at it, we beat you and you’ll be lucky to make playoffs!! You’ll prolly lose to both Whittier and Cal, I don’t know where you have any room talk crap, give it up man.. jealous people like you are the idiots that make it all the better when we beat you and you lose to crappy teams!! haha

  • Steve

    Wow LS you are pretty upset with this loss to my SF something got your panties in a bunch. LSs greatest year in 50 years was a good one, calm down brother, its all good. SF 4 lifeER has more talent>>>>>>>>LS.

  • elrancho

    Yeah, he’s so great he threw a pick on the first play of the game, lmao!!! Its ok though you are merely 6 weeks away from hoisting that CIF Championship trophy 🙂 You mad bro???

  • LS

    @el rancho, bro he’s leading the DRL league in every qb category as a sophomore and he’s also up there rushing, put it this way atleast he has more TDS than picks unlike the el rancho qb haha!! That’s horrible! And just so u know I never said they were going to the CIF championship.. Never.. And I’m not mad at all, la serna got a great learning experience tonight, and talk crap when el rancho beats Palmer and la serna which will be never as long as he’s there! So stay quiet and come watch us play in the playoffs! chalk up el rancho losing to la serna for the next two years easy!!

  • elrancho

    Did I not say it, did I not say you guys had no chance vs Santa Fe…. 8 points, that’s all you could muster, 8 freaking points??? Leading the Del Rio League at sucking vs Santa Fe is a huge stat I guess… El Rancho will gladly rip your head off next year, I cannot wait… BTW we have made the playoffs 2 straight years and will make the playoffs again this year, this will also be our 3rd straight winning season, please be informed before getting on the PC, I know you’re mad because you threw a pic on the 1st play of the game… Don’t cry bro…

  • Steve

    Get over it LS dude, we won like we always do, great against you guys, man fella one good year and you become a monster. La Serna has no football history..

  • LS

    @ el rancho, Palmer torched el rancho as sophomore can you imagine next year??!! It’s cool if ur drunk bro atleast admit that! And once again no playoffs for you! You have the same record as pioneer haha and for you to say no chance is ignorant for you to say, you weren’t at the game.. La serna lost but the game was closer than u think, two big plays by Davis decided the game that’s it! A missed field goal for la serna and two missed redzone opportunities really hurt them! Santa fe coaches said after the game they were happy to get outta that game the way they did, against the toughest league test they’ll see in the DRL! So shut ur mouth u know nothing kid! Be happy with ur only league win and tell mommy to tuck u in! Don’t be mad cuz el rancho will not beat LS in the next two years for sure!

  • robert

    La Serna cry me a river, hey by the way work on your spelling/grammar. Your LS education sucks, SF beat you and Cal will do the same. Palmar will never play at the next level so get a grip. Pioneers QB has a better chance at playing at a JC then Palmer.

  • Steely Don

    Remember, folks, every single one of these projections of what will happen in the future is a fart in the wind, and some of them really stink.

    The only thing that can be stated for sure is that La Serna will not win league this year, which means they are worse than last year. As I’ve hinted before, the Beltran crew is historically mediocre and many synchophants of his 2010 Cinderella season are having painful withdrawl symptoms. We should pity them and realize that with proper psychological help, they might rejoin the sane world.

  • http://msn prep dad

    Based on enrollment and skilled tallent pool the revised Mission League for next season:

    Bishop Montgomery
    Junipero Serra

    Let the insults fly…

  • Area Football Fan

    Hey LS (and the rest of the Santa Fe Haters),
    I like that fact that to still believe in your heart that La Serna would beat Santa Fe. You wrote that Santa Fe gives the ball to Joey Davis every play and just let him out run everyone. Doesn’t La Serna do the same with OJ Medina? All I know is that OJ was averaging about 200 yards a game and got shut down by a good defense. As for your comment that they will lose easily in the playoffs, come on man!!! Stop being a B**@@. This is a team to fear when it come to playoffs. La Serna will be lucky to get out of the first round. Just remember little brother Santa Fe has won the leauge 18 time to La Serna’s 1 . So relax little brother your time will come. Just not this year or the next after that.

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  • Watcher

    @ area football fan, take oj off of LS and Davis off of Santa fe and who would win? Now it falls on the shoulders of two sophomore QB’s and we all know who will win that battle! When Palmer faced him last year as a freshman I was told it was one of the worst defeats that Santa Fe’s freshmen ever took in a league game! I believe it 58-6, and plus all the LS kids live and grew up around there, not the same situation with Davis huh? Yeah he grew up in compton is whole life until recently and go ahead and say that he came to santa fe for wrestling I already know thats coming. But whatever everyone is the league knows what there facing when they play santa fe, trust me! NONE of those “Fast, athletic players” (that’s the only way I could put it nicely) that santa fe has on varsity ever played freshman there! What does that tell you, that these kids all just said I wanna go to santa fe! Heck no! It’s called recruiting from there sister cities, but everyone deals with it, cuz its santa fe, Oh and your 18 league championships = 0 CIF titles! You were known as Semi-Fe before 2006 when you made it to the finals and got smashed by Schurr HIgh School!! haha I bet your coach would trade in all those league titles for 1 CIF Championship you know why? BECAUSE LEAGUE TITLE DON’T MEAN CRAP!!!! So big brother in terms of CIF Championships LS and Santa fe both have 0! Lets see who gets one first!

  • georgie of LM

    hey LS, i see u now post under the name watcher. U just can’t drop the freshman games can you. Here at LM, the best freshman do not play on the freshman team. Something you can’t get into your head. But posting under another name is not fooling anybody.

  • Watcher

    georgie, ahh I don’t know who your talking about with LS, I’m a la serna fan obviously but don’t know the LS your talking about, the reason I talk about the freshmen team is because my little brother was on that team with Palmer, and I honestly haven’t seen any team like that for a long time. And if you talk to other coaches and teams in the area they wont deny that. And when you say that your best freshman players don’t play freshman what’s the point of that? Please tell me..