Rose Bowl: A Day at the Magic Castle!

I’m on the Rose Bowl beat this week, and Tuesday was a day at “The Happiest Place on Earth” — Disneyland. Here’s a photo of some members of the Wisconsin, on the left, and Oregon in front of the Magic Castle.

Here’s my story from Tuesday’s Arrival Press Conference at Disneyland:

ANAHEIM – For some, going to Disneyland never gets old.
You can put the Oregon and Wisconsin football teams in that group.
The Ducks and Badgers, who meet in Monday’s 98th Rose Bowl Game, kicked off festivities Tuesday with the traditional stop at Disneyland.
It’s the second trip for both teams within the past three years. Wisconsin also is playing in “The Granddaddy of Them All” for the sixth time since 1994 while Oregon is seeking its first victory in the Rose Bowl Game since beating Pennsylvania, 14-0, in 1917.
“It’s a real honor to be back here again,” Oregon coach Chip Kelly said. “I know (Wisconsin) was here last year, and we were here two years ago.
“When you talk about a college football game and you talk about tradition, it starts with the Rose Bowl. And there’s no better place to kick it off than Disneyland.”

Both teams advanced to Pasadena after losing the Rose Bowl Game in recent years.
Oregon, 11-2 and ranked No. 6, lost 26-17 to Ohio State in 2010, with Wisconsin dropping a 21-19 decision to Texas Christian last January.
The Badgers, led by Heisman Trophy finalist Montee Ball at running back and quarterback Russell Wilson, didn’t have a clear path back. They lost two games during the middle of the season in the final minute but rebounded with five consecutive wins, including a 42-39 victory over Michigan State in the first Big Ten championship game.
“It’s great to be here,”
said Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema, whose Badgers also are 11-2 and ranked No. 9. “We came to Disneyland last year and had a wonderful experience. We wanted to come back again and be part of it, of this whole day.
“It’s kind of fun, because as this year went along we had some trials and tribulations, and to finally get to where we are I thought our team showed some great character and faith. To be out here at Disneyland and be in `The Granddaddy of Them All’ is truly rewarding.”
The same can be said of Oregon, which is led by two-time Doak Walker Award finalist LaMichael James and quarterback Darron Thomas. The Ducks, who won the Pac-12 for the third consecutive time, rallied from a 40-27 loss to Louisiana State in the season opener to win 10 of their past 11 games to advance to a Bowl Championship Series game for the third year in a row.
But Oregon, which lost to Auburn in January’s BCS title game, also views Monday’s game as unfinished business.
“It’s nice to be here,” Oregon linebacker Josh Kaddu said. “We just hope for a different ending (to the game) this time.”
But nothing beats a trip to Disneyland.
“I was on the Tea Cup ride with Montee earlier,” said Wilson, who transferred to Wisconsin from North Carolina State in late spring and missed out last year. “That was kind of fun. It got me kind of dizzy. But it’s all been great so far.
“This is my first time to Disneyland. I’ve been to Disney World. But this is special. It’s a great moment. We’re excited to be here.”

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  • anonymous

    I thought this was a prep sports blog? and not to mention the fact that neither of the two teams in the rose bowl this year in a local team. ESPN covered this event well. way to go.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Anonymous: in case you haven’t been told yet, the newspaper business is in dire straits these days, and Steve Ramirez has more to do than just cover prep sports. If this isn’t to your liking, feel free to donate about $500,000 to the Whittier Daily News so they can give prep sports better coverage.

  • hs sports fan

    Hey Mickey Mouse, he was hired as the Whittier Sports Editor-its too bad he doesnt take the time to actually cover HS Basketball – all the local temas are playing in tournaments and the other area sports eitors are finding time to cover games-so insteaqd he writes a so called basketball preview article in which he doesnt take the time to research the teams and doesnt give equal coverage to all the Whittier area teams- didnt even mention two time Del Rio Boys Champ Whittier- very unfortunate for the local teams that hes decided to visit yopu at Disneyland and neglete his duties as sports editor.I really miss Andrew Campa.

  • The Chef

    @hs sports fan

    You missed the days of Andrew Campa… when there was about 1 story every week… unless he had other things to do… How can you even compare the coverage that we have now with Campa’s pathetic output. Steve keep it coming and your blog hits will follow…

  • Georgie of LM

    Sorry he doesn’t write about your kid in the paper. Why not get a job at WDN and publish all the local news you feel is missed. Steve i think your doing a good job.

  • lol

    Andrew Campa really destroyed the Whittier Area blog, during its early years in 2006 and 2007 it was getting a great amount of hits, last year it was almost a ghost town…

  • reality

    What’s stopping you complainers from hijacking this thread or any other one and write your own op-ed about Whittier basketball or Santa Fe wrestling or what ever team you care about. I for one would enjoy reading your comments and who cares if it is off topic. It’s better than writing about tinkerbell right? Let me help. I hear Pioneer has brought in a new walk-on coach and brought several ringers with him. Cal seems to be looking good but don’t no anything about Whittier. Let us know. We can make this thread our own if we post.Rameriz enjoy Peter Pan ride!!

  • Steve Ramirez

    Anon, high school sports fan: I wasn’t hired off the street to take over for Andrew. The duty of covering Whittier preps was added to my plate, which already included college football and area colleges, and as an added bonus, I also picked up the coverage of Whittier area colleges to go along with my coverage of the Tribune ACs,like APU and Mt.SAC. I thought I did a pretty good job in the fall, covering Whittier College football like it had never been covered before. I’m the college football writer for the group, which means I cover Rose Bowl during the last week of year, which I’ve done it the past three seasons. I thought it would be neat to add it to the blog.
    We do have someone covering the local basketball tournaments. We have a story every day this week, except Monday, which was a national holiday.
    We will pick up winter sports coverage next week. But again, I’m just one individual and will attempt to do my best while balancing preps and local colleges.

  • del rio sports fan

    Steve, I understand your situation but for example you havent covered one CALHI boys BB Game and I know theres other teams you havent covered at all- I get the college football but after all you took the job as Prep Sports Editor so you should regularly cover the boys and girls teams- if it gets too much you should stick with the college assignmen ts you already had and let some one else be the prep editor.- The Whittier area prep fans deserve more coverage than they are recieving.I read your preveiw article a few weeks ago- you didnt mention the best players on each team- halfway through the season I bet you still ant name the best players on each team.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Del Rio League Fan: There really wasn’t anyone else. The newspaper industry is in a downward slope. When Andrew left, no one was hired to replace his position in the company. We had to move someone over, and since I had some familiarity with the area, they asked me. In a perferct world we would have someone for each beat, but we have a limited staff right now. Personally, I thought I did a good job balancing the three beats in the fall. We won’t have that problem moving forward in January, because my FBC duties are an August to January beat. As for December, we had a perfect storm, with football on the prep side running through the middle of the month, my advance Rose Bowl stuff, then putting together the all-area, with the other sports, sans football, runs after the Rose Bowl. Yes, I haven’t personally covered games, but we’ve had coverage of games about 3 notes a week using freelancers. Another thing that had hurt us is, unlike the other areas only have one fulltime guy – me- to provide coverage. The others have two. Like I said we will pick it up in January, but with one guy, it will still be a balance between hoops, soccer, wrestling and girls water polo, not to mention the ACs of Citrus, Mt. SAC, APU and Biola hoops. But we’ll give it a go.

  • Mickey Mouse

    To all the whiners and complainers saying their kid’s team didn’t get covered, let me offer this blanket news piece:


    Your kid’s team is really on a roll, and it’s all because your kid is such a stud athlete, just like his old man fantasized he would be. The crowd at each game just keeps getting bigger, because they all want to see your kid and perhaps get an autograph.

    I’ve never in my 15-plus years of covering your kid’s sport seen such a phenom. We’re breaking all the rules this year and proclaiming him the number one selection at all positions for the team because there’s obviously nobody better.

    Your kid will gain national prominence by becoming a top-level pro, and you the humble parent can bask in the glory of all the attention and wealth that attends your kid’s spectacular future.

    Note: our staff photographers tried to get some action shots, but your kid was just too fast for even the highest camera settings.

  • The Chef

    @Mickey Mouse… Steve Ramirez and All other WDN Bloggers

    Steve, I believe that given all of your responsibilities you have done a great job and certainly it is a HUGE improvement over Campa. I believe that when you are in a situation that you really don’t like, you can just shut up and take it, complain, or offer to help. I for one would like to make a genuine offer to help out in anyway you need for you to make the greatest use of your time and expand the coverage. I am just one guy but I have read alot of blog entries at this site and there are some very articulate, passionate and extremely knowledgeable bloggers that could produce some edit ready copy for you. Mickey Mouse I believe that I recognize your somewhat sarcastic style but the wit and points made tell me that you are one of them. So honestly Steve, how can i (we) help to improve the blog. After-all this is Resolution time and therefore the right time to make things happen.

  • Steve Rameriz clone

    @ Emeril: Yes I accept your offer. I would like you to interview the AD’s of El Rancho, Santa Fe and Pioneer and ask them who they have interviewed or intend to interview. I can’t today as a have a reservation at Burger King to try their new fries. I have tried calling them myself but I lost their phone numbers. As I have said my job is soooooo hard I need all the help I can get. Oh could you please find out about Rio Hondo JC football team?, they hav’nt called me for a while.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Apparently, Campa landed himself a position as a prep correspondent for the L.A. Times. He must have connections, or perhaps he was already moonlighting for the Times during his stay in Whittier, which explains his paltry output and non-existent blogs.

  • SP

    mickey you are a swordsmen right…….

  • Mickey Mouse

    @ SP: I’m mainly a fan of cheese, but I got to like this prep stuff when I met Ramirez at ‘the park’ the other day…he was SO EXCITED to meet me, he sat in my lap and we talked about the first thing that came up.

  • The Chef

    @Mickey Mouse

    I am sure that that whatever came up was short and to the point… like a pencil… I want to go you my sincerest condolences on your recent divorce from Mini. I understand that she was fing goofy anyway…


    I tried to get hold of the ER AD but he would not talk to me unless I helped him out with bail money for the assistant coaching staff…and the interview would have to be done in the parking lot because they couldn’t seem to find a 3rd seat anywhere… I also called Pioneer but the Principal said I could only do the interview with the AD if I ask no questions, did not talk and wrote only EXACTLY what she told me to or she would fire me as well…

  • anonymous


  • Steely Don

    @ Anonymous: I have no positive confirmation, but this would make sense only in the way Monica Ovieda’s hiring as Pioneer principal made sense. NOBODY wants to be the principal or the coach at Pioneer, so Ovieda and now Beltran have been coerced to save the school from extinction.

    In essence, what’s going on is that Whittier District is at war with El Rancho District, fighting for enrollment and the state money that it brings. The weapon of choice is a winning football program. This move is apparently being done ahead of El Rancho’s hire, to get a jump on prospective athletes and students.