Winter Sports Rankings: Cantwell, Whittier, El Rancho and La Serna still leading the way

Staff photo by Keith Durflinger

Here are this week’s area rankings. There was no movement at the top of each sport, although there has been some shuffling beneath.

1. Cantwell (18-3) —
Rolling in Camino Real
2. La Habra (14-8) — Hall providing spark
3. California (13-7) — Took a step back vs. Santa Fe
4. Whittier (11-9) — Share’s DRL with Cal
5. La Mirada (13-9) — So far, so good in Suburban

1. Whittier (18-3) —
Two steps above the rest
2. La Habra (15-5) — Big week lies ahead
3. Santa Fe (12-9) — Won 4 of its last 5
4. St. Paul (13-8) — Free falling in Del Rey
5. La Serna (8-10) — Here come the Lancers

1. El Rancho (15-0) —
One of the nation’s best
2. Montebello (10-4-4) — Setting the pace in Almont
3. La Serna (10-3-4) — Looked good in loss to Dons
4. La Habra (9-3-6) — Team to beat in Freeway
5. Whittier (5-5-1) — Stating a case in DRL

1. La Serna (10-5-4) —
Getting offensive
2. La Mirada (11-5-3) — Rematch with Mayfair looms
3. Santa Fe (8-8-3) — Gets La Serna on Thursday
4. El Rancho (8-4-1) — Lost its last two
5. Montebello (7-6-3) — Rolling in Almont

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  • Steely Don

    Ah yes, the NATIONALLY ranked Dons soccer team. It is possible the ER coach Dominic Picon can be named coach of the year, or is that just for guys who are retiring?

  • Jesus Christ

    Steely Don, Dominic needs to have a .500 record so he has to do something about this Undefeated “stuff” to qualify. A first round exit would help too.

    I have never seen a NATIONALLY RANKED local team get so little local coverage. Dad forbid the paper cover all of their games. Not only that they aren’t even First Billing on the headline of ranked local teams. Let’s face it, the Del Rio League isn’t a Basketball Powerhouse (nor is the area), yet the Undefeated team get’s third billing.

    The headline should have read: “Winter Sports Rankings: NATIONALLY RANKED EL RANCHO LEADS THE WAY”

    I’m still trying to figure out how El Rancho wronged the Whittier Daily News.

  • erdons

    @ Steely Don a logically possible proposition (coach of the year) is one that can be asserted without implying a logical contradiction. Consequently hoping for the obvious like logic, truth is hopeless with the WDN pursuit of antagonism. Stay logic! Knowing the Dons is having a memorable year again.

  • Anonymous

    Being rank #6 in the nation should draw a little more ink I think or is the plan to sneak by hoping no one notices?…… just wondering.

  • ERnation

    Just win baby!…….

  • Steve Ramirez

    ERDONS: Didn’t we cover the game against Pioneer and La Serna recently? It’s all about readership. The online numbers tell us there’s a little bit more interest in basketball games than soccer games. We try to balance it out best we can, but a rivalry game like La Serna-Cal is going to have more interest than an El Rancho soccer game. But I also like to balance it between meaningful games/matches in boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, girls water polo and wrestling.

  • erdons

    Currently rank high in State and the Nation without a loss might go back to the State playoffs were no other soccer team in area history has ever been and Ill state the CIF officials said El Rancho had the largest crowd ever attended a CIF soccer finals. If you supply the meaningful info people will read it and comment accordingly. Ive read before you are a little swamp so no hard feeling however one can ask cant they? Thanks again for the Pioneer, La Serna articles.

  • El Rancho

    Lets stay focus on the game tomorrow Dons and end the first half in style.

  • Soccer

    Pioneer beats Whittier tomorrow bank on it!

  • anonymouss

    yeah, what are you el rancho fans thinking? dont yu know that the useless hiring of the pioneer principals friend to the head coach football position is more important than the el rancho boys soccer team making history. what is wrong with you? do you guys think your 16-0-0 team deserves a cover story? yeah right. dont worry steve, we got your back. GO RANCH!!

  • fan

    Because it’s SOCCER! and a few area fans whine about attention.

  • Zootsuitdon

    Cals soccer team Overall: 7-4-4 League: 2-2-0 National Rank: 363 State (CA) Rank: 214 they have everything to gain and nothing to lose El Rancho.

  • Goliath

    Cal will play hard tomorrow ER despite their record as Pioneer will have a much better record by the end of the second half of the DRL and make the playoffs.

  • ER dramatic

    BOYS SOCCER 1. El Rancho (15-0) — One of the nation’s best, Magnificent!.. What more could one ask for! Lets be thankful and immensely optimisticFor the rest of our soccer seasons readability..?

  • SP

    @ fan: you are jealous because your school has nothing worthy of a post here. Your school must be getting their ass handed to them. Bring another sport you are behind we would love to hear about them.

  • Anonymous

    Screen fan is very suspicious he only hates is it he or her an unscrupulous life?

  • erdude

    just get urr done!…………………….. Choww!

  • Max

    @ articles exhibited here Steve with more readable typeface pleasurable or interesting to read, hum: La Habra’s Brett Bartolone commits to Wazzu, Boys basketball: Cardinals’ defense sparks victory over Lancers, Schurr’s Negrete steps down, Basketball: Herald’s upset bid falls short. Brother Steve not one comments where is the readability or interest and rush for blog excitement?

  • Scissors

    Shears: Dons lets continue to cut out our historic place in this USA fabric cloth were we have been there from the beginning. GO DONS!

  • NV98

    Wrestling is a winter sport… why are there no wrestling rankings??? i know reporters can’t make it to wrestling tournaments or dual matches… but box scores, rankings and tournament results shouldn’t be too hard to come by.. show some love for wrestling!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah what about some Wrestling info. I heard SF killed LS in their last meeting.

  • Blue Pride

    Game day young men: this is a very good sunny day for a DRL soccer showdown.

  • steve

    This mornings paper had a nice article on Condors start fast and dont let up DRL wrestling.

  • Dons

    Dons it time to open up the stable doors and let those Thoroughbreds out down at the Ranch.

  • Sports Fan

    So after getting called a hater for my comments about area teams for girls soccer, looks like I completely right about every team.

    La Serna – Off to a 4-0 start in league with the Santa Fe match up today. Outscored league opponents 15-2.

    La Mirada – Off to a good start in league outside of their hiccup against Mayfair. League will be a three team race between LM, Mayfair, and Artesia.

    Santa Fe – Playing well in league up until the 3-1 loss to Cal. Get a shot against LS today.

    El Rancho – Two straight losses have really hurt them. Game against Cal today is key to the rest of the DRL race.

    Other teams:

    California – After losing 4-2 against LS, they have bounced back with 3 straight wins. They seem to be very upset with the WDN with not being ranked because they beat SF. Maybe its because they are 6-9-2 and have allowed 38 goals this season, the most by any area team (boys or girls).

    Whittier – Got a big 1-0 win over El Rancho, tossing a big wrench into the DRL race behind LS.

    Pioneer – After starting off with a 9-3 record, the Titans have dropped four straight, allowing 10 goals and scoring 0.

  • alwaysdon

    @ Dons said: Absolutely hopefully ER comes out with both guns blazing, in every soccer bout this year they have out shot their opponent and won, El Rancho keep it up today.

  • ersoccer

    I would not call you (Sports Fan) a hater or anyone for that matter when plain facts are being stated on here your comment on ERs girls soccer team is correct and a bit painful for me who thought this years squad was pretty good. Hoping for a respectable run at league now with those two loses them Dons are in a nail bitter to make playoffs, wow.

  • Anonymous

    The ER girls arent pushing daisies yet but its getting close. Fight hard girls!

  • CripDonite

    El Rancho defeats Cal Hi 3-2 in a barn burner with Cal dominating the first half of play. Second half the Ranch played much better; they stood focus and kept working to seal the win.

  • erdons

    Great win Dons..

  • Soccer Fan

    Sweltering battle today Cal played the Ranch better than any other DRL team this year period it was like dj again from last years loss to Cal. Cal is much better than their 2-3 league record suggest. DR league soccer is one of the best leagues.

  • Fan

    come on its socccer not a big time sport that follow people.

  • anonymous

    pioneer beats whittier 3-2 at whttier in ot……

  • cort-ezz

    New coach Asante hooks talks about veteran QB Telles statuses this upcoming year he wants to work with him but feels the position is open because T is no Paul R. who new coachs info can only be hearsay. Lets wait and see on the evaluation our new coach will make.

  • anonymous

    cortezzzz, go blog football somewhere else….we are in the middle of one of the toughest soccer seasons inrecent history….this thing is wide open as far as the cif spots go. el rancho might have league sealed up, but the rest of the season is going to be fun to watch.

  • Goliath

    Did I not predict Pioneers win, okay in overtime but who won the Titans soccer fans? Our league is the best in soccer and even with private schools prospective.

  • soccer

    Pioneer is the dark horse in the second half who every drl team should prepare for hands down or get beat by the Titans.

  • Anonymous

    @ cort-ezz said: you should post at the new FB hire, bytheway you think your SP antics will prevail at Whittier, not with a parochial mind because kids without durable religious pranks (lies) but taught on facts and science will not go to a narrow-minded school or be coach by any dupe who is from a school of the same.

  • Pioneer

    Titans are at their best when their backs are on the wall, Whittier fought hard but could not overcome Pioneers play and drive or no PHS quit.

  • Whittier

    SPs record is plentifully loaded with losses against many football schools or all school sports, boys and girls, pathetic. Even with their prize football sport is awful no playoffs in three years and all of the coaching staff left to our Whittier because of the bad choice made by Cardinals admin.

  • Notorious ER

    Heard the really wild DRL game, ER vs CH wasnt with boys soccer game but the girl match up which ended in double overtime with the score 13-12 El Rancho being victorious.

  • Anonymous

    Thats some good news concerning the ER girls soccer teams hopes, staying on track for a playoff bid.

  • ersoccer

    This mornings write up.

    Del Rio League

    El Rancho 13, California 12 (2 OT) California (13-6, 2-1) took a 6-4 halftime lead but wasn’t able to hold off a 4-1 scoring barrage by El Rancho in the third quarter and lost in double overtime.

    Despite five goals from Kaylen Imset, three goals from Teresa Zuniga and two goals from Alyssa Lidtke, the Condors fell short despite 25 shots on goal and getting two saves from goalie Kiera Hecker.

    Ashley Rodriguez hit the game-winner for the Dons with 1:42 left in the second overtime period to seal the win.

  • fan said:

    you realy cares?

  • Saturday!!

    Southern California Shootout
    At Azusa Pacific University
    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    Visitor Home

    10:30 Flintridge Prep (10-6, Div. 5aa #6) v. Alta Loma (9-11, Div 1aa NR)

    12:00 Rowland (14-7, Div 2a #15) v. Los Osos (9-13, 1aa NR)

    1:30 Bishop Amat Girls (15-6, Div 3a #1) v. Keppel Girls (17-3, Div 2aa #1)

    3:00 Chino Hills (13-6, Div 1a #4) v. Upland (14-6, Div 1aa #15)

    4:30 Glendora (16-6, Div 2a #9) v. Bloomington Christian (13-6, Div 5aa #14)

    6:00 Colony (13-6, Div 2a #7) v. Righetti (16-2, Div 2a #2)

    7:30 Damien (18-1, Div 3aaa #1) v. Etiwanda (19-1, Div 1aa #3)

    9:00 La Canada (12-7, Div 3aa #3) v. Maranatha (15-5, Div 4aa #14)

  • El Rancho

    Southern California Shootout
    At Azusa Pacific University
    Saturday, January 28, 2012 @ Saturday!! Said: is this a one day thing or is it a tournament if so how many days till the championship game?

  • Anonymous

    I cant find anything on this Southern California Shootout other than what has already been posted.

  • Pioneer

    Big game on Monday with Cal we are ready, we lost a close one in the first half with unforced errors on our part against Cal. With our win over Whittier which Cal loss to Whittier by the same score we loss to Cal only confirms the reason we are prime for the next half. Titans.

  • Sports Fan

    NotoriousER and ersoccer, I really hope both of you realize that the game you are talking about was the girls water polo game.

    The soccer matchup ended in a 1-1 draw.


    Pioneer was able to get their first win in league with a 3-2 W over Whittier. Meanwhile, La Serna won a key game against SF 3-0.

    Right now, the DRL race is going to be for second race unless La Serna falters down the stretch. They hold a two game lead in league heading into the second half.

    Next week the DRL season will be decided as all teams play that dreaded 3 games a week schedule.

  • anony

    I heard in El Ranchos basketball loss to Cal Hi last night one of ERs players was seriously hurt and the game was stop any info anyone?

  • Notorious ER

    Stand-corrected I assume it was soccer water polo never entered my mind thanks for the tweak I guess it was wishful thinking on my part, wasnt El Rancho girls water polo team league champs last year, hey maybe more aspirational thinking, love them Dons. Thanks again!

  • anonymousa

    yeah, whittier really stated a case yesterday by blowing a win against pioneer in overtime. el rancho beat cal, and does anyone know how la serna did against santa fe? i am talking about boys soccer.

  • Pioneer

    @ anonymousa your Whittier team loss big time Bro doesnt defect on your lost because the Cardinals will lose in the second half to PHS in the DRL. GO TITANS

  • Whittier

    Love the soccer stuff its refreshing because all the BS new football hires only brings out debauched on my school and the other area school. Why does everyone or a few think they know better than the schools administration? Hum. Also well see you Pioneer Titans soon we still have a game..GO CARDINALS.

  • SP

    All the contemporary posts supporting SP hires (Whittier Pioneer) are two maybe one Swordsmen who is controlling content from a particular place or mental attitude. Steely Don put it best, posters like Enough Already, Riddle Me This, Area Fan, cor-tezz and Bottom Line maybe Jesus Christ are the same SP person, they have now took over other screen names and will continue.

    Steely Dons post, quote
    Chief fans everywhere should rejoice that Whittier Union reassigned Oviedo to Pioneer, leaving the Chiefs’ coaching selection in competent hands.
    With Monica at the controls, the Chiefs most likely would have been the ones saddled with the walk-on Willig, whose hire raises numerous questions regarding finances and ethics.

    The Willig brothers now enjoy the type of deal Dick Cheney had when, as Secretary of Defense and then Vice President, he funneled huge amounts of money in the direction of his business associates at Haliburton.

    Poetic justice would be for ALL Pioneer students to boycott the football program at once. Let these money grubbers understand that the community will not be manipulated so easily. End of quote

  • ersoccer

    Ditto Sports Fan, that 1-1 tie hopefully helps the girls. I have to admit all I see think and live for is soccerThis mornings write up.water polo lol..

  • Anonymous

    The La Serna Lancers Soccer team won Thursday’s Conference game against the Santa Fe Chiefs by a score of 4-1 Leaving SF Overall:1-7-0 League:0-5-0 next (SF) is those Ranch-hands down at the Ranch.

  • soccer

    Man only one win to date maybe SF needs a new soccer coach no team can be that bad.

  • What!

    I guess their new soccer field isnt having the affect many thought it would with that kind of a showing they might as well play in a ragtag parking lot.

  • Chiefs

    Hey we beat Cerritos 9-0, and were better than SP and those guys pay for this 0-10 season, all kidding aside. Its the coaching and the same with the basketball team coaching and I always assumed er BB coach was the worst in the DRL, we now won that one. Im tired of trying to think it is going to get better just like our baseball team started out on fire last year then fizzle out. Its coaching, coaching and coaching! Because we have the players maybe the most talent in our area so it has to be coaching.

  • La Serna Lancers

    SP Overall soccer: 0-10-0League:0-3-0 National Rank: 1092 State (CA) Rank: 669 with their league competition that is low rent even if the league kids pay to play?

  • Swordsmen

    St Pauls school will be an all-girl school if their quarry neediness still exist and the school will still try and draw money from the disappearing Catholic people who are mostly rushing from the Catholic Church worldwide for more than 20 years now. Sports are a money thing just asks Enough Already. HS Soccer whatever fools!

  • fan

    SP has never competed in soccer,it’s just a game to pass the time between football and baseball… they need to bring back a wrestling program. Hey! they have a better golf program.

  • anonymous

    what are you talking about st paul never competed in soccer? before they were moved into the tougher del rey league, they were killing in the camino real. they won a couple league titles the last couple of years.

  • SP

    I remember when St Paul soccer teams use to beat the area schools like a drum (regularly) they fear the Swordsmen. We never thought we were just passing time between sports we fought like warriors.

  • Anonymous

    Flintridge Prep 71, Alta Loma 50 Rowland 50, Los Osos 46 Keppel Girls 57, Bishop Amat 31 Upland 59, Chino Hills 53 Overtime Glendora 57, Bloomington Christian 46 Righetti 77, Colony 71 Etiwanda 64, Damien 45.

    Damien’s step-up game a big step-back in loss to Etiwanda; Bishop Amat girls routed by Keppel.

  • erdons

    Dons todays soccer game is your start of the second half against a team that is in need of a win, come out strong ER.

  • Dons

    El Rancho defeats SF 3-0 next Pioneer at Titan stadium.

  • anonymous

    el rancho at pioneer is going to be a good one on wednesday. should be as tight as the last game.

  • donsbasketball

    El Rancho beats SF by 11 points tonight however Chiefs players # 20 & # 23 had good play

  • Rob

    Agree PHS vs ER will be an enormous showdown if the Titans win that alone will be monstrous.

  • Donology

    Its showdown Dons, Pioneer is enthusiastic about their chances today as they should be they are a better team than their record suggest. Come out fast ER.

  • Anonymous

    El Rancho beats Pioneer 2-0

  • donsbasketball

    I would like to commend Pioneers basketball team and coaches for a great adjustment after the half and how the players executed their coachs modifications. The start of the 3rd quarter El Rancho had four straight unforced turnovers that lead to direct points. After ER had control the first half by maybe 14 points. In the 3rd Dons played frantic out of control without direction however they played better at times in the 4th but momentum was with the Titans and they played fantastically with a lot of mojo, great win Pioneer.

    PS. PHS halftime show was tremendously entertaining!

  • El Rancho

    Yeah we got beat fair and square good win Pioneer.

  • Sal

    El Ranchos # 21 Andy Garcia should be starting he is most efficient with his play time he also out hustles all on both sides of the court and Matt Casing should come off the beach and work on staying out of foul trouble. La Serna Friday boys.

  • bench

    coach ray elliott has to go now, steve, Lynn and anyone who cares…

    not beach its bench……but Ray should go to the beach and enjoy his young kid and the one on the way…

  • Real Deal

    One thing I will say is that under Campa, this prep coverage was balanced and every sport got its fair shake.

    I mean this paper can’t even get rankings done fairly. For example, in girls soccer, last week the rankings did not include California, they complained about it on their team Facebook page, then went onto tie El Rancho and lose to Pioneer, and they jumped to 3rd in the rankings this week? To top that off, you don’t even know their record and listed it at something like 7-4-3 when they are actually 6-11-3. They lost to LS 4-1 yesterday so maybe they should be the #2 ranked team next week.

    Journalism fellas… It requires research too. If its too much to handle then maybe it’s time to get some help in at the paper. I know there isn’t much research done on the soccer scene because there is in fact a website for all the divisions in HS soccer that has every game and scheduled listed for most of the teams. Google. It makes life easier for journalists.

  • anonymous


  • olddon

    Lets bring home the hardware tomorrow, no let let downs Dons

  • Goliath

    El Rancho you need to play through pain tomorrow you have done it many times before. At home will be the prefect atmosphere to collect the DRL booty.

  • El Rancho

    Okay now: dont count your chickens before they hatch! Because the Lancers Im sure have drawn up different plans that are not in your favor Dons. They would be more than ecstatic on poppy those Champaign bottles in celebration of your first loss of the season at your house.. GO DONS!

  • donsbasketball

    Tonight ER has a steep uphill battle on their hands against a well coach basketball team in La Serna. A must win if they want to keep alive any hopes on maybe making an at-large playoff bid spot. Good luck Dons.

  • hotroddon

    Dons let those Champaign bottles fly to the sky, G unit!…………..

  • erdons

    Total supremacy against a very good La Serna team wow, 4-0 I believed we would win however not like this. On to Monday El Rancho rest up.

  • anonymous

    wow, 4-0…..was the paper at the game? i would love to read an article about the game where el rancho won the del rio league for the 6th consecutive time by beating a worthy team in la serna at home.

  • donsbasketball

    Hilarious game tonight ER versus LS, in the first quarter the Dons had no clue offensively or defensively. In the second and third quarter they played to their capability and pulled to within five at one point. The first half of the fourth ER played their best and got within one. La Serna gave the Dons plenty of chances but they could come up with any answers or play production even after a timeout and lost by four. However number 21 played most of the game and played well.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing against the Lancers we Dons should have won this game in the 4th no excuse!

  • Soccer

    @anonymous I did not see the WH News there maybe they were at the Santa Fe game? I dont know what to think, how they meaning the Whittier paper cannot give the DRL Champs some ink.

  • El Rancho

    Gentlemen well see tomorrow in the mornings paper, Steve is a straight up guy with a lot on his plate. Envisioning El Rancho Dons Del Rio League Champs again and again!

  • Pioneer

    Pioneer destroyed Santa Fe with a squad physically hurt but the Titans reign as top Soccer Dogs in the PHS SF area. Pioneer came into the game banged up and still did what was necessary to win. Sovereignty Chiefs how do you like us now?

  • anony

    Tonight was faculty night and we let them down we did not play smart.

  • What!

    People say do you Willard Mitt Romney (only loves the money) believe soccer is an American sport or is Bain Capital more of a USA sport? Is Mormonism a main street religion in USA or is it about money and ethnic class, Willard there is truthfully a passion for the sport of soccer here in the States and all over the World, not more than Mitts currencies that absolutely control religious faith and helps control the haves and the haves not and the haves want to keep it that way. Its the game of Soccer that helps the World cope and love, smile. Worldwide!……………………

  • how long

    How long do we have to wait El Rancho for a coach that is not leaning on the job? Maybe until the management will clear themselves of prejudice of new outside people.

  • Perea

    It is not strange that many real El Rancho faithful stop posting on the ER Football site. At that ER site no care of the football player or student. The site became a family and friends hatched site. They attack kids they did not like for culture reasons. It became the Peewee Hernandez Herman who stole my bicycle site. Bizarre not in the least the admin would say dont attack me for what my clan post………… Admin said because its out of football season no one wants to post, oh yeah Peewee H Herman.

  • El Rancho

    Thank you Correspondent Red Williams for El Rancho secures anther league title. In this mornings paper the article was right on.

  • fan

    Congrats to El Rancho CIF D4 is a lock. I believe now with the largest school enrollment in the Del Rio, it’s time to think about moving next season to D1

  • LS

    At least El Rancho boys soccer is getting some coverage.

    Meanwhile, La Serna girls soccer wrapped up its 8th consecutive Del Rio League title with its win over Cal on Wednesday, but no mention of it yet. Outscoring its league opponents 28-3, they will undoubtedly make some noise in CIF. Best thing about this team, they return 18 players next season including 9 out of its 11 starters.

  • erdons

    @ Fan, El Rancho automatically goes to Div. 1 if they make State as last years team did and played in D-1 State games.

    La Serna does have a Girls soccer dynasty my niece played on LS last CIF Champs team. Keep posting Steve R. will come around and show some love..

  • SF

    came fron el rancho were in front of a huge crowd SF control and took the DRL Championship out right!

  • ersoccer

    El Rancho is on a collision course with Oak Hills who is senior heavy (National Rank: 13, State (CA) Rank: 5) if both keep winning like they have it will be a CIF rematch final which would be Oak Hills third CIF final not wanting to be the brides maid again I would think. I hope it does come down to the rematch.

  • Tarzan

    The NY Giants win the Super Bowl tomorrow and Tom Brady will be on his back all game.

    Quote Tom Brady will lead the New England Patriots into Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis on Sunday. He’s already won the Super Bowl three times before. Standing in the way of yet another Patriots victory are Eli Manning and the New York Giants. But a debate is raging over whether Manning belongs among the elite in the game.

    After Mannings win tomorrow the debate will die with the Patriots quest for a dynasty.

  • anonymous

    People think there is no passion in soccer, hum, Egypt: Seventy-four people were killed when supporters clashed at an Egyptian soccer match, prompting fans on Thursday to turn on the ruling army for failing to prevent the deadliest incident since Hosni Mubarak was ousted.

    At least 1,000 people were injured in the violence on Wednesday when soccer fans staged a pitch invasion in the Mediterranean city of Port Said, even though local team al-Masry beat visitors from Cairo, Al Ahli, Egypt’s most successful club. Wow!

  • SP

    come on peole its soccer not a cure for canser for the love of god can we pull ourselfs to gether the real sport football and mean american football not souh of the border football.

  • Well in this area soccer is perhaps the 4th or 5th most popular prep sport. Plus,the immigrant community has helped it’s popularity. Cost is also a factor. La Serna with its female club players will dominate for the next ten years.

  • anonymous

    prep fan, by the look of this blog, i would say soccer us the #1 sport in this area…..and i believe el rancho is on a collision course with ARTESIA……this team is also stacked…..they play higher division teams, and their only loss is to state and nationaly ranked MILLIKEN……the rankings stated below for OAK HILLS are probably from max preps or something….those dont count, because they hold vry innacurate information.

  • erblackmamba

    Its Super Bowl Sunday, man how life is so good! Im not really a big soccer fan but get on with your bad self El Rancho Dons, turn it up brothers and step out and be notice…… Tarzan youre right Giants win!

  • erblackmamba

    Okay what did I say.. Giants win, in a closer game than assumed but they won

  • Tarzan

    Yup, yup and yeah G-Men all the way, the MVP should of went to the D-Line. Wow football is over

  • Wait! someone started the soccer blog because Ramirez caved into some Anonymous blogger.Prep football around these parts, unlike soccer is a year-round discussion.
    Kids are already working now. Spring season starts next month.

    Perhaps Ramirez will create a survey.

  • anonymous

    Why prep dad said: why?………………….

  • What!

    Dupe prep dad is a St Paul hater with his school shrinking in numbers by the minute and sports team less accessible to boys and girls at SP wants to down play any schools success or joy.

  • Anony

    SP or any parochial school be diplomatic is like fresh cold water in the pit of hell available to all.

  • Mr Red

    The coaches that left St Paul went to Whittier for football are saying SP is done no hope the school is dead.

  • What said! LOL!

    How in hell does SP play into this?
    In football next season they have the best seasoned QB in the area with a proven receiver in Zack. Ashanti who I’m familiar with from the Jordan Bulldogs will have these kids ready to open up the offense. La Serna and La Mirada will be loaded and are proven area teams.

  • Real Deal

    And once again the girl soccer rankings show that this paper does not care about actual journalism.

    1. La Serna
    2. La Mirada
    5. Montebello

    Those three are fine.

    But then you go to:

    3. California (9-5-1) – Once again wrong record and shouldn’t be ranked and they are “best of the rest in the DRL”? They are 7-12-3 (4-4-1 in league). In their last 5 games they are 1-3-1, tying ER, losing to LS, SF, and Pioneer.

    4. El Rancho – Has looked good recently? In last 5 games they are 1-1-3. Overall record 8-6-4 (2-3-4 in league).

    Meanwhile you have Santa Fe, who sits in second place, clinched a CIF playoff spot with their 2-0 win over Cal and they are not even mentioned? 10-9-4 (4-2-3 in league).

    Or how about La Habra? Sitting in third place of their league at 5-2-1 (9-5-3 overall). Not mentioned.

    Meanwhile in Boys soccer, your information lacks again. El Rancho, Montebello, and La Habra are fine based on records.

    Although La Habra has not secured the league title, they have two games remaining and have a two point lead over Sunny Hills.

    But then La Serna is ranked #4, while Whittier is ranked #5 and followed by drops after Santa Fe loss? Whittier has defeated SF twice this year and currently sits in second place in league. Pioneer and LS are tied for third in league and either of them should be ranked at the #5 spot.

    There’s a link to help you guys out at the WDN. Let’s see if the quality of prep news improves.