Soccer Playoffs: El Rancho to play Friday at Warren HS; La Serna Saturday at Mission Viejo

El Rancho and La Serna high schools will play respective soccer titles Friday and Saturday, respectively, the CIF-Southern Section announced Wednesday.
The Dons, seeking their second consecutive boys division title as well as an undefeated season, will face Crescenta Valley for the Division 4 championship Friday at 5 p.m. at Warren High School in Downey.
El Rancho, ranked nationally by ESPN and the division’s top seed, is 25-0 after rallying for a 3-1 victory at Cathedral in Tuesday’s semifinals. Crescenta Valley, which beat Oak Hills on penalty kicks (5-3) Tuesday, is 19-0-7.
La Serna, seeking its first girls title since 2007, faces Downey for the Division 5 girls title at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at Mission Viejo.
The Lancers, the No. 4 seed, are 20-5-4 after beat top seed Cabrillo, of Lompoc, 4-1 on Tuesday. La Serna, which won a title in 2007, has outscored the opposition, 18-3, during the playoffs. Downey is 17-7-4 after beating No. 2 seed Cajon, 1-0, on Tuesday.
Warren High School is located at 8141 Depalma Street in Downey.
Mission Viejo is located at 25025 Chrisanta Drive in Mission Viejo.

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  • erdons

    ER Family lets try and bring a huge crowd like we did at Cathedral. Warren has a large parking lot lets fill it.
    GO DONS!

  • SP

    4-0 stomping victor Crescenta Valley, take that to the bank!

  • anony

    I say back 2 back but Im an ER fan, lol.

  • ersoccer

    ER Shout: Some people think futbol is a matter of life and death. I assure you, its more serious than that. So Dons on Friday come out with both pistolas blazing, no prisoners.

  • Phantom 2

    Props El Rancho on your victory but we did shut down #9 Lara. You had too many weapons and a lot of pretty girls in attendance, lol. Good luck

  • SP

    I believe I have stinky don distress, he knows I am right. His limbs are giving out with terror and cant stand for his beloved dons. Hopefully your son can win something next year malodorous don.

  • Jesus Christ

    Can someone translate what “SP” types? I can’t understand him. Someone must teach him how to use CIF Champion speak. Quick, let him transfer to the Ranch. Home of the TWO TIME! TWO TIME! CIF Champion.

  • prep dad

    Pistolas blazing from Pico…Careful!

    Good luck to both teams.

  • Renegade ER

    @ prep dad Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not literally. Everyone on our soccer family (or just ER people) is hype with the optimistic reality of a chance, back to back SS CIF Championship

    PS I must get Friday off for this one! See you there!
    GO DONS!

  • ER baseball

    Last night El Rancho lost to St John Bosco 4-1. Our demise was in the first ending where we gave up 3 runs on 3 errors. The other lost opportunity with bases loaded no outs and we came up empty with not a single run scored. Montebello is next on our schedule.

    Good luck to our soccer team!

  • ER baseball

    Last night El Rancho lost to St John Bosco 4-1. Our demise was in the first ending where we gave up 3 runs on 3 errors. The other lost opportunity with bases loaded no outs and we came up empty with not a single run scored. Montebello is next on our schedule.

    Good luck to our soccer team!

  • Steely Don

    The Dons soccer team has experience in the championship game, and Crescenta Valley may be jittery in the early going. This, along with the longer drive to the game site may be all the edge El Rancho needs.

    Let me step out of character here and wish the La Serna girls the best of luck in their championship game as well. Since their game is NOT being played at Cal High, there’s no reason to gripe with the proceedings.

  • ERs Prospect

    Shout: Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared. Dons you have been preparing for this title game since your last title wins, now execute.

  • anonymouss

    hey steve, you gonna cover this one, or are you going to send one of your pons to do your job? damn, the community called el ranchos season the whole way, and you always had better things to cover. not even a boys soccer preview. its all good though. we know you dont care about soccer. your loss. BRING CAMPA BACK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if ERs #10 will play tomorrow since he did play most of the game against Cathedral although he took some hard shots and seem hurt at times? If he can go that would be great well need all the horses saddle up and chomping at the bit for this one. BLUE UNIT!

  • El Rancho

    It should be an exciting time for ER and LS I hope they take it in (experience) and enjoy all of it, never easy getting to the finals. If both teams are victorious, we could have both play for State. That would be great for the kids and our area.

    Ps I hope # 10 is a go.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Anon: No, I will not be at the game, but Keith Lair from our sister paper – the Pasadena Star-News will be. I will be where I have been the past seven years during the last weekend in March – at the CIF State wrestling finals, where All-American Joey Davis tries to become just the second area wrestler to win back-to-back state titles, and the first since 1987. I’m also covering the state finals for the group.
    Keith will do a great job.

  • Alwaysdon

    Amen brother Steve R get-on with your bad-self, Joey Davis is a man child. Hopefully he will bring home that State Title. GO JOEY!………………

    El Rancho get urrr done!… Maybe this time Pico could have a parade down Passion, hey,.. we got to win first.

  • Steely Don

    Steve: before you make your excursion into the wrestling arena, please tell us if the El Rancho people have contacted you with news of their new football coach. It’s my understanding that the guy has been selected, but his name has yet to be released.

  • Sports fan original

    Edna Milton Chadwell, the last madam of the infamous Chicken Ranch brothel, died last week at the age of 84. The Chicken Ranch of La Grange, Texas, was the house of ill repute that inspired the Broadway musical, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” It later became a hit movie.

    Whats the world coming too, an end? LS, ER you must win and save humanity!

  • anonymous

    Steely Don: you will be well please with the pick, I am sure of that. All the final proceeding is being dealt with at this point.

  • ershelko

    Yeah, considering all what was offered we got the best man available Steely Don.

  • anony

    Nonetheless can he market the kids like Coach Rick Z did ER? I dont see that, but I hope I am totally wrong and will back him up because my love of the Ranch.

  • ERnation

    El Rancho lets fill the stands and let our presence known with cheers and chants. That our boys distinguish, they have provision (huge backup). GO DONS!……. thats my shout!

  • Hum

    The running game will love this selection El Rancho, no need for a QB.

  • Okay

    Mr. Wing T

    This is one of the most common formations used at all levels of football. It consists of two backs lined up behind the quarterback, with the back closest to the quarterback being called the fullback and the back behind the fullback called the running back, tailback, or I-back. The two backs line up either in a line (hence the name of the formation since it looks like a letter I) or with the fullback “offset” to either side. The fourth back is most commonly employed as an extra wide receiver. Here are three diagrams of I-Formation, strong side right (that is, with the tight end lining up to the right, typical for a right-handed quarterback). Notice that the 4th back required by the rules is the set-back wide receiver at the right (called the flanker).

  • Blue Blood….

    Can he attract kids like Coach Zepeda did, you ask??? I think you will be quite surprised and will see that our TC wolverine and PR Dons will fit right in with the offense that will be run next season… if you want a hint birds fly with them….. lets just think back to 2000 and 2007 there is one common denominator on both those teams and that person will lead the ranch next season, Joey you better get ready there is no way you sit out this season for baseball… See everyone tomorrow night at Warren..

  • anony

    @ Blue Blood: entice kids to come to the Ranch is one thing, Rick did that. Coach Rick got kids who no one was looking at college wise a spot at the next level. Can anyone from those youth programs do that?

    Yes Ill see you and the ER family tomorrow, lets do it soccer team!

  • Blue Blood

    Yes it was a great thing that Rick got Josh Perea and Marcus Galan into Minnesota Crockston, I absolutely thank him for that, but lets not make it seem like Rick was the first coach to ever get any kids scholarships..

  • Hum

    @ Blue Blood no, but the likes of Gene Parsons who after the 2008 season tried helping Roddy Hiatt with some of our best players, asking them to go to Salesian was ER immoral , that year was Parsons first head coaching job in school history, for a reason, he sucks.

    The likes of a coach who knows nothing about playing at the next level or how to attempt entry is stupid on them and bad for us. Look Blue Blood if you are for the advancement of ER in any compactly you and I are one.

  • anony

    Its true Parsons sucks as a JV coach and teacher, the guy is stuck in the 60-70s, no class, and a hate for diversity. He is such a small person in stature maybe that is why he is so despicable.

  • Hum

    Blue blood its the finals everyone is set on tomorrow as they should be.

  • Here we go again…

    Parsons tied for 2nd place after taking over an 0-10 team, hate him or not.
    Why don’t u jackasses quit blowing Rick and move on, our program was st Paul lite under Rick and I despised it, things will be different now. Quit trying to sound intelligent in your responses u sound like a complete retard. I can throw out a cacophony of big words and frankly its futile and idiotic.

  • Okay

    @ Here we go again, who using big words, maybe their big words to you jackass/retard.

    Typical jesus christ: nothing but hate was you beaten as a child, did you lose your mom to drugs or do you have a family member who you are a shame of? Find whats causing you so much pain that you feel you must lash out and divert it on to others. Life is too short to live sad and angry.

    No one here is defending anyone! Ask your girlfriend to take you back because she cant find any other fool that will have her.