CIF State playoffs: Cantwell boys, St. Paul girls bascketball teams receive No 11 seeds in basketball brackets; CIF-SS finalists El Rancho and La Serna shutout in soccer

State Bound: Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary received the No 11 seed in Division IV for the CIF State basketball championships. (Staff Photo by Watchara Phomicinda)

The CIF State pairings for boys and girls basketball are out, and both the Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary boys and the St. Paul girls received No. 11 seeds in their respective Division IV brackets.
Cantwell (25-6), which lost 65-42 in its first trip to the CIF-Southern Section divisional finals last Thursday, will travel to No. 6 La Jolla Country Day (20-9) in the first round.
St. Paul (17-14), which lost in the 4A semifinals to Brentwood, will travel to No. 6 The Bishops, of La Jolla, in the first round.
Both games are scheduled for Wednesday at 7 p.m.
The second round is scheduled for Saturday, with the regional finals slated for March 17 at Colony High School in Ontario. The CIF State championships are March 23-24 in Sacramento.
In pairings released for the CIF State Southern California Regional soccer championships, the El Rancho boys and La Serna girls, who both lost respective divisional championships games, were shut out and did not receive bids.
The snub for El Rancho is a big surprising since the Dons, who won their first 26 games, were the highest ranked California team in ESPN national rankings for much of the year. But CIF’s hands were tied to their seeding rules, which gives first priority to division champions per each enrollment division.

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  • Steely Don

    If any team which lost a finals match deserves consideration for the state tourney, it’s El Rancho. Here is a team which arrived at the finals undefeated and untied, with an ESPN state ranking of #1. Still, it wouldn’t shock me to hear that the savants at CIF have followed the rules exactly (as if they never make judgement calls), and remove the Dons from the state playoff groupings.

  • The ESPN rankings were a bit over the top. There are a few other teams fron So Cal that have better programs than El Rancho. But true, you guys are the Kings of this area.
    You lost it on the field 3-0. There are other teams rhat eared it and are more worthy of going onto state.

    Good luck if you are given a spot.

  • reality

    State final tournaments are anti-climatic. Sparse crowds, venues to far, prices to high, little coverage etc. Just a way for CIF dudes to fill their pockets.

  • Steely Don

    By way of comparison, when CIF makes its selection for the state football championship games, it is a judgement call. When this fine organization declares a player ineligible for “athletically motivated” reasons, it is a judgement call.

    For CIF to say that the ‘letter of the law’ must be adhered to, and ER can’t play in state, is ludicrous. At the CIF title game on Friday, a Crescenta Valley fan blasted an air horn loudly over 20 times, and NOTHING was done about it. According to the RULES, this is reason enough for a Crescenta Valley forfeit. I guess CIF made another ‘judgement call’.

  • anonymous

    I dont know the how twos or who should go I just want the Ranch in and La Serna.

  • anonymous

    And Cantwell, my bad!

  • Had it been a basketball game, then Valley should have been penalized.

    Do you think strength of schedule was considered?

  • Steely Don

    The state tournament selections have been made, and El Rancho has been left out. Since Prep Fan has made the definitive ruling on noise makers, it should be a LOUD state tournament.

  • El Rancho

    Big congratulation to SP and Cantwell! Continue to make our area proud.

  • Something has to replace the few noisy fans in attendance.

    Go Paramount!, Go Downey!

  • Jefe

    I like Cantwell to win the first game but if you’ve seen the brackets….they could get absolutely steamrolled against Price in the 2nd round.


    The air horn you heard from the Crescenta Valley side of the field was NOT from the crowd. That air horn was used by the 4th official to signal for a substitution.

    The stadium announcer informed everyone at least twice during the game that the sir horn was used for substitution.

    Yes it sucks that the Dons failed to be named to the Regionls. While they were on the wrong end of a couple of questionable scoring play decisions. They still did not score. The lst CV goal was not tainted at all.

    The main problem about the Regionals is that they (CIF State) use school enrollement while the Southern Section balances leagues out. ER & CV are both Div I teams by State enrollement guidelines.

    If you look at the State seedings all 4 Southern Section Divisional Champions were State Division 1 teams. There was not a slot left for the Ranch to be selelcted. There was no “judgement call”

    Had Valley View or Paramount been State Divison 2 enrollements, then the Ranch would have had a chance at being selected.

    El Rancho’s only loss for the season was the direct link for missing the Regionals. Yet, that does not take away from their great season.

    They had a super season and made the playoffs getting to the finals. I am sure that everyone at ER is very proud of the squad.

  • Oak Hills Stonger and better team vs Crescenta Valley

    How about strength of schedule?

  • Week 14 ESPN National Ranking El Rancho 28

    Not Bad! still top 50 winter rankings

  • Steve Ramirez

    Prep fan: They very rarely use strength of schedule. For each enrollment division, they work back from division champions. It’s an eight-team bracket, so between the Central, Southern, Los Angeles and San Diego sections, they might have 6-8 division champions. If they are eight section division champions in a particular enrollment state division, there is no reason to look at strength of schedule, they all get in above the runners-ups. Oak Hills, I believe, lost in the semis, so they had no chance. Now in basketball, they used to have division champions and at-large picks. One year Crenshaw was nationally ranked, got upset in the City 4A quarterfinals, but still made the state tournament. They changed the priority after that to champion, finalist, semifinalist and so on until the bracket is filled.