El Rancho chooses Trabuco Hills’ Lopez as new football coach; veteran succeeds Rick Zepeda

I just received an e-mail that El Rancho has hired former Trabuco Hills and Santa Margarita run game coordinator Venencio Lopez as its new football coach.
Lopez replaces Rick Zepeda, who resigned at the end of the 2011 season.
Lopez was also defensive coordinator at Rancho Alamitos High School.
“Coach Lopez brings a wealth of football knowledge to our student-athletes,” wrote El Rancho principal Sam Gennis in an e-mail to his staff on Monday. “(He) understands the expectations of the El Rancho community.
“Philosophically, he uses football to develop young men rather than using young men to develop a football program. He is a dedicated coach who will implement policies that are clear and consistent.”
I will have more after I can talk to coach Lopez and principal Gennis directly.

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  • anony

    Its about time, looks like a great appointment as he has plenty of experience.

  • Chris

    My intern currently coaches at Rancho Alamitos and he said the players did not respond or respect Lopez as a coach.

  • Steve

    When does he start because times a wasting!

  • Steely Don

    I’d like to extend a heartfelt welcome to coach Lopez as he begins his stay at El Rancho. Glad to have you onboard, sir.

  • Okay

    Yeah a lot of the football players are in track and baseball but there are a number of them who arent playing anything and should be lifting now.

    With spring practice just about to start we need him as soon as possible.

  • erdons

    I as well welcome you Mr. Lopez youll have my support.

  • El Rancho


  • Jesus Christ

    Soccer Team chokes in the Final, and now a uninspired hire for Football Coach. What’s next?

    Just close the damn school already.

  • Anonymous

    @ jesus christ: You have ruined another HS kids / players and friends article with your hate..

    I guest early thirties is equivalent to 7 years old for you, go back to the Wolverines Facebook with your attacks and then delete them you coward.


    I am not sure what brought the racial comment from Who?? said regarding ER’s Coach Lopez. It is my understanding that he stood out all through the selection process.

    As regarding lifting, The School has had a lifting program for all interested football players every Mon Wed & Friday morining before school with a lifting/strength coach. I can’t tell you if there is something going on regarding lifting during 6th period.

    It appears that Coach Lopez will be a full time sub at the Ranch. He holds a social science credential as well as a couple of secondary subject credentials. Not quite a full time coach but not a walk on.

    The next thing is to see where his assistants came from and then who will be handling the 2 lower division teams.

    I along with others welocme Coach Lopez to the Ranch and wish him sucess

  • Dons

    @ OLDTIMEDON1, thank you for the info especially on the lifting program. One question, has he started if not when will he be at the school? Again Thanks….

  • Steely Don

    The substitute teacher arrangement is absolutely perfect for a football coach. This eliminates the need for lesson planning and parent-teacher interaction. At the same time, it gives the coach a financial anchor at the school, so his attention can be focused there.

    To address coach Lopez’s qualifications, let me offer that Trabuco Hills and Santa Margarita are not Mickey-Mouse operations, and like Frank Sinatra used to croon: “if he could make it there, he’ll make it anywhere.”

  • anony

    Amen Steely Don: it all sounds good to me.

  • just another er guy

    When are you dons going to wake up!! The Admin blew it they could not offer a full time job to the coach that they wanted. I was told by someone on the panel that the first choice was offered the job When this coach asked about a job, he was then told there was no job but a sub job, So he declined. Why did they not tell these coaches before? this also happened to the next coach who was offered. Then coach Lopez was offered and he took it. Boy did he stand out, he was third out of four finalist. Iam not mad at coach Lopez I wish him luck, he is going to need it. Iam pissed at the Admin for getting rid of rick without having a plan to replace him. Do you guys know that they asked 3 alumni coaches and they all said no. They should have asked them before letting rick go. Steve Rodriguez needs to go, his vision for ER is not good. Tell me how come the football program does not make money at the games. I know of schools that give the football program the snack bar but not ER. With Whittier, Pioneer, BG and SF getting coaches that know the area and the youth programs, they will be taking the kids from the area for there schools. Good luck ER we are going to need it.

  • Rod

    This hire absolutely sound good, lets all get behind him. On a different note coming off a win against St Paul El Ranchos softball team has Bellflower tomorrow at home 3:15.

    Maybe at the game we could get to meet our new football coach and welcome him.

  • Robert

    As of now the selection logistics is a vanished point, wont get us anywhere. Here we are Dons, and we need to go forward.
    Coach Lopez you Sir have my total support. GO EL RANCHO DONS!

  • Steely Don

    Who is to say that if coach Lopez is very successful he will not be able to secure a fulltime teacher’s job at The Ranch? In the meantime, the substitute position not only provides a coach with more time to devote to football, it brings him into contact with a WIDE CROSS SECTION of prospective student-athletes as he moves from one classroom to the next. Can you think of a more ideal opportunity to conduct on-campus recruiting?

    If we are to understand that the Administration had to ‘settle’ for its third or fourth option, why is this cause for concern? All of life is this way. Who among us enjoys a life of perfection? Call me crazy, but I prefer to be enthusiastic about the future of ER football.

  • Say What

    Two of those alums ask for the job but wanted more money (too much) and a permanent teaching position. The school just could not provide it plain and simple. Coach Lopez was right there with the other two in high regard. I know four on the selection committee, they all feel we got the best man possible willing to sacrifice a full time position now and wait it out. LETS GET BEHIND OUR COACH!

  • ERAlum

    Okay, Let me first just say that Coach Lopez has my support 100%, but you guys are crazy if you think this is an ideal situation for anyone, especially for Coach Lopez.

    This is only an assumption, but I’m going to say that Lopez probably either lives in the area or was pink slipped at his previous school for him to go away from a full-time teaching position especially if he has a family. Substitute teachers receive absolutely zero benefits, retirement, or anything remotely close to what a full-time teacher gets. So let’s say he does take a full-time teaching job which El Rancho should give him immediately if one opens up, then he immediately loses all seniority and tenure. By that time, if he so much as coughs the wrong way, the admin can easily get rid of him not only as a coach, but as a teacher This was the problem that happen to Arellanes when he left Northview for Los Altos.

    It’s not the admins fault either that they don’t have a teaching position for him. It’s the nature of the state budget. It sounds like he has a few years under his belt, but I hope for his sake that he is not having to raise a family off of a substitute salary. This is why I thought this job should have went to a younger coach who would not only do a good job, but would also be risking less

  • just another er guy

    You guys and your dream world. The dist. will be 17 million dollars short next year, Iam sure they will find some money but not 17 million. That means teachers are going to get the pink slip and that guys, means no new teachers. Get it!! Iam also sure coach Lopez will be happy to sub and get no med insurance for him and his family as long as he is the head coach, right? Iam so glad that he understands what he is getting himself into. He will start looking for a new job after the first or second year. Dream weaver

  • anonymous

    @ ERAlum said:

    Your quote This is only an assumption, but I’m going to say that Lopez probably either lives in the area or was pink slipped at his previous school for him to go away from a full-time teaching position especially if he has a family. End of quote.

    That is totally wrong for you to post that not knowing, and if thats your 100% support it is deplorable. What is to you or anyone on why he wants or took the job, he is there now, ER Head Coach! Some of you so-call supporters sound like some SP people always have to complain.

    @ just another er guy said:

    If its all dark and doom why dont you go tell him to leave now because maybe he does not know what he is getting himself into and you do? Its haters like you guys why no one want to post on the ER web site anymore. You folks just cant be happy for the new coach. Sorry people.

    I know both of you will come back with more hate for the school, football team and many other thing you can complain about. BLUE PRIDE Im Feeling it, Thanks guys!


    About time were behind in the football program. Everybody is already traning.

  • erfulback

    Its about time another voice of reason BIG DOG; we need to get behind the program and quit crying about water under the bridge or spilled milk.

  • ER Baseball

    It will all work out gentlemen just wait and see and try to help. Tomorrow there is an Alumni game with the varsity baseball team 3:15 or so, try and make it. Maybe well see some pulled hamstrings, lol.

  • Ranchhand

    Best of luck Coach Lopez! I for one am not sure how this hire is any different from Zepeda, A) Both 1st time head coaches B) Both day to day substitutes. I personally don’t feel that this hire will be long lived it will be 2 and done. With the cuts coming next year it will only get worse, Lopez himself has already stated he will only sub for 1 year and he is expecting a teaching job next year. When the district can’t guarantee a job what happens? For the communities sake and the kids involved I hope it works out but I am not to sure.

  • Exhilarating

    Affirmative Ranchhand, continue to cast a large amount of doubt on this hire will surly catapult Coach Lopez into a long successful tenure at the Ranch. Again yes your formula of support is unprecedented not sure where it has work. However very optimistic and sustaining only success could follow, right.

  • Alwaysdon

    Football players meet the new head coach today during lunch. Appears to be very knowledgeable with the Xs & Os on both sides of the ball and a lot of passion and drive for the game of football.

    GO DONS!

  • Rod

    @ ER fans: I think I saw the new FB coach today with Steve R. and company walking around campus to day he is a big man if that was him.

    Also the softball team defeated Bellflower; they had to come back in the bottom of the seventh. ER girls were down 5-3 with one out I believe. After committing three errors that led to the first three runs (Bellflower) the Dons with some timely hitting won 6-5, they are now 2-0 on the young season.

    In addition the freshmen baseball team beat the JV team today at the school,yikes.

  • Come on man

    On this coaching situation: reality, how does it further the cause on advancing El Ranchos football program by beating a dead stallion? Coach Rick is gone and not returning (I liked him also), current ER coach Lopez is here now.

    With some of the dooms day prophecies he (Lopez) will need all who desire to see next football season successful as hopefully possible by helping out in some capacity. Support, patronage, leading in a positive manner or whatever one would like to call it is necessary. Peace! Have a nice day Im out.

  • BraveDad

    If this guy coached under Jason Negro at THHS then El Rancho is getting a solid coach. Negro knows how to put together a staff and is a no nonsense guy who demands perfection from his staff so if this guy was one of his assistants he has to be solid and is a winner, rest assured. The question is will he have the horses at El Rancho to get it done! Negro and his current staff turned the program around at St. John Bosco after two seasons based simply on a new system (the horses were already in place). Although this does not apply at El Rancho, kids are now coming from all over the area to play at Bosco. That said, the staff, parents, and players at El Rancho should be excited!

  • Swordsmen

    Man el rancho = knuckleheads would you believe a brave dad? Maybe you will. They SJB finally had their best football run in school history and still lost. Their starting QB with no college proposals: isnt that why football and baseball players go there A so-call brave cannot be trusted, never! They will always tell you what you want to hear. Its in their DNA.
    St Paul has the schedule to die for next season.

  • Donology

    Swordsmen, it is early on for any prognosis my friend. From the info shared so far with players, parents and alums he looks like the right man for the El Rancho football head coaching job.

    Ps. SP stay away from name calling because your Catholic counterparts call the Swordsmen much worst.

  • Where is he?

    Neighbor: The school must have this new coach under lock and key. I have not seen him at the school yet.

    Its like looking for Sasquatch you know F en big-foot. I hope we get to meet him one day..

  • Parent

    As an El Rancho parent and an alumni plus my parents and grandparents attended El Rancho and most of my uncles and aunts on either side. Our concern on with this pick, what type of person is he?

    I am inquisitive as anyone. Who the coach is? Coach step out, us wont hurt you, at least at first, I think.

  • anonymous

    A immense powwow tomorrow with no school in session. El Ranchos new head football coach and all (the three levels) coaches from existing 2011 to new coaches.
    Hope to be the fly on the wall.

  • anony

    If possible the football program should keep some of the lower level coaches from last year, which would be great. Whatever happens I am there to help in whatever dimensions

  • Glimpes

    Fly on the wall report! Or well use the fly squatter on you.

  • BraveDad

    @ Swordsmen,

    So you must be one of those knuckleheaded SP people who still think its 1975. How dare you talk smack about Bosco a far superior school than SP, both academically and athletically. And Im talking NOW, not 30 years ago (even then Bosco was a better school always has been; did I write anything about SP the little ELA school in SF Springs? No I did not, but now that youve opened up the can of worms). The SP campus is a dump. Never in my life have I seen a school campus littered with trash all over its fields until I went to SP its freekin disgusting. And the last time SP played Bosco in football, 2009 and 2010; Bosco annihilated SP to the point that they discontinued the home and home series. Bosco would thump SP anytime, anyplace. Just like the recent baseball game. SP athletics, with the exception of a few people, is all short, fat, slow dudes from Pico Rivera that cannot play anywhere else. There is no comparison between the two schools and in fact they are a great example of contrasting academic institutions. No surprise though right? What does it cost to attend SP, $550 a month? It costs $1100 a month to go to Bosco (have you ever heard the clich, you get what you pay for?). In summary, guys like you are fools who live in the past and your excellent SP education always comes through good job nimrod! Once again youve made that pathetic school live up to its billing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow BraveDad you came out firing from the hip: I think you got Swordsmen laid out everywhere, lol.

  • Roy

    Yeah Brave-pops was smoking them down, sounded like a 50 caliber Woke me from my siesta I thought the Taliban road in to town, crazy.

  • No Contest

    This is a debate that was over before it started. Bosco is a D-1 school, with football (and soon basketball) programs that play with the very TOP teams in SoCal.

    St Paul, by comparison, dropped from the ranks of serious contenders decades ago. All that remains are memories of the past and a boatload of unjustified bravado.

    It is a good thing that ER football has dropped its affiliation with St Paul methods and is now moving toward the Bosco approach. If history is any indicator, the Dons should soon be much improved.

  • Wow

    @ No Contest: you have to love BraveDads fire and passion; I dont know how old he is. However from his last post I thought he was part of # 6 Navel Seals unit that took out Osama Bin Laden.
    Its always great when a person stands up for what they believe. Awesome!

  • Swordsmen

    Bosco is not trust worthy; they will lie to recruit any kid. Look at the overall records between the schools.

  • Expected

    @ BraveDad, I am not a SP insider; however the school is in decline. Even the football coaching staff that was predominate Swordsmen. Those alumni Left after coach Rich Avina was denied his chance to take the team. SP people are leaving in droves. Its sad.

  • SP

    bosco sucks!

  • anonymous

    Is that why QB Ray Medina left SP because no future and went to Bosco.

  • Hello

    What city does Rene Medina live in?

  • Hello

    Senior Medina, lol, was the starting QB and the go to guy on our football team, and pitcher on the baseball team. What does it matter what city he lives in.

  • Anonymous

    Medinas father made the choice over Amat, SP, he Renes Dad finally made the decision Bosco. The kid attended all three schools.

  • La Serna

    One thing is the DRL arent afraid to promote their school. Sr. Moco is hiding his high school associates, hell his team. Maybe Moco will come around if he can let go of that fear.
    Just wanted to say that a boy BraveDad overwhelming.

  • no-body

    Mojo, who is your school?

  • La Serna

    @ Moco/Mojo: its unfortunate that you are still unable to muster up enough courage to state your school.

    I guess the jeopardy is exposure on one self. Why Moco do you hate who you are? Dont you like yourself? There is no danger on saying who you are. Stand-up and be proud!

  • La Serna

    Come on Moco/Mojo, blow your load! Say it, youll feel better son.

  • BraveDad

    @ Swordsmen & SP,

    You guys are too funny. Is that all you got? Let me answer the questions for you – YES. You say to look at past records between the schools? That’s what everyone is laughing about here, i.e., all you guys have is the past. Look at recent records (’09 & ’10) when SP was destroyed by Bosco; the games were not close and SP was embarrassed at all levels. As far as trust, lying to kids is not the Salesian Brotherhood way and the kids at Bosco are not lied to, believe me they are given hard facts and are taught to become men while at Bosco. By the way, the current people at SP have nothing negative to say about Bosco. It’s you yahoos that live in the past and cannot articulate anything other than the past, and so eloquently I might add, that bring shame and fuel for jokes to the school.

    As far as Rene you guys need to stop. Youre just upset because he left SP to attend Bosco (what a no brainer that was). And if you are alluding to the offers or lack thereof when you talk about lying to kids you obviously have no clue. Rene is a great kid and hell be fine; his dad is also good people and he made the right choice. And by the way, dude brought up where he lives because of one of my comments. That said my apologies to PR and ELA. Good luck to the Ranch – I’m done with this thread.

  • La Serna

    @ BraveDad I wouldnt want you upset with me.. Peace Bro..

    No response Moco/Mojo? I knew you did not have it in you.

  • SP

    Who has place more kids at the next level, brave=deadbeatdad? You are scared of that one. Its only been lately with your football success. And Bosco did not want to play the Swordsmen in football anymore, maybe to savor your recent victories.

  • Swordsmen

    CowardDad you SJB misfits are in a fog with the new success that wont last.

  • anonymous

    bravedad have we SP not punk you fools for 40 years? Come on, now you want to talk big.

  • Wow

    do you guys know who you are messing with (Braveone)?

  • La Serna

    @ Moco/Mojo whats up fearful one? Man Moco what, no lead in the pencil? You never played a sport or even Checkers, or Hop-Scotch right, because you have no clue on sports. Sports take a man who is not frightened.

  • BraveDad

    You old SP dudes are less intelligent than I thought, but you do get funnier day by day. Are you that close minded that you cannot see that you are the only people who believe that SP has a superior program to Bosco? WHO CARES ABOUT 40 YEARS AGO! What you did 40 years ago does not give you access to success and the playoffs today! Your program is week at best and the reason we ended the recent home and home football series is because the games were so one-sided they did nothing to prepare us for our D1, Trinity League schedule – it was like having our varsity play out freshman team (and the funny thing is our program has improved since those games in 08 and 09 under the new staff and system and SPs has gotten worst you really think you can play on the same field as Bosco in 2012?). Give it up guys and let the CURRENT results of the respective programs speak for themselves. SP will learn very soon that they are not in Kansas anymore as soon as that non-league schedule begins. Shut your mouths and stop embarrassing the good people at SP. And it’s funny how aside from a few of you yahoos, people at SP (past graduates and current families) understand that the programs cannot be compared, not to mention the academics and facilities at the two schools. Put the Bud Light down, get off your fat rear ends and do something constructive; you can start by picking up some of that trash that’s all over the campus’ fields. One would think you’d be humble enough to see that you cannot win here, but again your lack of intelligence gets in the way. Good luck to you guys, youll need it. Now Im really done. (I have to go read the ink on Bosco’s Division III Southern California Regional semifinal win last night and the LA Times Baseball top 25; by the way, I didn’t see SP’s basketball team or baseball team listed or mentioned with regard to either of the aforementioned. Did I miss something? Oh yeah, its 2012 not 1975 – LMOA! Bye yesterday’s children.)

  • past my prime

    I wish El Rancho and their new coach nothing but the best. The school and community is hungry for a winner and I hope they get what they want. . .Just wanted the people to know that Joe Ledesma was the other finalist. He is a graduate of the Ranch and has coached there. He played for Don Peterson and Dick Shelko and coached with Shelko, Patricio, Setlich, and Reyna. He had a staff ready to go that included: Jim Arrellanes (head at Northview, Los Altos), Greg Setlich (head at San Dimas, El Rancho, Don lugo, Chino), Grant Warhurst (head at Downey), Kirk Diego (head at LB Millikan) plus these guys were bringing guys. How does he not get hired? I don’t get it! Once again, this isn’t anything against Coach Lopez. I don’t even know him. I just don’t see how they let the other package go.

  • Swordsmen

    Get a life! Blowhard dad, youre living in an allusion.

  • Cal

    @ dons if it doesnt rain, you guys have to come to our house today. We are stack in pitching this year. For you guys to repeat as league champions, that road goes through Cal. Whittier has a good team but they just loss their main pitcher.

  • BraveDad

    @ Swordsmen,

    Wow, you are an idiot. (Dealing with you is like driving by a car wreck on the street; you dont want to slow down and look but you just cant help it.) First of all, I think the word you are looking for is illusion, not allusion (there goes that d@$n SP education again) – LOL! And, if anyone is living an ILLUSION its you dude. An illusion filled with dreams and happy times circa 1975. Good luck with that dude and if you ever decide to get help I know some good Bosco alum who are doctors of psychology that can help you. Please stop embarrassing yourself and the good people at SP. Get some help geez!

  • El Rancho

    Okay Cal you called it: congratulation on todays 2-0 win, good job @ Cals #11, nice pitching.

  • anonymous

    Does anyone know todays DR league baseball, softball scores? Another then Cal, ER baseball obviously

  • anony

    @ past my prime: I guess it wasnt mean to be Bro, as the prosperities of life go, (some good and some not as we thought) work with what you have BEST OF FORTUNE MY DONS.

  • anony

    Sorry: its meant as destined, again sorry, should use spell-check

  • Swordsmen

    @ bravedad, really you base all your nonsense on one word? You are the stupid one, sjb needs those psychologists you claim to know, bull shxt. Man are you now a predator because sjb is nonentity?

  • Hum

    @past my prime: Every coach/person you stated is close to the heart of El Rancho people, it goes back in history. Joe Ledesma is most loved.

    Ledesma a master of the Wing T, and learn from the best. I played at the Whittier Red Skins before high school. I believe most youth and high schools still run the wing-t in some method.

  • erdons

    Its about nowadays ER aristocrats, lol. Jesting aside, here we are Dons, Lopez is our man.

    Hope for a completive FB season Dons.

  • La Serna

    My desire is to distinguish on Moco/Mojo where about, is it because he is hiding? A Benedict Arnold, Judaist that he would sell his school for 30 Chucky Cheese tokens. Come out friend, WC is great, okay.

  • Hernandez

    @ past my prime: (I just don’t see how they let the other package go.) it happens. Go on Bro!

  • In My Prime

    @ Past My Prime: That is SOME group of coaches Ledesma had lined up. I’m sure that The Ranch would have rocked with those men leading the way. I’m going to guess that MONEY had something to do with the decision to go with Lopez instead. Money usually explains a lot of things.

    We can’t dwell on what could have or should have been. Vinnie Lopez is our guy, and he deserves our support because he’s here to help the school.

  • Wow

    @ In My Prime said: absolutely Prime.

    Those ER alums like the coach from Salesian (ask for the position) and 2000 group wanted more than the school could offer.

    A guy like Setlich is a total gypsy. He still has not found a home. How many schools has he left or them schools dump him?

  • Hernandez

    @ past my prime said: life is a little more complex than you see it, even now, however it is multifaceted my friend a comprehensive view of El Ranchos football success rest with the new head coach.
    Go Dons!

  • ER Baseball

    DRL Baseball: Whittier beats La Serna, 2-1. SF beats Pioneer, 6-0. Its just getting started people..

  • La Serna

    Hello did my crimson, gold and white softball team defeat Amat today or did the game get rained-out?

    On another note where are you Moco/Mojo? Are you waiting for someone like a WC blogger to come to your rescue? Man up bro, whos your school again.?

  • anonymous

    La Sernas softball game was rained out, game next Friday.

  • Pioneer

    @ La Serna, are you serious? The coward Mojo is known for posting outrageous statements and not standing behind them. Pioneer kids stand for their great school.
    For sure LS you are calling out a person who his own mother is ashamed. Titans..

  • Lancers

    Man WC people youre stupid
    westco said:
    Lil Jimmy relax dude its just information jesus christ. keep up the good work Aram thanks for the info thats the difference between the sgvtribune and other papers. go bulldogs

    What fools!……………

  • anonymous

    La Sernas softball game against Gahr was cancelled today due (latest storm) to Gahr field too damaged for play. Make-up game, possible next Monday.

  • anonymous

    La Sernas game against Amat girls will be at the Field of Dreams (WC) on Monday.

  • Baseball Amat

    Wow St Paul, in a down year you guys still cant beat us. Maybe we should play more SP so we can pad our wins. We played terrible today and you swordsmen still could not win, pathetic swordsmen.

  • SP

    You guys Amat, like SJB got lucky. Well see who is best the rest of the way?

    And to bravedog you are stupid and miss inform fool.

  • Cal

    Both baseball clubs suck this year, SP / Amat. Their CIF 4th division spot should help both ball clubs in making the playoffs. What is amazement that these schools arent D-1 even with all their recruitment?

  • BraveDad

    @ SP,

    Like your buddy you keep name calling and saying I’m wrong and now I’m misinformed? You guys jumped in here when nobody was even writing about St. Smell, I mean St. Paul. Tell you what nimrod; give me some facts that prove I’m wrong and misinformed. And do it in an intelligent and articulate manner if possible. In summary this is what Ive commented on this thread:

    SP’s history is acknowledged, including the D3 football championship a few years ago. That said, Bosco, with an old worn out system under a staff that was shown the door shortly thereafter still whipped SP’s a$$ that season and the next.. But aside from that D3 championship SP is weak at best and cannot compete at the D1 level anymore.

    A side from a few solid athletes, most SP football players are short, fat, and slow.

    We, Bosco, ended the recent home and home series with SP because SP was a waste of our time and did nothing to prepare our team for league.

    Most current SP families and alums have no issues with Bosco and vice-versa.

    A small group of SP people like yourselves can do nothing more than look back at successes that took place 30/40 years ago and that does nothing to equal success or post season play today.

    SP’s campus is a dump!!! It is embarrassing and it blows me away that nothing is done about it, well except for child labor laws that SP breaks having student-athletes try to clean it up. In spite of that effort there is trash everywhere. Perhaps you big mouth old dudes should do something about it so that maybe, and I underscore maybe, SP can attract some of the elite athletes in the area.

    Most of the good SP athletes leave after their freshman year (like the Bosco QB who threw for 2200 yards against D1 competition this past season – would have been 2600 if we still had SP on the schedule) when they realize what a h$ll hole they’ve affiliated themselves with.

    Ive asked you to stop embarrassing yourselves and the good people at SP, but you cant seem to stop like its some kind of sickness, i.e., mental illness comes to mind.

    Finally, SP will get smoked and destroyed during 2012 non-league play. For sake of the good people at SP (not you two nimrods) I wish SP well. As far as you two are concerned when I check in on the scores, which will inevidably be horrifically one sided, I will think of the two of you and laugh and laugh, and then laugh some more.

    So thats what Ive written. You guys come back with simple unsupported comments and name calling. Please stop because the embarrassment you bring to SP does not help and it only causes people to say things that are true and hurtful to SP. If and when you can have an intelligent exchange with factual support then maybe well get somewhere, until then go clean up the campus.

  • ER Baseball

    Well hot dogged BaveDad has plenty of fire: Stay cool my friend, dont hurt them Swordsmen, lol.

    Whittiers baseball team put a whipping on my Dons the first 5-inings today, like 11-0. Even though El Rancho lost this game as they should have, because of the way they played the first few innings, bad.. The Dons came back with a huge rally. The game ended 11-10 with a runner stranded.

    I am proud that the Dons kept fighting not giving up, that builds team character. Good luck on Friday with La Serna; they always field a good team

  • erdons

    I believe our BraveDad person is like that great commercial, Most interesting Man in the World. His Mom has a tattoo Son; actor Jonathan Goldsmith equals BraveDad on this blog.

    To the El Rancho Dons, its about Friday now young men. Protect your house and bring home a DRL victory. GO DONS!

  • anonymous

    Essential ER, we have to defeat La Serna on Friday if we are still hungry for any chance of a DRL Baseball Championship! Period!………………….
    BLUE PRIDE!………….

  • LOL

    It’s funny how ER’s starting QB from last year decided to quit football to concentrate on baseball…. good luck the rest of the season Mr Sanchez….

  • anony

    Does anyone know where the baseball game tomorrow is, ER vs. LS?

    Since our latest development with the 50 year old 20 baseball fence debacle, where do we play our home games now?

  • Roy

    I heard a temporary fence will be installed for tomorrows game against La Serna.

  • anonymous

    No contempt towards La Serna however El Rancho needs to win tomorrows baseball game, at wherever.

    Our kids could not have played any worse than those first 5 innings against Whittier.

    Go Dons!

  • Wow

    The fence disaster will go down in ER history. Yes the principal thought was grand but backfire big time.

  • Wow

    El Ranchos baseball team finally goes into the win column today, next game at home 3 / 28 / against La Serna. Go Dons!

  • anony

    @ ER baseball: Our kids need to focus, that Whittier game was a let-down, and players not focus.
    I am not taking anything from the Whittier squad, they played great. However Dons you are better than that performance.

  • Man

    You ER guys started 0-2 in the 2011 DRL baseball and won league last year. Can you repeat or go into a funk this year with a great young talent, or cave because of your start in league?

    Wake-up El Rancho, no one cares what you are going through, just play!……..

  • La Serna

    Cif-SS-releases-division-align. Who really gives a rats ass, West Covina is gonna lose in the first round. My take is how afraid they are after winning two CIFs. All the pressure is on WC and they are feeling it.

  • WC what?

    @ La Serna, hum

    Former Chino linebacker Niko Johnson has transferred to West Covina where he looks like a good bet to land a starting spot in the Bulldogs’ front seven.

    Johnson, a senior to be, recorded 35 tackles at Chino in 2010 and 18 tackles in 2011. At 6-foot, 200 pounds, he could be quite a force for head coach Mike Maggiore’s defense, which has to replace several key starters like leading tackler Dorrin Turner and Tribune Defensive Player of the Year Justen Meaders.

    The good news is there’s also a good group of experienced players returning and Rancho Verde transfer Justin Hornsby, who had to sit out last season, will be eligible to play.

    Aram’s take: Heckuva a nice pick up for the Bulldogs. As I’ve said before, WestCo and M-Town are the two programs with all the juice now. These programs are where kids want to be, and you can’t blame them — CHAMPIONSHIPS AND SCHOLLYS — that’s what everyone from fans to players to want. Johnson was a West Covina Bruin back in the day, hence the return to WestCo.

    Okay what now LS Lancers?…………………….

  • Delrio

    Please WC fans we know ur going through some great times… Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago ur team got taken to the woodshed by El Rancho… I sure remember Chris Solomon on that team… We all know you are great and kids are dying to go there now, that 84-21 win was to a 3rd place team that was lucky to make the playoffs and caught some breaks to make it to the finals… I know a few parents of WC players, they have no need to come into the WDN blog when they know they are destroying the division… Stay humble and have some class..

  • Don Nation

    ER baseball pounded La Serna today, 12-5. The Dons are back on track to compete for the DRL crown and beyond.

  • ER Baseball

    @ Don Nation, you are correct on the final outcome. However that first inning was atrocious for El Rancho. The game started like this years game against Whittier which ended 11-10. El Rancho needs to start fast on Friday against SF, if not; SF will take full advantage and be victorious at home.

  • anonymous

    Big game tomorrow El Rancho, SF is tough and will be ready.

    GO DONS!

  • Don Nation

    ER baseball prevails over Santa Fe, 3-2 in 8 grueling innings, despite two horrible calls from the Umps supplied by the Braille Institute.

  • Robert

    El Rancho displayed some awesome fielding today. In addition catcher Frankie, jack one over left field. Thats two HRs in two games plus the kid has a powerful arm behind the plate. The Dons are starting to play to their potential.


  • Steve

    @ Don Nation, the Umps were too old and not sure of themselves. Those bad (horrible) calls, I counted 4 in total against us. But Don Nation a good team finds a way to prevail most of the time. This win escalates our next game with Cal. League is still up for grabs.

  • ER Renegade

    Big congrats to my Dons on your win against SF! A DRLC repeat is in order. I believe you have Cal Hi on Wednesday; it should be payback

  • Bulldogs

    Hey Delrio, you show some class fool, WC was lucky on their playoff run leading to the finals? WC players and parents do need to post here when comments like yours (la serna) are posted. Bulldogs will take the drl down again.

  • Roy

    El Ranchos baseball club has an enormous game with California on Wednesday (at the Ranch), a must win in my approximation, for ER to stay in striking positions, back to back DRL Crown.

    On Tuesday Dons Softball team plays Whittier at Whittier, the first league game, 3:15.

  • anonymous

    The El Rancho softball team defeated Whittier today, 5-1 and the Dons JV team won 14-0.

  • Cool

    El Ranchos Jamie Ramirez # 88 really pitch a great game today against Whittiers top pitcher and player, #27 Andrade Lorissa.