Schurr stays the course: Picks Ramirez as football coach

Sorry, for the lateness of this, but Schurr has decided to stay the course and hired from within, choosing defensive coordinator Marco Ramirez as its new football coach. The Spartan alum replaces Ben Negrete, who retired at the end of the 2011 season.
Coach Marco Ramirez: “I’m an alumnus of Schurr. If anything, this is my most desirable job. I’m very excited, happy and nervous to take this job. I’ve also been with the district nine years, so ideally, this is the job I’ve been looking for.
“”I just want to try and maintain the level of play that Schurr has been accustom to,” Ramirez said. “The kids are very familiar with my coaching style. They know how I am and that will be an advantage. We have a challenge ahead of us, because 3-7 is not familiar to us. We want to get this thing back on track. We have a few of our core skill kids back and there’s a lot of energy to turn it around. I’m excited about the opportunity.”

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  • Shurr Alum

    Congrats Marco (ROJO GRANDE) class of 92!!!!!