CIF-SS releases Division alignment proposals for 2012-14, with minor changes for area leagues

The CIF-Southern Section office released the division playoff groupings proposals for the 2012-14 seasons. For football, not much has changed after tons of speculation that two-time champions West Covina and Monrovia might be moved out. Instead, it appears CIF-SS decided the best approach was to make the divisions stronger by by dumping the Olympic (Whittier Christian) for the Alpha in the Mid-Valley Division and by adding the San Gabriel Valley league, with traditional power Dominguez for the Southeast.
As far as other are teams are concerned: St. Paul and the Mission stay in the Western Division; La Habra and the Freeway stay put in the Southwest. But the Olympic League was moved from the Mid-Valley to the Northwest, which set up a playoff showdown between locals Whittier Christian and Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary. The Southwest, though, gets a bit stronger with Sunset school’s Los Alamitos, Edison and Newport Harbor moved to challenge La Habra.

2012-14 Football Playoff Grouping Proposal
: Almont, Alpha, Mission Valley, Rio Hondo, Valle Vista
Southeast: Hacienda, Del Rio, Pacific, San Gabriel Valley, Suburban
Northwest: Montview, Del Rey, Olympic,Pioneer, Tri Valley
Southwest: Freeway, Century, Empire, Seaview, Sunset
Western: Mission, Channel, Los Padres, Ocean, Pacific View

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  • areafan

    Dominguez would be too strong……

  • Steve Ramirez

    I don’t know area fan. I saw Dominguez against Bishop Amat and they weren’t overly impressive. Now that was too years ago, but from what I saw from West Covina last year, I think the Bulldogs would beat Dominguez…whether that’s true in 2012…I guess we’ll find out.

  • Decade of Decline

    If the Sunset league does move into the Southwest, the Highlanders will be left to fight for 4th place in the division, as the Sunset heavyweights do battle amongst themselves for the division hardware. La Habra will be revealed as a merely decent team, by no means a dominant team, which has enjoyed a false sense of greatness over the past several seasons.

  • WC B.

    Dominguez is a whole different animal, if the D. Dons played Amat 10 game straight the Dons would beat Amat 8 or 7 out of 10 times with no recruiting unlike Amat does.

    And the year Amat beats Dominguez the Dons will still have more players going to the next level than Amat. The Lancers take in players from everywhere, Dons play who walks through the front door.

  • La Serna

    Minor changes for whom? Dominguez team will sweep most of SPs league and most of the SGV teams. Arent they D-2 or close to that?

  • Roni

    Dominguez was in the Western Division, which is D4 and they last won the title in 2006. They did not dominate

  • SF

    So Roni if our league is in Division 7 and no one (but WC) has won it ever, why bring in a D4 who won in 2006?
    Shouldnt you move WC to Dominguez Division? And not punish the rest of the southeast? Or both Dominguez and West Covina should move up.

  • Get it straight

    Sunset will not stay in the SW. They will appeal and probably get moved to the Inland. The SE on the other hand will see the balance of power shift to the SGV League.

    Dominquez is a good team but not dominate like @La Serna thinks. He thinks the Del Rio is a strong league…ask West Covina what they think of Del Rio teams specifically La Serna. Dominquez was only 7-4 last year and they got blown out by Ventura in the 1st round. I think every team in the Mission League had a higher Calpreps rating than Dominquez.

    With the Pac 7 moving to the Northern, a team from the Mission will win the Western.

  • anonymous

    (roni) Are you a fool with your talk, Dominguez did not dominate,…….. what! Dominguez won! What their CIF Championship win did not have enough style points?

  • La Serna

    Wow, Get it straight said: you are stupid Get it straight or have no ideal of football competition. F maxsprep they are wrong more than not. Whos your team because Ill bet D Dons will kill them every year?

  • La Serna

    Wow, Get it straight said: you are stupid Get it straight or have no ideal of football competition. F maxsprep they are wrong more than not. Whos your team because Ill bet D Dons will kill them every year?

  • Get it straight

    @ La Serna….you are a La Serna fanand you say I don’t know football competition? Who is the stupid one…YOU. You actually think La Serna is a decent team. Get real dumbsh**. And where did the Maxpreps comment come from.? Not only are you stupid you can’t read.

    My team is West Covina. Perhaps you heard of them?

  • Area fan

    California, Whittier, Santa Fe, and La Serna plus the rest of the DRL could never compete against Dominguez fairly. And that means the whole southeast, which becomes more divided competition than ever before. Three top teams and the rest of at the bottom. Santa Fe will never win a CIF title with this alignment.

  • La Serna

    You get it straight: next year with QB Frankie Palmer we are much better than WC. But you Cal Hi guys suck and have never won anything in any sport. Coach Arnold now has hes football losers, so no excuse birds. Your team is not West Covina, its Condors. La Serna is the team to beat. This alignment is wrong.

  • Steely Don

    @ La Serna: It was my understanding that Palmer was shopping his services to St Paul, feeling underappreciated at Lancerland. How nice of the Swordsmen to back off and let La Serna keep this D-1 darling; I totally agree that with him, you’re a lock to pound West Covina.

  • Real Deal

    Steely Don,

    You got some very bad information because Palmer has never been in contact with St. Paul about a transfer. (Source: I’m a close family friend). If he were to go anywhere it would be La Habra, but he’s made LS his team so he’ll be staying up on the hill.

    As for this upcoming season, La Serna will be decent once again especially with their transfer from Texas that will more than likely play running back, with some time at WR. They need some players to replace on the line, but other than that, they return a very good squad.

    I think it will be a battle between them and El Rancho for the DRL title. It’s going to be very interesting to watch league play next season since so many coaching changes have occurred. El Rancho has a very good team offensively with a couple play makers but those play making abilities go out the window late in the game since they played on both sides of the ball and became fatigued late.

    I’m very surprised how much hate is put on teams like La Habra or La Serna. People should want area teams to have success. Fans can say what they want about La Habra, but to win titles like they have done is tough in any sport. They lost to a better team in El Toro (who will most likely win the division next season with Connor Manning returning). La Serna enjoyed some success for the first time in a long time but ran into a team in West Covina that was unbeatable.

  • That kid Andy from La Mirada is a great athlete,he gave SP a run for their money. Telles is the best experienced QB in the area.He’s faced tougher league competition in the Mission league. Finally La Habra will face more division
    competition in the play-offs.

    Good luck to everyone

  • del rio fan

    Intersting Southeast Division- how will they determine the teams to make the playoffs? some of these leagues have 7 teams- will it be like the Mid Valley? only the first and second place teams automatically qualify- the other temas have to make it as a wild card- or will the top three teams qualify with one wild card team?

  • theranch

    More than likely the Southeast will get 3 playoff spots per league with the possibility of an at large berth or one league will get 4 teams in…

  • Pioneer

    Little Frankly Palmer is trying to earn a spot with La Habra. Thats why he is not on La Sernas baseball team.
    So friend of a friend family of Frankie, you do not know what you are talking about.

  • Chiefs

    Hum, on La Serna QB Palmer: The kid is exciting like a cheap firecracker that people give away for enthusiasm. Fun and done, but a blast that fizzier out because of no substance and cant beat SF.

  • Mojo

    La Serna,

    Couple thoughts about your idiotic post.

    1. Frankie makes you better than WC?- Really, you can’t be that stupid. WC will beat the living crap out of any Del Rio team again next year.

    2. Last time I checked, Cal has scoreboard moron.

    3. “Arnold has he’s football losers”- I have never seen anyone spell HIS like that. Get back to class dunce, you need it!

  • Steely Don

    Palmer appears, mentally, to fit the La Habra mindset. Both the program and the prospective player project themselves far beyond their actual worth. If this guy was rattled by West Covina, imagine how he might fare against the formidable foes La Habra is wont to schedule.

    And that’s why, if this transfer takes place, we should expect to see him excel at things like clipboard toting and bench warming. The Highlanders need a QB with swagger, and that ain’t the guy I saw running scared against the West Covina Bulldogs.

  • La Serna

    Listen Mojo dont throw rocks from a glass house your post is not lighting up the scholars.

    This year we can beat WC Mojo, your exhibiting foolishness or stupidity, as Im sure you cant help it.

    Frankie is one year older and wiser. The only one is gonna get the living crap beaten out them is fools like you. Now if youre too frightened of my post, stay off the forum, dude!

  • Matadors

    @La Serna
    You still defending your smurfs? You lost by 63 points, and the 4th quarter had a hot clock. Wesco could have put a 100 on the little guys. And you say next year will be different? Your team does not have size or speed, what’s going to be different?

  • Bulldog 4 Life

    @ La Serna,

    lol just wait and let the season play out for itself man. your going to make the team look bad if otherwise happens.

    o and thanks for letting us set a CIF record for more points scored ;).

  • Mojo

    La Serna,

    Scared of what, Frankie? I enjoy watching Frankie play and definitely believe he is a good QB, for the Del Rio. No one is scared of your Lancers or your myopia. You ignorance shines bright La Serna, when you make idiotic statements about beating WestCo. There will be some San Gabriel Valley teams that will destroy you and your boy also.

  • The Chef

    @Steely Don,

    Wasn’t it you that wrote “when a man resorts to personal attacks, it’s clear he has run out of cogent arguments. He is near the snapping point,”… Now you call out an individual high school kid for being scared playing the game that you did not have the guts to play. You must be ready for the rubber room and restraints. You have gone way over the line Steely as the blog guidelines specifically state no personal attacks on players. You really are the gutless coward I identified you to be. I think it is despicable for you to hide behind your keyboard and make character assassination of a high school kid for your mis-informed perception of his play. Shame, Shame

  • La Serna

    Mojo you got Frankie anxiety dont worry he wont hurt you hell just dismantle your team. Yes we will beat WC next year! And youre about as bright as night and as sharp as a bowling ball.

    Who cares about the SGV teams, just strap up and play!…… Your Frankie phobia will soon run out so dont get your panties in a bunch. Because when your team loses, it just a forgone conclusion, unstoppable and out of anyones hands. No one can help you.

    Have a beautiful day chump!

  • Steely Don

    Wow, Chef…do you keep a transcript of my posts by your beside? I had no idea how you must cling to my every word. But you needn’t fret over this percieved slight of the La Serna phenom. I was merely reprising the comments of ANOTHER blogger who, in my opinion, had a real knack with the written word.

    But on a serious note, how do you feel Palmer would do in a La Habra uniform? Would his mere prescence inspire the starting QB to greater heights, and would he also become more adept at stat keeping? See, I actually CARE about this kid.

  • Mojo

    Get on your homework La Serna and get that GPA up. You don’t want to be mowing lawns for the rest of your life.

  • La Serna

    Sr. Moco/Mojo, I would rather mow lawns then live in fear the rest of my life. Football is just a game so wipe that sweat off and calm yourself down. The football season is still a number of months away. You have time to bulk up and give it your best shot. If you or your team makes the playoff youll bet I and Frankie will be doing some mowing. Well try and be gentle with you and team. But a mow down is a mow down!

  • Still Laughing

    LMAO! “A mow down is still a now down” – kinda like a 84-21 BEATDOWN!
    I can’t believe you left yourself open for that one!

  • La Serna

    Terror has gripped your heart (Mr. Moco/Mojo) because you wont reveal your football team. Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat (Frankie and Co). It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain sometimes on the football field.
    Fearful people hide behind Still Laughing, cant stand alone Moco?

  • Mojo

    1-0 against your mow down machine moron! Your not very smart are you La Serna? Now get on the books, you don’t want to be working for Palmer Landscape for the rest of your life. We all know you won’t be a scientist.

  • Mojo

    Get your pajamas on and go to bed little man, mommy will bring you some milk. Remember, get your GPA up so you and Spanky are not mowing Beltran’s lawn.

    Does 14-13 ring a bell? SCOREBOARD is a bitch!

  • La Serna

    Terror has gripped your heart (Mr. Moco/Mojo) because you wont reveal your football team. Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat (Frankie and Co). It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain sometimes on the football field.
    Fearful people hide behind Still Laughing, cant stand alone Moco?

  • La Serna

    Moco whos your team? Man up.

  • The Chef

    @Steely Don

    You still have not addressed my contention that you are a gutless coward that did not have either the strength nor the courage to play football when you attended the “Porta-Potty on Passons”. Please do not whine like a biyatch about how you are being personally attacked while you attack a high school athlete. Don’t try to take the high ground, you have shown your true (yellow) colors.

    To answer your question I am sure that Frankie Palmer would do well and make a substantial contribution at any program that he chose to participate with. However as a Junior next year I do not think that he will chose to lose a season to transfer when he can continue to lead a program that he has already had success with. Either way I wish him great luck no matter what he decides because he is a good student and an even better young man. Unfortunately I can not say the same about you.

  • Whittier

    @ The Chef said: you are Sport Fan Original: a diabolic person who hated Whittier people. I remember your abhorrence.

    At that time no one cared about your attacks on grammar or spelling however youre despicable attacks a female a women who has spent her entire life (Whittier) helping local kids.

    Yeah I remember you.

  • The Chef


    Please say that in English. I really have no idea what you are trying to say and I think that makes 2 of us. Put down the pipe for at least 1 hour before you go into the blog…

  • Mojo

    I hope your still not up La Serna, we need you to get a good night slepp in order for your GPA to improve. We don’t want you & your buddy Spankie mowing Beltran’s lawn in a couple years. Remember, study your English.

    14-13 Scoreboard dunce!

  • Whittier

    Oh you know English: English was your cry before. But you are Sport fan original. Your lifes mile stone is that you graduate from Cal Poly Pomona. You are a hate machine. Rodger Maury, Campa now Steve R, have to put up with you. And now the rest of us, 2012.

  • La Serna

    You are still afraid to state your school. How can you play for them or root for your school if you are scared on who they are? Look: I will hit the books and bring up my GPA. Nonetheless Moco, if its still tough for you to openly disclose your team? Well Moco its in your lap.

  • Mojo

    Come on La Serna! Ask your teachers if you are Special Ed today.

    Does a blocked extra point ring a bell? The mascot is a bird. The name of the school is the state you currently reside in and your parents leach off. Start the Jeopardy music!

  • Matadores

    This thread sure got personal. Come on guys stay with the football teams. Lets not attack individual players. Also making making boosts about a certain player going to carry a team just begs for negative comments.
    This is just a high school thread, not the pros.
    And yes i am a La Mirada Fan.

  • anonymouss

    HEY STEVE…..
    I looked through the SGVN blog and ARAM iterviewed GLENN MARTINEZ. This guy is an ASST COMMISSIONER at CIF. He stated “I hate to move a league,” Martinez said. “I almost feel like I’m punishing five or six schools because of one team’s tremendous success. It’s not to downgrade or say anything bad about a successful program like West Covina or Monrovia, but I don’t think it’s fair for those other five or six schools.

    “When you move a league up just because of one particular school, it’s just kind of hurting everyone and I don’t think that’s fair.”


  • Real Deal

    Cal Hi fans running their mouth? C’mon…..

    14-13 was an ok win considering how horrible both teams played and how horrible both teams coached that game.

    I only heard Cal fans start talking again after La Serna lost. It was fairly quiet when that kid from Pasadena single-handedly dismantled Cal on his own. What was it? 8 touchdowns?

  • Mojo

    Real Deal,

    Nobody is talking smack about Cal. If you read the thread, it started with La Serna saying that they will beat Westco next year and I simply told him he was a fool. The Del Rio is the Del Rio. I know that and they won’t sniff a ring like always, no myopia here. Read the thread.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Anon: I’m on vacation these next two weeks. But to address your question, it’s not Glenn Martinez’ area of responsibility for boys soccer. His AoR are baseball, football and wrestling. Scott Raftery is in charge of boys soccer, meaning that fore each asst. com. you have a different criteria of putting together division alignment, and it also depends on what the committee of coaches you talk to think as well. I’m sure for football, the coaches committee gave recommendations, and Glenn tweaked it a bit, just like Raftery did for soccer. Maybe he believes that when a team is so strong, the league has to be moved, while Glenn might believe in the overall strength of the league. I’ll have to address it when I’m back in the office on the 26th.

  • Dog Town

    La Serna: I hope you will reply to this. My guess you will not. Do you even know who WC is reloading with? do you have any idea? I am sure Frankie is a great young man. We at WC give him respect for doing his best in our last meeting, unfortunately he was runnig for his life the whole game. Sorry to say the venue and the game was a joke! STOP! putting the pressure on this young man. WC isn’t thinking about La Serna, or for that matter the Rio Hondo.

  • La Serna

    @ Dog Town: at least you did not call me a derogatory name and you stand for your team. Unlike Moco/Mojo who is afraid to stand or say who his team is.

    Yes I dont know who WC is reloading with and I dont care. Every high school is reloading right.

    Why so much astonishment, that someone is very confident with his teams chances next football season, against any team? I dont care if WC is thinking about us or not.

    You guys won CIF the last two years but that does not mean that every school is in amazement of WC, who gives a rats ass. Every year is a new year and a new football season.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    @La Serna,

    I’ll tell you who gives a rat’s ass about West Covina winning two CIF Southeast Division Championships back to back.

    For starters, the WC team, coaches, students, parents, alumini and other fans!

    La Serna should care also. They were a part of one of the championships. They made CIF History that night also. So congratulations on also making the history books! LS will always be the team everybody remebers who got demolished by 63 points in a championship game and giving up 84 points with a running clock during the entire fourth quarter!

    Sure you guys return 18 or so starters from last year. From what I could guage from that public pants’n of a title game was that LS does not have the speed, size or strength to compete with WC. Palmer could be a great QB when given adequate time to set up in the pocket, but don’t expect WC to give him any if a rematch was to occur. Your team got far with lots of heart and toughness last year, but it was not enough when they ran into a team that also has a lot of heart and toughness and atheletes on top of it!

    Does not matter who WC returns next year, La Serna is just not on the same level as them yet. Playing on the same field for the CIF title does not place them on the same level either! They need to find speed that can get to the outside on West Covina, which not many teams have. Possibly a team like Monrovia or Charter Oak have that kind of speed locally, but certainly nobody in the DRL. If they don’t have spped, they need to have the size and strength to bull right up the middle on WC much like Loyola did last year. But again, LS don’t have that either.

  • Mojo

    Thank you BHB. How did that taste La Serna?

    Kid, your clueless.

  • La Serna

    @ Bulldogs have bite: Im truly glade you are confident and quite optimistic on your chances for next football season.
    Unlike Moco/Mojo, who is ashamed of his school that he cant come to grips on uttering its name.

    Hear me out Bulldogs have bite, if I let some post on here discourage me on next season possibilities Ill be defeated already. I dont believe any school would incorporate the fear of playing a particular school, right?

    So you guys do what you have to on repeating. Well take care of business on are side and hope well meet again.

    As for Moco/Mojo: hell continue to live in fear. Not even soap and water would wash off that yellow stripe from his back.

    Have a great day Bulldogs have bite

  • The Chef


    As i said before… Put down your pipe. I have never written under Sports Fan Original (I have been on this blog for 3 years), I did not attend Cal Poly Pomona (think Midwestern University), I have never been a hater and you do not have to put up with me, you can just piss off and climb back under your rock. So that is 4 strikes and you can go back to your pipe. Next time get your facts straight before you make an idiot of yourself. oh, and you still need to work on your English composition

  • Now back to football… Don’t discount La Mirada, these boys are for real. Great size, good team speed and skilled players. A good number of players are returning. They face more talented players in their league as well.

  • just wondering

    Hey SP DAD, how are things coming along with the new coach?

  • Swordsmen

    Not SP Dad: but our new coach has not filled all coaching positions. He has 4-5 spots still available. Im hoping with Whittiers district superintended decision on not allowing coach Ancich to hire any SP coaches. Some of those coaches might make their way back. Its still early.


    It will be intersting if the SGVL stays in the Southeast. How will the CIF fill the playoff bracket?

    Pacific has 8 teams so 4 slots

    Hacienda & Pacific have 7 teams 4 slots or 3?

    DRL & SGVL have 6 teams 3 slots or just 2?

    4+4+4+2+2 = 16 0r 4+3+3+3+3 = 16. In either case, there will NOT BE AN AT-LARGE SELECTION!

    Remember that there are CIF leagues that only get 2 slots in their brackets but that is usually because the league may have fewer members

    Is the division better off than before?

  • ER Alum


    There are only 16 teams that make the playoffs so there is no way the Pacific, Hacienda, and Suburban can all get 4 entries. It will probably be more like the mid valley division where there are 2 entries for each league and 2 wild cards. If that’s the case, it makes it much tougher on the leagues with more than 6 teams.


    From the 2011-2012 CIF fOOTBALL HANDBOOK
    (subject to change in the 2012-2014 cycle)


    In all divisions, except for the East Valley, Mid-

    Valley, Northeast and Western Divisions, 4 team

    leagues are guaranteed two entries, 5 or 6 team

    leagues are guaranteed three entries, 7 or 8-team

    leagues are guaranteed four entries and leagues with

    more than 8 teams are guaranteed five entries.

    The East Valley, Mid-Valley, Northeast and Western

    Divisions have 6 leagues in each division and C.I.F.

    Southern Section Blue Book Rule 3214.2 states, In the

    sport of football, those divisions that have more than

    5 leagues in a 16-team draw will be guaranteed two


    The new Southeast would only have 5 leagues.

    If the CIF follows last years guidelines, 3 leagues (Pacific, Suburban and Hacienda each have either 7 or 8 teams,so according to the old guidelines, they would get 4 slots each. Leaving the SGVL & DRL to get 2 slots each.

    I agree that 3 from each league would be a fairer draw with only one At Large. 5 leagues at 3 each plus the at large fills the 16 team bracket.

    However, at this point in time, there is no provision that I see in the guidelines; that can fulfill working around the 8 team league automatically gets 4 slots.

    It will be VERY INTERESTING to see what the CIF is able to come up without changing the guidelines.

  • Changed

    I’m pretty sure that rule has been recently modified but has yet to be publicized. 8+ team leagues have been reduced to 4 automatics and 7-8 team leagues have been reduced to 3 automatics. I’m not sure what CIF did with leagues having 5-6 teams or leagues with 4 or less teams.