California’s Esparza, La Serna’s Garcia, Carrasco lead spring Del Rio League selections

Here is the All-Del Rio League selections for the spring, led by baseball co-MVPs Michael Esparza, of California, and Alex Garcia, of La Serna, and softball MVP AJ Carrasco, of La Serna

Co-MVPs — Michael Esparza, Cal, Jr., and Alex Garcia, La Serna, Sr.
MVP Pitcher — Jimmy Olguin, California, Jr.
Offensive Player of the Year — Jose Romero, Whittier, Sr.
Defensive Player of the Year — Frank Vargas, El Rancho, Jr.
First Team
Pitchers: Jared Wight, La Serna; Joe Melendrez, Whittier. Catcher: Daniel Marquez, Cal. Infielders: Michael Davis, Cal; Kevin Rodriguez, El Rancho; Ryan Cordova, La Serna; Johnny Salgado, Whittier. Outfield: Kyle Goethe, La Serna; Gilbert Medina, Santa Fe; Damian Salcedo, Whittier. Utility: Steven Cordova, Santa Fe. D.H.: Ruben Pinedo, California; Victor Garcia, El Rancho.
Second Team
Pitcher: Nathan Blount, Cal; Cody Carmona, Whittier. Catcher: Daniel Balzano, La Serna; Ramon Lizarraga, Santa Fe. Infield: Anthony Von Slomski, Cal; Joe Sanchez, El Rancho; De Andre Sanchez, La Serna; Gilbert Sanchez, Santa Fe. Outfield: Julian Vizcarra, El Rancho; Nick Vasquez, El Rancho; Hector Ramirez, Whittier. Utility: Taylor Lowinnger, La Serna.
Honorable Mention
Pitcher: Nick Sosa, Whittier. Infield: Dominic Rodriguez, California; Nick Vaca, Whittier. Outfield: Alec Ojeda, California; Fermin Beza, Cal; Patrick Jimenez, Pioneer.
MVP: AJ Carrasco, La Serna
MVP Pitcher: Trisha Trujillo, California
First Team
Cal: Rayleen Pallan, Christina Pantages, Joslyn Macias. El Rancho: Alex Barcenas, Aiyana Leal-Robles, Jamie Ramirez. La Serna: Dana De La Torre, Jackie Valdez, Nikki Oviedo. Pioneer: Alisha Brock. Santa Fe: Miranda Hernandez, Cristin Gallego. Whittier: Ilene Ruiz.
Second Team
Cal: Rachel Shumaker, Miranda Perez. El Rancho: Anissa Sanchez, Katherine Flores. La Serna: Danielle Garcielita, Carley Espinoza. Pioneer: Amanda Fitzgerald. Santa Fe: Arianna Hernandez, Elena Gallego. Whittier: Alexandra Romero.
Honorable Mention
Cal: Meah Lopez, Lorren Sharp. El Rancho: Brianna Ramos, Sam Alvarez. La Serna: Redd Pichardo, Jamie Wren. Pioneer: Raquel Norzagaray, Sydnee Alvarez. Santa Fe: Brittany Gonzalez, Jazzmin Espinoza, Myranda Bueno. Whittier: Desiree Bretado, Larissa Andrade, Evonne Torres.
MVP — Jaime Ayala, Pioneer, Sr.
First Team
Cal: Bryan Limon, El Rancho: Jonathon Ayala, El Rancho, Nathan Volk. Pioneer: Daniel Mariscal, Robert Nunez. Santa Fe: Jordan King, Derek Orozco, Cristian Perez.
Second Team
Cal: Erik Perales. El Rancho: Martin Gutierrez, Matthew Mayoral. La Serna: Joseph Sanz. Pioneer: Nathan Gonzales, Johnnie Lopez. Santa Fe: Roberto Rivera.
Honorable Mention
Cal: Danny Gallegos. El Rancho: Cristian Roldan. La Serna: Paul Young, Tavis Guerra. Pioneer: Angel Paez. Santa Fe: Dior Rodriguez. Whittier: Brandon Orantes, Kevin Sheridan.

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  • Way to go girls! Best wishes to you all next season and Congrats to the Grads!

  • Sincerely

    You have compiled a splendid group of athletes here Steve; but to set me at ease, PLEASE tell us that no matter who you name as spring Coach of the Year, you really would have liked to name Jack Mahlstede as the honorary all-area, all-sport winner for the entire year. For me, that blowout loss to Muir cemented this man’s claim to immortality.

  • Robert

    Nice rep El Rancho, I would have added some others to the mix. However Ill leave it as it is. Now outside of ER I believe Alec Ojeda should have made first team. Hell Steve R. thats me Good job Steve.

    A lot of good players participating in many sports in the area cool.


  • Discruntle blogger

    Since steve took over this blog as gone down…no one blogs anymore steve…hint! It’s football season man…stop wasting ur time kissing fred’s azz and report on the area…u haven’t written one piece on the whittier area…pathetic. Is their new coaches, new transfer?????????,whats new in the football world.

  • Sincerley

    Compared to the almost comatose Andrew J Campa, Ramirez is like the second coming. Still, I get your point, disgruntled: there’s NOTHING ELSE to talk about in prep sports besides football.

    We want to know what’s happening at St Paul and La Habra…we want to know what’s happening with the FOUR new head coaches in Del Rio. If Steve feels it’s too early for this, let me ask: what exactly has he been doing for the last several weeks, and what will he do in the coming several weeks? Readership just might fall off a cliff if we don’t get some football talk cranked up soon.

  • Discruntle blogger


    Exactly…well said.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Sorry disgruntled. I’ve been selecting and organizing stuff for our All-Area teams for the spring season, as well as taking some much-needed days off. It’s been a very busy school year, combining beats of college football, area colleges for the Trib and Whittier area and Whittier Area preps.
    Forgive me if in the down time, I take a day off or to. I’m sure you gladly work on your days off.