You want some football? Here’s a pre-summer look at the area top five and lucky 13 rankings

The opening of the football season is still just over two months away, and with the spring season over, what a better time than to look at who should be the teams to beat in the 562/714/323 this coming fall. Can St. Paul, with a new coach and a new philosophy out duel La Habra, which has been the top dog in this parts over the last decade. And what about the Del Rio League teams, with four new coaches? Here’s a brief look of our rankings, which might change a bit by the end of the summer:


1. St. Paul — The Swordsmen are already one of the top programs in the area. But this year can be special with first-year coach Elijah Asante, who has replaced legend Marijon Ancich. Asante has won wherever he’s coached, and most believe that will not change in Santa Fe Springs. He’s already attracted some top-notch transfers, including former Charter Oak running back Kurt Scoby. The newcombers combined with last season’s holdovers, including quarterback Paul Telles, gives St. Paul the early edge. The schedule is challenging, but look for this team to improve from week-to-week.
2. La Habra – The Highlanders, who saw their four-year reign atop the CIF-Southern Section Southwest Division end in the semifinals, were hit hard by gradutation, including the losses of Division i-bound Aaron Porter (UCLA) and Brett Bartolone. But there is still some good nuggets in the cupboard, including quarterback Sean Sparling. La Habra has always had the ability to simply reload, and this season is expected to be no different.
3. La Mirada — The Matadores were one of the top teams in the area by season’s end, and that progress is expected to improve with some key returners back, including quarterbacks Gerry Myres and Kevin Dillman, tight end Tyler Luatua and running back Johnny Hills. The schedule is challenging with Bishop Amat, La Habra, St. Paul and St. Francis on the schedule. But this is a team that will again be the favorite in the Suburban League, and make a solid run at the Southeast title.
4. La Serna — The Lancers made history the past two seasons, reaching the divisional semifinals and finals in respective seasons. La Serna will enter the 2012 season as the favorite in the Del Rio League. The main reason being junior quarterback Frankie Palmer. But La Serna’s strength lies in numbers, and the Lancers, who lost linebacker Craig Jones and running back OJ Medina to graduation, return a strong nucleus that could find their way back to the division finals.
5. Cantwell — The Cardinals big problem last season was inconsistency. That might be a thing of the past with the return of seniors Tim Walsh at quarterback and Jared Gonzales at running back. But Cantwell did suffer some big losses, including standouts Corey Collins, Adam Aguirre and Jacob Alaniz, all keys to the Cardinals up-tempo passing attack. If consistency becomes a trait, look out!
THE REST: 6. Whittier, 7. Whittier Christian, 8. Santa Fe, 9. Schurr, 10. California, 11. Montnebello, 12. El Rancho, 13. Pioneer.

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  • Steely Don

    Is the Santa Fe Tournament of Champions happening this year? With the departure of the venerable Jack Mahlstede, we are left to wonder about the retention of this yearly extravaganza.

  • BraveDad

    So st paul is number 1 & santa fe nuber 8? Those r teams that rep the regions top 10? YIKES!

  • CowardDad

    A REGION refers to an area the size of, say, Southern California. No way is Ramirez saying these teams are the best in the southland, only in the Whittier area.

    Nonetheless, I expect St Paul to have a meteoric rise. This will happen even as enrollment dwindles, because star players know Asante has D1 recruiter connections. The offers that Scoby already has from Oregon State and Miami have undoubtedly caught the attention of other blue chip athletes.

    I also believe that La Habra has peaked and will now maintain a good but not great level of play. The addition of the Sunset league to their division, along with the attraction of Asante’s college connections will put a damper on the Highlanders’ prospects.

    Yes, Bosco will be great as will all the Trinity league schools…money has a way of getting things done. I prefer to look at the schools which are making do with very limited funds to see what can be done with grit and ingenuity; that just seems far more interesting than rooting for teams with money coming out of their ears.

  • Amazing

    What Asante has done to lift the profile of the St. Paul Football program without playing a single game is simply amazing. It seems like St. Paul is the new destination for D1 level ball players. I don’t know what they are going to do with that hellacious schedule, they can easily go 3-7, but that is a program going in the right direction.

  • Not Fooled one bit

    I think Coward Dad and Amazing are probably both Asante himself. IT has to be since he is know for working on preception vs. substance. Also the reality is that with their schedule GOOD or ESTABLISHED coaches with programs would go 2-8 or maybe 3-7.

    Check back in December/January when the talk will be about “St. Paul parents or admin aren’t willing to ‘do what it takes'” which means break all the rules or raise more money. It’s the comments about Bosco and money that make me think it’s Asante regretting his decision to come to St. Paul.
    Is it a big shocker that a recruiting type of coach wants to work where there is Money/Facilities/and no admin to stop “attracting” players?

    Two years and done. 5 wins tops. You heard it here FIRST!!

  • Never Mind Me

    As with all things, only time will tell. The faithful will come on here and sing their praises. The haters will come on here and prophesies. Anything short of a division title for any school and the detractors will scoff while the faithful regroup and move on. In contrast, a division title will foster a stronger belief by their faithful in any program and the haters with their prophecies will crawl back under their rocks from which they came into obscurity; but not before spewing more of their rhetoric about the morals abandoned to get them their titles.
    Everyone has their own idea of what is acceptable and unacceptable. There are much more (self-proclaimed) distinguished programs not in this paper’s coverage who are selling their souls as we breathe. For most, unless you know someone on the inside, you would never know. Every school recruits in one form or another, so don’t be so naive. The one’s who don’t recruit are the ones nobody bothers to attempt to bring down.
    I am not a coach, I am a parent in this paper coverage’s area. I know at least one kid that plays football at every school the WDN and Steve covers. I wish ALL these young men from the Del Rio, St. Paul & La Habra who strap it up for your respective schools a successful, healthy, injury free season this fall. May you play every game like it’s your last. Don’t let these bitter ADULTS take ANYTHING away from having fun playing the game.

  • Clan Dad

    La habra 35
    ST.Paul 3

    On the record.
    No way we’ll u stop or air attack.

  • hs football fan

    Steve- just what kind of history did LS make?/ oh yeah- the most points ever given up in a championship game-84–remember that LS beat a 4th and 5th place team to get to the finals and get demolished-and why wasnt CAL ranked higher? they return a number of good players- they beat LS last year-remember?? to have CAL ranked below teams like Schurr is wrong.And LH is the best team in the area.

  • hs football fan

    Steve- how can you possibly rank QWhittier nuber 6- what have they done to prove themselves?? is it just becaus they hired an Ancich boy as their coach?? it will be the same old Whittier- they will be very lucky to finish with a 500 record.

  • Whittier Area fan

    Sorry Clan Dad. St. Paul has faced much better QB’s than what LH has to offer. St. Paul beats LH 24-21. LH also loses to La Mirada this year. You heard it here first.

  • Not fooled one Bit

    Dear “hs football fan”
    Enjoy your two more months of bashing La Serna and Whittier Football. Once pads come on the truth comes out. Enjoy your pre-season soft schedule. Only Pioneer will lay down for you (due to disarray and confusion).

    You will be 0-2 vs. La Serna and Whittier. 1-2 vs. Santa Fe, Pioneer, and El Rancho.

  • BraveDad

    Good points being made and by the way Coward Dad I know what a region is and I know what region we are referring to dude. My comment was in reference to the fact that if Santa Fe is one of the top 10 teams in the “region” then the “region” is hurting! As far as SP, there is a lot going on there and only time will tell how that all plays out. I would be happy and excited if I were a St Paul person simply for the possibilities. That said don’t count your eggs before they hatch!

    As far as St. Paul versus LH, that will be a great game. I think St Paul is more LHHS’s caliber as opposed to the past two years when they took on three Trinity teams and went 0 – 6. A few of the games against Servite and O-Lu were close, but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

    As far as Coward Dad’s comment about Bosco and money you will get no apologies from us on that issue we work our a$$es off to make that money available to our school and to create the level of monetary resources we have access to and theres nothing wrong with hard work right? That said, its not only athletics though dude; our resources are deep academically too! And it’s not just monetary resources either. We as parents support the school and the athletics 100%. We also have a top notch football staff and even with all the money and talent in the world a program cannot succeed without top level coaching; we are living proof of that point.

    Good luck to all can’t wait till August 24th!!!

  • CowardDad

    I have no dog in this fight, but Clan Dad is delusional in thinking LH beats SP 35-3. You do recall the Swordsmen getting a guy named Scoby, along with some real heft in the O-line, don’t you? This past season’s LH team was better than the upcoming squad, and THEY struggled in the scrimmage against LA SERNA for Christ’s sake.

    Other signs of the LH decline include the BLOWOUT loss to Bosco (on home turf), and of course the ending of the four-year playoff victory run at the hands of El Toro (also at home). I, along with other objective observers, forsee a close contest in the LH-SP showdown. The emotions involved here will not allow it to be otherwise.

  • BraveDadf

    Come on Coward Dad! We blew out LHHS two years in a row and those one sided wins had more to do with speed, size, and athleticism on our part than LHHS’ decline. Our first play from scrimmage was a microcosm of the entire game last season: Medina threw a quick out to Treggs and once Bryce made the catch and split the double team no one came close to touching him and he sprinted 75 yards to the house and the a$$ whipping was on. The year before LHHS scored 17 against us (to our 37) with 7 coming on a bomb with 3 seconds left in the 1st half a prayer if you will – and the other 10 come in garbage time with our JV second stringers on the field. Again, St Paul vs. La Habra is a more evenly matched game for both (check our recent scores against St Paul; also blow outs). Bottom line is until someone shows me different D1 teams are too much for St. Paul and LAHHS; D1 teams are too big and fast for the likes of those schools. Now, if St. Paul can return anywhere near to the program they once were then more power to them, their faithful, and the CIFSS in general. But again, only time will tell. LHHS had its chance to shine; this coming season is St. Paul’s turn again.

  • The Pit

    Brave Dad,

    Maybe I was wrong about you, You might not be an azz after all…Maybe!

    I know u have a lot of FB knowledge, but when u keep on talking about the last two times we met over and over u come off little pompous.

    Sp 54
    Bosco 0

    Sp 21
    Bosco 10

    Sp 24
    Bosco 14

    Im not saying SP can beat bosco, Im not saying that we can’t.. On any given night anyone can lose.

    Bosco is a formidable opponent for anyone…and yes I do admit they are in a different level than SP(presently)…but they can be beaten.

  • Clan Dad

    BRavedad…Your full of it.

    Besides last year your record in league for the past 7 years is 1-4 or 1-3. Maybe D1 is too much for Bosco.

  • CowardDad

    Clan Dad has the gall to deride Bosco after that pasting they got from the Braves just months ago? He speculates that “maybe D1 is too much for Bosco.” Let me clear this up: D1 is too much for the HIGHLANDERS, a fact that will be painfully obvious when they discover that their division is now ruled by Edison, Los Alamitos and even Newport Harbor.

    Just remember all those cheap championships and claims of dominance from the past…it’s all you have to cling to.

  • Swordsmen

    sp is the top team in the area, la habra sucks and la serna too. who has the atheleics?

  • Clan Dad


    Bosco called us out…Im just pointing out their league record…not very impressive(1-4) maybe trinity is too tough for Bosco. U don’t see them winning league our a championship so maybe Bravedad should stop judging and stfu. Who r u his little biatch?

  • Clan Man

    Bravedad now that Bosco made playoffs for the 1st time since being in the Trinity League they will put a statue of Negro at the school. LMAO Bosco is the poster child for underachieving.You’re probably that lame ass dad that’s son went there and never played a down but likes to talk crap about other schools. You know the same dad that was a loser at Santa Fe and that tries to recruit all the local talent so that they can enjoy the same experience as your son and sit on the bench for 4 years and talk crap. STFU and get lost go post on the Press Telegram board….

  • La Mirada Guy

    It doesn’t matter where they rank them now. By week 2, it will be a lot clearer. I like our chances this year(La Mirada), we have a great group of returners. And we have new DC, whats not to like?

  • BraveDad

    @ Pit,

    I see your point and the scores you cite are admirable, although two of the game you cited were close battles; but, a loss is a loss and SP got the best of us those three years. That said, Ive been around FB for a little over 40 yrs as a player, coach, and parent, and man do I love the game. As I get older and more of an observer/parent Ive chosen to take an approach whereby I remember the positive and forget the negative. Hence my citing the 2008 & 2009 games, plus they were more recent. It seems you do the same bro and thats cool. Good luck to SP in 2012.

    @ Clan Dad,

    I didnt call you out genius I cited facts. Take your lumps like your team did in 10 & 11. As far as Bosco and championships and LHHS cute D6 run, dont flatter yourself. If Bosco were in your little man D6 you would not have any of those rings because wed have them all, i.e., if Bosco played D6 wed be undefeated every year. (Oh and by the way, I have two words for you: Sunset League hahaha.) How can you talk smack when we destroyed you two years in a row (thats a rhetorical question because I know how you can do it youre a LH guy)? Its so stupid on your part! And by the way, you crossed a line when you singled out a kid, namely my son. You understand I have to get his back right? So here it goes: first, my son gets plenty of PT and does extremely well academically at Bosco, a college prep HS. What about your son: is he one of the FB players that sold and took ecstasy or was he a buyer and a user? Was he one of the kids that got man sack and butthole on his face or was he one that put sack and butthole on another kid face. Either way your answer to the questions cant be good. Watch out what you start knucklehead. I know too much about your little D6 program so be careful with your next post.

  • titan alumn


  • Sincerely

    Amid the talk about St Paul, LH and Bosco, we are now thunderstruck by Titan Alum, telling us to beware of Pioneer. Thanks for ruining the conversation.

  • anonymous


  • Shiver Me Timbers

    Just a QB? Who’s he going to throw to? Who’s he got to handoff to? Who’s going to stop the opposing offense? Who’s going to block for him? A solid QB doesn’t make a whole team. I guess the Pioneer homers still don’t know what it makes to be a sound football team.

  • titan alumn


  • SP

    SP is better then sjb braves this year and anyone in our area. football is a game of class and eveyone in the area have none!……

  • Think

    Okay, I am a supporter.. pedals. Don’t forget that a major part of our success in the coming season will depend on our defense. Lopez favors a defensive approach where the players have to react to what the offense shows them, and this will take time to learn. If the D is slow to come along, it will put pressure on that spread offense to outscore the opponent. Maybe the first several games will be high-scoring shootouts Hummmmm!… (pedals)..

    I hope for the best pedals, however this offense not executing passing (?). . We could go 0-10 and if not looked at it, (main coach) 0-20

  • Sincerely

    Sorry to rain on your parade, Titan Alum, but Pioneer and winning are two words that don’t belong in the same sentence. A school which hangs a banner celebrating a QUARTERFINAL loss in GOLF during the year 1964 is truly and utterly drowning in failure.

    The Titans seem to be terminally infected with the L.A Clipper disease, which insures that whoever is coach and whatever promise the roster may show, the season will always find a way to end in despair.

    The fact is, this school should have been closed 30 years ago. Instead, with the bubbly Monica Oviedo leading the charge, plans are proceeding to squander huge tax dollars on a lavish new stadium so that the Titans can lose in style.

    My honest suggestion is to align yourself with Santa Fe football. You won’t go far in the playoffs, but at least you won’t be the laughingstock of the area.

  • The Pit

    Sincerely said:
    Amid the talk about St Paul, LH and Bosco, we are now thunderstruck by Titan Alum, telling us to beware of Pioneer. Thanks for ruining the conversation.

    That was funny shit….lmao.

    FYI, if ur going to F$&K with Bravedad u better be ready!
    He dosen’t hold any punches . good luck.

  • BraveDad

    @ SP, what in Gods name r u talking about. Oh BTW your writing skills leave a little to be desired. St Paul looks good on paper but until the games are played the verdict is still out. Bosco is projected to b a top team in the Pac5 in 2012 so don’t even try to compare the two programs. I forgive your ignorance.

  • titan alumn


  • Area Fan

    I hate when people come on here and act as if they’re the grammar patrol! Get over yourself Bravedad,

    “@ SP, what in Gods name r u talking about.”
    Is that a question? Maybe we should use a question mark.

    Ignorance is consuming the brains of people at Bosco as well. Who has the Braves projected as a top team in the PAC 5 other than Bosco homer fans? Bosco is projected to finish 4th in the Trinity this year, Santa Margarita, Mater Dei , Servite and then Bosco. The verdict is still out on St. Paul but it is very intriguing to see what type of team shows up on Friday nights. I hope all area teams, including Bosco do well. I love watching local area kids doing their best at the different school in the area.

  • Area Fan

    I hate when people come on here and act as if they’re the grammar patrol! Get over yourself Bravedad,

    “@ SP, what in Gods name r u talking about.”
    Is that a question? Maybe we should use a question mark.

    Ignorance is consuming the brains of people at Bosco as well. Who has the Braves projected as a top team in the PAC 5 other than Bosco homer fans? Bosco is projected to finish 4th in the Trinity this year, Santa Margarita, Mater Dei , Servite and then Bosco. The verdict is still out on St. Paul but it is very intriguing to see what type of team shows up on Friday nights. I hope all area teams, including Bosco do well. I love watching local area kids doing their best at the different school in the area.

  • Sincerely

    If Oviedo’s stance is that the old sports banners are irrelevant and “in the past”, then it should be fine to ignore her PhD, along with anything she did at Santa Fe…that’s bunk as well. I’m looking at what she’s done to date at Titan land, and in my view she’s dead weight.

    Understand that taking the banners down is a slap in the face to hundreds of past Titans who earned those honors. This arrogant little princess has decided, in a manner befitting Joseph Goebbels, that SHE will decide what counts in school history, even if it means spitting on the efforts of proud alumni. So let’s hear how you Titan supporters just love this lady, because everything you say in her behalf is an insult to Titans of yesteryear.

  • BraveDad

    @ area fan, whatever about your grammer police and Bosco folks being ignorant. We dont want to start comparing intelligence level of Bosco vs. SP because that would not be fair. I made a sarcastic comment and you start smack talking. Come on man!

    Anyway Trinty folks and Pac5 folks have us projected to be a top team. Who has us projected as 4th? Certainly not anyone knows Pac5 football. We smoked mater dei and lost to Servite and SM the state champs by a total of 2 tds (16 points). Servite’s talent level is projected to be less than normal standard in ’12 and ours just keeps increasing. That said i have to respectfully disagree. I do agree that it is good to see area teams do well – even SP. Good luck to all; stay healthy; and, Happy Fathers day to all pops.

  • CowardDad

    It’s clear to me that Bosco is going to be among the top teams in all of So Cal this season, and they look be second only to Santa Margarita…I give the edge to the Eagles because old man Welch gets his boys better weed.

    As for grammar, hey, just write it so we can understand what you’re saying, OK? Nobody’s handing out writing awards here, we just don’t want to struggle reconstructing what often resembles alphabetical vomit.

  • BraveDad

    @ Coward Dad, LMAO!

    As far as SM, and San Clemente in round 2 of the playoffs, they simply wore down our DL. Both had an OL that was in better shape and that allowed them to close out the games. Plus, their QB play is stellar and top notch. In 2010 we took SM into double OT; they made the play to win it and we didnt. Against Servite in 2011 we blew it with a late fumble on the way to a TD that would have given us a 10 point lead. The momentum shifted and the rest is history but no excuses!

    Our staff will have the DL, which is huge and deep, in better shape this season guaranteed. We have two kids fighting it out for the starting QB job and both are well over 6 and very mobile with strong arms. No matter who wins the battle we will be fine at the QB position. Our OL will be ready to roll come game time. Cant wait until august 24TH!

  • xBosco Dad


    I hear Bosco will be a good team but not better than last year. Replacing Treggs will be impossible as well as Medina, Young, Bruce, Baumann, Hastert and Moore. You do know that we need to replace about 95% of our offensive production. As a father of a recent grad this year I feel that this past seasons senior class was IT! They have some good younger player but nothing better than what just graduated. It was our year to win the Trinity and we came oh so close. I respect your love for the school and your opinion but lets be realistic, Mater Dei and SM return at least 16 returners each. We will battle Servite for 3rd. In 2 years the chances of league will be better than this upcoming season. Best of luck on a good season Braves.

  • BraveDad

    @ xBosco Dad,

    You raise some good points but the offensive cupboard is not a bare as you think. I totally agree with regard to Bryce, you cannot replace a player of his caliber. That said, if AJ Holman does decide to register at Bosco for his senior season and joins a couple of talented young guys already at Bosco we will be fine at WR (Holman is the #4 ranked receiver in OC). Of course he will more than likely miss all non-league games but if we have him for league then well be good to go. The OL returns three of five starts and our TE is a total beast. As good as Rene was and as much respect as I have for him I have to say that the two guys battling for the starting position will be better than Rene they are both way more mobile and have very strong arms. We could have a sophomore starting at QB in 2012 and if you start at QB as a sophomore at a Trinity school you have to be really, really good.

    Baumann and Hastert were total beasts, but they were defensive players and that has nothing to do with the 95% production on O that you cite. In addition to Holman, should he sign, we have two transfers from Lakewood and one is a beast of a running back and the other plays WR they are both stud DBs, which we really needed. (Dont even get me started on Young; all I can say is he screwed over the program big time what a waste and I pray that he gets his act together and is able to pass the NCAA clearinghouse). That said the kid from Lakewood as well as a very well kept secret, i.e., Dwalk, will carry the load. Remember the name Darren Walker, the kid is a stud!

    Defensively, we will be a top rated team. Last years team was really good, but this years will be better. The Negros will not settle for going backwards. I see nothing but positive for the programs future.

  • The Pit

    Sincerely said:
    Amid the talk about St Paul, LH and Bosco, we are now thunderstruck by Titan Alum, telling us to beware of Pioneer. Thanks for ruining the conversation.


    OK Bravedad, you worn out ur welcome for this month…don’t make me send Titan Alum after you.

  • BraveDad

    @ the Pit,

    Too funny. Sure don’t want Titan Alum after me.

    Come on man you know: 1) I’m not going anywhere; and, 2) how much you love reading about Bosco and Pac5. And by the way, what took you so long to get back on here? You usually have somethnig to say, good or bad, on a daily basis.

    Titan Alum must have scared you off.

  • titan alumn


  • The Pit

    @Bravedad…miss me huh?

    BDay/Fathersday overnight fishing trip.
    Caught some tuna thou, didn’t really put up a fight ,kinda like Bosco defense.POW

    Titan…I played for Coach Willig…Great coach and motivator. I wish he was at SP still…same with coach Avina. But come on mang…before you start to pound ur chest and claim victory, I have two words for you…

  • BraveDad

    @ Pit, last two match ups we didn’t jave to fight. You guys rolled over like a mute being petted on the stomach. Bam! But save me some of that fish.

  • BraveDad

    Okay i’m done with this thread. I’m starting to write/spell like SP. If it gets going good again you know I’ll be back. It’s all yours Titan Alum. I can’ t compege with you or the Del Rio

  • TITANic

    My hunch is that Titan Fan is actually Oviedo. It’s not possible to blabber on like that, in all caps no less, without having an intimate need to awaken the cadaver known as Titan football. Remember this as you read the next ludicrous posting about how Pioneer is going to roll everyone this year.

  • SPS

    SPs outlook on (Oviedo), say what you want but Oviedo is one fine bad rammer jammer! Fine as May wine.. Got more cures than a dogs hind leg.

    Little bravedad even you might like it Swordsmen!

  • Is Oviedo’s husband coaching?

  • Fan…If Cal beat LS and deserves to be ranked higher, then Whittier beat Cal and deserves to be rated above Cal….there it is!
    LS deserves a top billing. Who else has done what they have done in the playoffs? Didnt Cal lose to a 4th place team?

  • del rio fan

    John Daniels- LS is not the best team in the area and Whittier certainly doesnt deserve to be ranked so high- they didnt even make the playoffs- CAL finished second above LS- CAL should be ranked much higher.

  • Not fooled one bit:

    Dear “Del Rio football fan” I mean hsfootball fan, I mean Cal Hi Alum/Coach:

    Enjoy your two more months of bashing La Serna and Whittier Football. Once pads come on the truth comes out. Enjoy your pre-season soft schedule. Only Pioneer will lay down for you (due to disarray and confusion).

    You will go 0-2 vs. La Serna and Whittier. You will go 1-2 vs. the trio of Pioneer, El Rancho, and Santa Fe.

    Gentleman’s request: let’s not let comments about Oviedo’s looks get out of hand. As you can imagine, as a Principal it sometimes helps her, and sometimes gets in her way.

  • TITANic

    Those of of you who think Oviedo’s a hottie must be remembering her from a decade ago. Time has taken its toll, and this may be why she is so rancorous and bitter as of late. If the attraction for you is a woman of power, think again: helming a school like PIONEER is one of the lowliest appointments known to man.

  • titan alumn


  • WOW

    @titan alum.
    I just saw ur football schedule…lol.
    My 8yr old son flag football team can be league champs…

  • TITANic

    We must allow Titan Alum these unwarranted personal digs as a way to release the frustration of chronic losing. His cause is not even worth hatred, only pity.