Are you ready for some football? Whittier area to be represented in SGV Hall of Fame Game

ONE FINAL TIME: St. Paul’s David Crabral will be one of nine
area players who will take part in tonight’s SGV Hall of Fame
All-Star football game tonight at West Covina High School.

June and July are usually reserved for summer passing leagues. But some real football will be played tonight when West Covina High School hosts the annual San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame All-Star football game.
Tonight’s game, which consists most of the top graduated football players from San Gabriel Valley high schools, will also feature nine players from the Whittier area.
The East squad will feature St. Paul’s David Cabral and Marcus Garcia; Whittier Christian’s Daniel Abernathy and Ryan Wallace; Whittier’s Mark Hartnell; Cal’s Lance Hludzik and La Serna’s OJ Medina. Playing for the West are Montebello’s Jorge Romo; Schurr’s Chris Aguilar and Cantwell’s Corey Collins, Miguel Garcia and Francisco Gutierrez.
I will cover the game for the newspaper group and will provide quarter scoring updates via

What: San Gabriel Valley Hall of Fame Game
Who: East vs. West
Where: West Covina, High School
When: Tonight, 7:30 p.m.

Here is football writer Aram Tolegian’s advance:

By Aram Tolegian, SGVN
here’s absolutely no secret what the West team is going to try to do in Friday’s Hall of Fame All-Star Game in order to get some respect back for its side of the Valley. And, of course, it’s also no secret what the East will try to do to keep its recent string of series dominance in tact.
The top recently graduated high school football seniors will renew the East vs. West rivalry tonight at West Covina High. Introductions are 7 p.m. and kickoff is 7:30 p.m.
When rosters for the game were announced earlier this month, the huge advantage the West had at quarterback was glaring. Tribune Player of the Year Steven Rivera of Arroyo and Star-News Player of the Year Andy Guerrero of San Gabriel combined to throw for 6,669 yards and 67 touchdowns last season.
Now teammates, both quarterback have been very vocal about getting the West back some respect after the East increased its series lead to 20-10-2 with a 7-6 win last season. It’s a sentiment that has obviously trickled down to the rest of the roster.
“I definitely think we have the right approach and attitude about the game,” said West coach Jude Oliva, who led San Gabriel to a 9-5 record last season. “A lot of the kids have a great understanding of the history of this game and know the West hasn’t been successful the last couple years. They’ve come in here and have been talking about trying to end the streak.”
Wisely, Oliva is making no bones about his team’s desire to air it out tonight and ride the arms of Guerrero and Rivera as far as they can. That means a host of West weapons should see plenty of chances to make big plays.
Muir running back Tairen Owens and Monrovia’s Marquise Bias headline the backfield. Monrovia all-purpose threat De’Shawn Ramirez and San Gabriel speedster Alex Villalobos could have huge nights if Guerrero and Rivera have their way.
Trouble is, East coach Dale Ziola said his team is well aware of the firepower the West has stockpiled and will look to counteract it with a talented secondary and fierce pass rush. Ziola led Los Altos to a remarkable turnaround in his first season, taking the program from 0-10 in 2010 to 8-4 last season.
“One of the parents had mentioned that they’re (the West) going to be going no huddle and how we better get in shape,” Ziola said. “The way you stop the no huddle is to force incomplete passes. I think we have the defensive backs to stop routes, get in people’s faces and disrupt timing so much that we can afford to put our linebackers on their quarterbacks.
“Our plan is to keep their receivers where they’re supposed to be.”
It’s easy to see why Ziola is confident in his secondary. Charter Oak’s Herman Akins is a hybrid who can run with receivers or play near the line. Bonita’s Garrett Horine has East coaches thinking he might be the best player on the field. Rowland’s Terry Ford and West Covina’s Lonzel Barnett are so fast and quick that it’s hard to imagine anyone finding room on them.
And when the East has the ball, it will be using its run game to also play defense by eating the clock and keeping Guerrero and Rivera off the field.
“We expect to play very physical,” Ziola said. “They’re talking about speed on the West side, but I’ve seen the size of their defense on their roster and I’ve seen the size of the guys we have and the running backs we have, so we’re going to be a ground and pound football team. The boys we have on this side give us a big advantage to go out and do that.”
The East’s backfield is downright frightening. There’s speed and quickness in West Covina’s Jimmy Frazier and Azusa’s Desmond Reed. There’s a bruiser in Los Altos’ Justin Fa’aola. There’s a combo of speed and physicality in Glendora’s Corey Victoria and Bonita’s Cameron Griffin.
“All the running backs expect to have a good night,” Ziola said of his running backs. “There’s nobody out there expecting to relinquish what the East has done in the past. They’re all expecting to get their fair share of carries and do great things with it.”
If the West is to win, it may have to force a faster tempo than the East wants to play. And there’s no better way of doing just that than by getting Guerrero and Rivera off early and possibly a lead a on the scoreboard.
“They’re both great at passing the ball and using their feet,” Oliva said of his QB tandem “We kind of have a little mixture of run and pass stuff for them depending on what the East is doing defensively. It’s not a surprise, we’ll throw the ball. We definitely have got some guys who can play.”

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    Alright DESMOND REED!!! AZUSA AZTECS are very proud of you! GOOD LUCK TONIGHT


  • Joe

    What about Michael Panossian? Can’t believe he isn’t mentioned!!! Really Ziola????

  • Joe

    What about Panossian #77???? give credit where it is due, but most of all earned. That kid stopped Wests offense. Seriously Ziola????

  • I know that man


    I am so sorry you are having trouble interpreting the article. Here is an article that was written before the game. In this article, Ziola does not mention a single kids’ name. He only mentions the TEAMs intentions, which do acknowledge the pass rush (your boy #77 and the rest of the defensive front). Ziola is a very team oriented guy, all of his comments are strictly team based. The only names mentioned in the article are those written by the writer (Tolegian), which he gathered off of the roster to create his article based upon his own opinions…

    So, give the guy a break…he did pick Panossian to be on the team, Panossian played a ton, and did very well!!!

    Keep in mind, these coaches do this for free…sacrifice their own programs, their own family time, to be out there with those kids and allow this game to happen. Without coaches like this, your boy wouldn’t have even had the opportunity…

    Just be happy that Michael is a great player, and had a great night…He’s already off to college, so really, what do your efforts to put down Ziola serve?

  • Disgruntle blogger

    ur killing me steve

  • Steely Don

    Will there be a Tournament of Champions event at Santa Fe this year? If so, what is the date and who are the major participants?

  • Joe

    To I know that man, first off Panossian isn’t my kid!!! But I have watched this kid through the years and Michael has had many GREAT NIGHTS, not Just the all star game. I didn’t have any trouble interpreting the article, but it seems you are pretty pissed off for something I didn’t even say!!! I didn’t say anything but that credit should be given where it’s due. So don’t be so defensive. Panossian had an awesome game. He had 12 tackles, 4 sacks, and a forced fumble. When I wrote this, he hadn’t even left for college. So get your facts straight. I never put Ziola down. Is this Ziola I am responding too??? Kinda funny how you go off. Panossian played a ton cause every time they pulled him out the West would score…lol Even Ziola realize this, so he kept Michael in. That kid earned his spot, PERIOD!!! By the way, Ziola was interviewed earlier and again he spoke about the kids from his team and the players from schools who make it every year, but never mentioned Michael when speaking about his defense… A boy who plays big football from a small school like Western. They didn’t even make sure the program was correct. They have Michael down from Whittier Christian….lol not ziola’s fault, but who gave them the roster???? Yeah, Michael is in college now, after TWO football Scholarships he decided on Trinity. Doing awesome there too. No worries though, once this kid makes the NFL, the All Star Game will just be a faint memory. Next time, Ziola, or whom ever you are, read what I said carefully, and make sure you don’t read into comments too much.