Santa Fe’s Tournament of Champions set for Saturday

Santa Fe High School will host its annual Tournament of Champions passing league tournament on Saturday. The schools scheduled to compete include host Santa Fe, California, Chino Hills, Santa Margarita and Notre Dame.
There will be five pools along with a lineman competition. Pool play begins at 9 a.m.

Santa Fe
Bell Gardens
Olympus A
Bosco Tech
Chino Hills
Santa Margarita
North Torrance
La Quinta
South East
Canyon Springs
Notre Dame

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  • Steely Don

    No sooner had we mentioned that Santa Margarita’s super QB Johnny Stanton had committed to Nebraska than we realize he will be on display Saturday over at Santa Fe. This is the team which has a very good shot at winning a STATE championship…wow…kudos to Pierson for landing this club.

    The only question is, will the Eagles’ play do justice to the excellence expected of all who trod the Jack Mahlstede grass? I guess it won’t matter, so long as Welch’s boys keep well stocked with that garage-grown grass their program is famous for.

  • Fondo Del Rio

    Why would any of these Del Rio honks want to come out and see Stanton? All these Del Rio QBs know they’re better than any QB outside of the mighty Del Rio! Any league outside of The Riverrrr can’t hold a candle to their teams!

  • Just wondering why St John Bosco isn’t entered in this tournament.Their followers are usually talking trash in this blog and was curious to see what all the fuss was about (bosco) .Good to see that Santa Margarita is entered and should be entertaining to watch.

  • Steely Don

    Well, Frankie Palmer might stop by with his entourage just to sign autographs and give Stanton some pointers. After all, Palmer’s got his pick of the community colleges, and Stanton’s stuck at Nebraska.

    And sure, I’m interested to see what Notre Dame and Chino Hills bring, but my focus remains on the budding powerhouse that’s forming over at Pioneer.

  • Football Fan

    Cathedral is also here and could win the whole thing with QB Hayden Reddig LSU and D’mari Scott Boston College.

  • Sincerely

    @Alejandro: I can only guess that SJB stayed away because there’s another Bosco(Tech) in the lineup, and the Braves sure don’t want to be confused with that lowly crew.

  • Steely Don

    Yes, Football Fan, Cathedral COULD win the whole thing, if we’re discussing awards for the worst parking EVER at a school’s campus. As for the Phantoms’ chances in this tourney, not a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • Fondo Del Rio

    Steely, enlighten me-
    Can you tell me how many top recruits the Del Rio puts out a year? I’m just curious since some local folk seem to think The Riverrrr is the premier league south of the 60 and east of the 605 freeways. Heck, I even heard one dilusional parent from Santa Fe last year believed they were going to win the division.

  • Steely Don

    Obviously, the Del Rio’s output of premier athletes has been, at best, zero. But I’m mighty excited by Titan Alumn as he raves about this year’s Pioneer team, which presumably contains multiple NFL lottery picks.

    Bear in mind that in the area of coaching, the Del Rio had one of this game’s all-time greats in Jack Mahlstede. I think he could have coached the pros, and I also think he purposely held back on CIF titles, just to keep the kids humble. All who attend the TOC this weekend should feel honored to walk the field which carries this legend’s name.

  • Playing for 2nd

    If there is ever a field where everyone is playing for second place it’s this one. Anyone who has watch Santa Margarita play this year knows they will absolutely destroy everyone in this tournament. In fact, their JV team may beat everyone but Notre Dame. They’re absolutely a well oiled machine. I say let’s save everyone a lot of time and money and just hand the first place trophy to them and enjoy a great weekend of BBQ. BTW, why isn’t St. Paul in the tournament? They’re just down the street.

  • Fondo Del Rio

    Im no rocket scientist but I’m guessing it might have something to do with another topic here in Steve’s page and a youth camp. Just a thought.

  • Playing for 2nd

    I am 99% sure St. Paul is having their youth camp this weekend because they weren’t invited to the tournament. My question is why didn’t Sante Fe invite them? A neighborhood school rich in football tradition who has been in the news a lot this off season. It would have been fun to watch them play some of the other local schools. In fact, if Santa Fe wants to have a legit TOC, they should have invited La Mirada, La Serna, and La Habra too.

  • BraveDad

    @ Alejandro, et al,

    First of all ace the reason isnt entered in your little lower level passing league tournament is because we will be at the Battle at the Beach tournament on July 14th. Second Im afraid that any of you folks who want a glimpse at Johnny Stanton come on out to Edison high in HB on Saturday because the Santa Margarita VARSITY will also be partaking of the Battle at the Beach tournament. The teams at the Battle are as follows:

    J. SERRA

    So you see my little D13 friends, the Santa Margarita team at Santa Fe this coming Saturday will be THE JV TEAM!!! LMAO!!! NO JOHNNY STANTON FOR YOU NEXT!

    Heres a bit of info for you: if you do want the chance to get up close and see Stanton play come on down to Bellflower on week 10 when we host them for what could be the Trinity League championship deciding game. In 2011 the Bosco SM game went into double OT and we lost by 6; in 2012 we fumbled on the way to a go ahead score in the 4th qtr and Stanton as he has a knack for doing led the SM O in a 75 yard drive (they converted twice on 4th down during said drive) for the game winning TD.

    Any other dumb questions Alejandro?

  • BraveDad

    Wow, I was so eager to respond to Alejandro’s dumb post that I made some mistakes I need to correct:

    1) I meant to write: First of all ace the reason BOSCO isnt entered in your little lower level…

    2) I meant to write: 2010 and 2011 Bosco – SM games, not 2011 and 2012.

  • Football Fan

    The Reason St. Paul wasn’t Invited to the Tourney is they are known to steal players from other area teams. That is St. paul’s History (Rent a Player).

  • Wow.hey brave dad sounds like you have an awesome team.Come back after the tournament your entered in and tell us all about it. I’m sure you won’t be at a lost for words after you win the battle at the beach. Boy,the way you reacted to my comment I must have hurt your feelings or something.Anyways,good luck to your team brave dad and next time don’t take things so personally.

  • Jefe

    Alejandro, Bosco’s Freshman Gold team could win this competition.

    The real action will be at the beach this weekend.

  • Uh yeah ok whatever you say el boss man .Dont get ridiculous .your good ,but not that good .

  • Not_that_Notre_Dame

    It has to be Notre Dame of Riverside because the real Notre Dame is on dead period.

  • BraveDad

    @ Alejandro,

    I didn’t take anything personal, nor did you hurt my feelings. You opened a door and I walked through it. And yes, we are pretty good, but time will tell (you guys will get a taste again week 2). And by the way, passing league is for improving timing on both sides of the ball. The real games start when everybody suits up and the bigs get busy. So we don’t care if we win passing league tournaments. If we do great, if not oh well.

    Good luck to SF. See you week 2 (ouch!)

  • Playing for 2nd

    SM’s JV team? As I say before, everyone will still be playing for 2nd place regardless especially now that it has been clarified that it’s Notre Dame Riverside not Notre Dame Sherman Oaks.

    @Football Fan, if you’re right than Santa Fe needs to get over it. The truth is every private school recruit (steal) players, even some public school nowadays.

  • Steely Don

    What a letdown to realize Santa Margarita is sending its JV to this event. Maybe Pierson is trying to water it down so his Chiefs have a chance; maybe Mahlstede was a little better at hoodwinking top names into thinking his operation was first class. Either way, this tournament seems to be circling the drain.

  • In the know

    St. Paul was invited to the T of C. They could not attend because of the youth football camp they are hosting this weekend.

  • Ok brave daddy, we will see you in week 2 (ouch). Just remember one thing :Victory With honor. You know that whole spiel mr mcdermott talks to you parents about when your are about to become part of the bosco family. Or has the speech changed to if you ain’t cheating ,you ain’t trying. See you at bingo night on Saturday ,your 2nd job.

  • @ Alejandro,

    Touche! You got me. Yes, Victory with Honor is the motto. As is SEMPER FORTIS. Oh BTW, i don’t work bingo. Dont’t get stupid. Thx to our parents who work bingo and thx to the Salesian / St John Bosco mission that provides the oppertunity.

  • GoingTribal

    Chino will take this tournament. . .

  • Playing for 2nd

    @In the know

    Whoever is giving you that information is not being honest. I heard attempts were made by the new coach to enter the tournament but Pearson did not return his calls. Nonetheless, I wish St. Paul would have been invited it would have been fun to watch.

  • In the know

    @Playing for second…..

    Someone is giving you bad information as I am the one who talked to Sante Fe and told them we would not be able to play because of the youth camp.

    So whoever is giving you information is obviously not part of the program and if they are then they would know who I am and aren’t really “in the know”.

  • Playing for 2nd

    @In the know

    Okay, either way, the sad part is St. Paul won’t be in tourney this weekend. If I have to guess, I will say you’re the new coach.

  • In The Know

    @Playing for Second……

    No, I am not the new coach. Those “In the Know” know who I am.

    St. Paul would of been a good addition to the tournament.

  • Outside the Know

    Those who know the guys who are in the know already know what ‘In the Know’ knows. It’s as plain as your nose that ‘In the Know’ can’t know everything that they know, so who really knows?

  • SP/Ebonics

    Say what cuz…

    ” Outside the Know said:

    Those who know the guys w
    ho are in the know already know what ‘In the Know’ knows. It’s as plain as your nose that ‘In the Know’ can’t know everything that they know, so who really knows? ”

    is this a poem? “Now Ebonics”, whats it coming to?

  • Cal Football

    haha that’s me between the West Torance linebackers.
    sucks I cant compete tomrrow due to an ankle sprain.
    goodluck to all teams tomorrow.

  • Steely Don

    @Cal Football: I am sad to hear of your injury, but am heartened to suggest that merely being near the Jack Mahlstede field of dreams is something that can lead to rapid healing. Since its naming, this field has been visited by people with numerous medical conditions, all of whom now swear by its curative powers. So approach the field with awe and respect…and be healed.

  • FFan

    wHO WON?

  • Results

    Torrance North won. Congratulations to all who helped ring in the Pierson era at Santa Fe. The Chiefs made a credible showing, while the Santa Margarita JV guys got clocked.

  • Cal Football

    Cal beat Santiago.
    Good win for a local area school.

  • I heard that in the lineman competition,ST John bosco took first ,Santa fe 2nd. Can anyone confirm this info? I don’t want brave daddy getting all huffy because bosco shouldn’t be entered in any division 13 tournament per brave daddy .also heard that bosco won by 6 points. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

  • FFan

    Edison won the tourny…I heard Bosco got destroyed.

  • Home Team Cookin’

    As far as the linemen competition goes, Bosco won it Santa Fe was 2nd and Chino Hills & Norwalk tied for third. Santa Fe sure had lots of home cookin’ going on. In the power cleans, they were using a 25 lb aluminum bar and lot’s of coaches were calling BS….they changed it out AFTER Sante Fe finished their lifts. There were also major problems with the stop watches when Santa Fe was being timed…..other coaches timing Santa Fe’s obstical course and sled push times came up with much slower times than the “judge” (who were Sante Fe coaches). The final Tally before the Tug of War had Santa Fe leading…but then the coach from Chino Hills was pissed about the scoring mistakes….They give them the wrong points for the short shuttle. When that was fixed, Chino Hills was actually ahead of Santa Fe……poor set up, poor judging I heard many teams saying they will not come back next year. This year already had 13 teams less than last year.

  • Steely Don

    If these reports of wholesale cheating in the lineman category are true, then Pierson’s leadership offers little improvement over the Mahlstede regime. Santa Fe has such a long-standing culture of suspect sportsmanship that there seems to be no changing it, Jack or no Jack. Time to terminate this tourney.

  • Just saying

    Oh man , comments from a guy named stealy don,I mean steely don. That’s hilarious.

  • The Truth hurts

    My son plays for Cal high. We were standing waiting for the power clean and we saw the coaches from bosco, chino hills and Roosevelt all over the Santa Fe coaches for letting them use a light bar. After Santa Fe finished, the bar was changed. That really pissed off the coaches. The other thing I didn’t like was that many events were judged/score by freshmen kids. During the jump rope, each competetor had a freshmen football kid count their score. I heard one Santa Fe varsity kid tell the kid who was counting for him “Tito, you better give me a high score or I’m gonna F you up” Guess what team had the top score on jump rope. I heard many coaches complaining all day. Our team wasn’t in the hunt for the win, but still fair is fair. I told my boy, you can’t control what other people do….just do your best.

  • Playing for 2nd

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious. And they accuse St. Paul of recruiting their kids and allegedly cheating. People who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw rocks at other people’s brick house.

  • BraveDad

    @ Alejandro,

    Yeah, our line was at your lineman comp because there wa no line comp at HB. Even with all of your freekin cheating we still beat your line. For a guy who reps a program that cheats and that we destroyed 51 – 6 in 2011, you sure have a big mouth. you know what, the Bosco – SF game week two was the only game on our schedule that I did ont give a shiat about, but know fool you’ve made it inticing for me – thanks. I hope we put 60 up on SF this coming season just for your big mouth a@@! Keep talking fool.

    @ FFan, we lost to MD. As I said, passing league means nothing. As far as Edison winning, good for them. I will say this though, it was a huge surprise that they won so whatever.

  • Brave daddy. You where the one saying that your bosco boys were above the competition at the Santa fe tourney and wouldn’t be caught dead there.Why didn’t you guys go to the Santa margarita lineman tourney. Too far for you? Your a piece of work calling Santa fe cheaters .where you there? You need to look in the mirror bro. Didn’t you recruit half of Lakewood high this year to your team ? Your gonna tell me all of a sudden , these guys can afford to go bosco? Sure thing buddy. Alligator mouth, parakeet @ss.

  • Cal Football
    Santiago is the worst; terrible

  • Cal football

    It was Corona Santiago, not the garden grove school.

  • Phil Shipley

    Actually it was WEST Torrance over north torrance in the TOC passing portion of the tournament

    Results said:
    Torrance North won. Congratulations to all who helped ring in the Pierson era at Santa Fe. The Chiefs made a credible showing, while the Santa Margarita JV guys got clocked.

  • Results

    Yes, I believe you’re right. We need a compass to keep all those Torrance schools clear in our minds.