Bishop Amat to host youth baseball camp

Bishop Amat High School will host a youth baseball camp July 23-25. The three-day camp is for ages 5-14 and costs $150.
It will be held at the Bishop Amat baseball field from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. each day. Cost does not include lunch (snack bar will open) and campers are asked to wear baseball attire and bring cleats, glove, bats, helmet and catcher’s gear.
More information is available by e-mail at or by calling (626) 818-3142.

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  • HUM

    doesn’t amat play in D-4? when most area schools play in toughfer D’s, in baseball?…. they lost to a public school like M Dei of OC last year.. Cal Hi beat bishop twice last year…. amat sucks!!

  • Ouch

    Just $150? Sign me up twice. How about a baseball camp for guys who are near death? They could call it the Amat Final Strikeout event.

  • baseballmom

    Hum, maybe you need to get you information straight before you comment. Mater Dei is not a public school, and they are a D-1 school.

    Obiviously you are an Amat hater, the baseball program is hosting this event to assist youth ball players with the fundamentals of the game and to allow them to work with staff at a high school level. It’s a great opportunity for those players that are entering high school to experience the difference between youth ball and high school ball (weather it be little league, pony or travel).

    So Hum and Ouch keep your comments to yourself and just let the kids play ball. If you don’t like it, don’t send your kids.

    I am so tired of hearing all the Amat bashing. If you can’t bring it to the field yourself then back off. After all they are just kids trying to enjoy their high school years and play ball.

  • Lets be real

    Why does Bishop Amat the only school that gets a post here for there camp. The truth is the camp is to recruit kids the ones who have the money and talent. To pay $150.00 for 3 days to show your players talent worth the money good luck with the other 100 kids trying to make the team only time will tell if you made the right desions the tough part it might be to late when they could get more playing time somewhere else. Remember the 3 football players that transfer to Wilson and won a CIF or the baseball player who did not play also transfer made all CIF at his new school. I think Bishop is a great school as Mater Dei, Servite, etc

  • Ouch

    @Baseball Mom: You wouldn’t know humor if it ran into you doing 150. Just so we’re clear here: I can’t bash anyone, but it’s great for you to unload on me, right? Like the song says, everybody wants to rule the world.

  • Matadores

    Everyone quiet now, Steve R is sleeping!
    Just kidding, but no new posts in a week?

  • Ouch

    I hear you, Matadores, and I can’t figure why more folks don’t want to comment on high school baseball, a sport whose season is only ELEVEN MONTHS away. We know how popular baseball is compared to football and basketball, so the mystery deepens.

    I have restrained myself from further comment in order to pacify Baseball Mom, who of course arbitrates all ethical issues in high school sports for the known universe.