Au revoir…I’m off to Pasadena

Here’s a clip from Richard Nixon, who said it best when it’s time to leave.

It is with mixed feelings I let everyone know that as of next week, I will no longer be the prep sports editor for the Whittier Daily News.
As many as you know that our Pasadena Star-News prep editor resigned in June and I’ve been chosen to succeed him in Pasadena. Eric Terrazas will take over here.
I’m sure most of you know Eric, who has been here the past few years, helping out with our coverage. He’s a graduate of La Serna High School, so he certainly knows the area. He will take over this blog and the area, beginning next week, and I’m sure he will do a great job.
I leave here with mixed feelings. I’m obviously looking forward to covering some new schools in the Pasadena area, but I will miss interacting with the coaches and players of our Whittier area schools, especially this coming season, which promises to be one of the better area football seasons in recent memory, with many top games.
I’m sorry I could let people know before, but had to wait until it became official.
I know I will definitely miss the area.
All I can really say is what Richard M. Nixon said in 1974 when he left the presidency, Au revoir — we’ll see you again.

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  • Steely Don

    In keeping with the Ramirez tradition, allow me to bestow the title of Sports Writer of the Year for the entire Whittier Area upon you Steve. Despite this untimely departure, your soul will permeate the WDN reportage throughout the coming year. Each Del Rio game, regardless of sport, will be preceded by a moment of silence to honor your service to the community.

    Kidding aside, let me wish you the best as you embark on this new assignment. The issues confronting Blair’s football program in particular look to be especially intriguing, so you’ve got something really juicy to deal with right away. Take it easy.

  • Jefe

    One comment??

    Poor Steve.

  • TITANic

    No way does Ramirez walk out of here with only two comments to buoy his psyche. So I say thanks for the caring, the enthusiasm and the outright fun you have brought to our little corner of creation Steve…you’re an immense talent the likes of which we may never see again. Terrazas will try, but nobody can really fill your shoes. Via Con Dios Amigo.

  • Jefe

    Three comments?!?

    C’mon people.

    If this was Aram leaving, we’d see at least FOUR comments.

  • anonymouss

    hey jefe, along with your first comment, your 2nd was the fourth. congrats steve. now you will be closer to the ROSE BOWL to cover the annual event like you did this last year.

  • Steely Don

    I’d like to extend my best wishes to Eric Terrazas as he assumes the mantle of prep sports editor for the WDN. Working in the news industry is not easy these days, and I am grateful for your efforts.