Saturday’s CIF-SS Southeast Division championship game between La Serna and Downey is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Cal State Fullerton

La Serna High School will face Downey in the CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division championship game, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday at Cal State Fullerton.

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  • 84-21

    Cal State Fullerton, in addition to being much farther away from this area, CHARGES FOR PARKING. It’s this little item that makes the long trip profitable, either because La Serna gets to share some of the parking fees, or else gets a much lower stadium usage fee because of the the University’s parking bonanza.

    Cerritos college, being much closer to Downey and Whittier, with super-convenient FREE PARKING, would have been the obvious choice, but greed has once again prevailed. Thanks to La Serna, we will all spend an extra $18 or so on gas and parking in addition to the admission tickets. Let’s make a deal: we’ll bend over for this extra money if you LEAVE THE ANNOUNCER AT HOME,

    • The Chef

      Sleazy Don errr 84 (IQ),
      Please don’t subject yourself to the greed and logistical challenges thrust on you by an uncaring La Serna Administration. Please protest by staying at home. Do everyone a service and make yourself conspicuous by your absence Although it seems that you are way to eager to pay money to bend over for any excuse…

  • 84-21

    In truth, I don’t give a rat’s furry behind about this battle for supremacy in division 7, but I do care about the good folks in Downey who might feel jilted by this financial trick cooked-up by Lancerdom. Be aware everyone: you’re going to a seldom-used stadium on a campus which has no football program, yet charges steeply to park your car. This is the money angle which has led to the game being scheduled 25 miles away in Orange county.

    By charging $8 to park a car, the stadium operators are effectively DOUBLING the admission price to $16. With this kind of take, CSUF can afford to give a client such as La Serna a better rent deal and still score like a champ.

    Last year, La Serna stuck it to their guests by making them play in the Hawes Street dump; this year, they are socking the Downey visitors with a big parking fee. What goes around comes around, and last year’s punishment for the crap stadium was 84-21…this year’s jerk-around might earn you an encore.

    • The Chef

      The REAL truth is that you DON’T give a rat’s furry behind about the good folks in Downey!!! ALL you care about is the opportunity to criticize the La Serna Administration for the decisions that they make. Last year it was for using the Cal High Field to save money, this year for using the CSUF field that cost too much. The real play here is you want to be a whiny biyatch who pre-supposes himself to be far superior to anything that the La Serna Administration could decide. As evidenced by your screen name, your aim and your enjoyment is to attempt to humiliate anyone that is not you. You have no integrity and no agenda other than that. Let the La Serna coaches worry about the price for what you perceive to be their mistakes. I think they are willing to risk it. As for your agenda, I am sure that there will be lots of opportunities for you to keep be that whiny biyatch.

  • 84-21

    I must inform you that I consider charging for parking at high school events to be a dastardly deed. How many high school kids have jobs, or have parents who have money to burn these days? Sticking adults with taxes and fees is one thing; doing it to kids is quite another. Yes, many of the cars making the long trip out to Fullerton will have only young students onboard, and maybe they will have to forgo a meal to pay the parking bill, or maybe they’ll have to turn around and go home because they never imagined it would cost as much to park as it costs for a ticket. The most glaring example of this nonsense is the basketball finals at Honda Center, where parking costs more than the best seats in the house. Again, remember we’re talking about reaming high school kids.

    So let’s keep hearing about how wonderful the La Serna handlers are, as they greedily look forward to fleecing the pockets of children.

    • The Chef

      Sleazy Don. Don’t come on here with a screen name craft to embarrase a group of high school students and try to claim the high ground about mistreating high school students. Again you have no integrity and are solely concerned with deriding all things La Serna. At this point EVERYONE sees you for the whiny biyatch that you have been exposed to be. No one is buying your brand of BS and you will have to hide behind some other pathetic identity to try to cowardly back stab from the shadows.

  • 84-21

    To clear the air, I had considered dropping the 84-21 screen name just prior to hearing from Frankie Palmer’s own lips that the Lancers have this score prominently displayed in their team’s facility, as a motivational aid. I sensed that keeping this name might help ‘light a fire’ and spur the fellows onward, so I JOINED THE TEAM’S practice of keeping this score front-and-center.

    Naturally, there are peripheral commentators such as The Chef who accuse me of emphasizing this score out of pure malice, but how does he or other saintly types propose that the team be nudged to make improvements? The great philosophical maxim states “that which does not kill me makes me stronger”, and I have joined with the Lancer team’s own practice in repeating that infamous score in the very hope that it will make them stronger. Abiding by the soothing appeals of Chef and other P.C. types would mean censuring anything which hints at discomfort, and that merely sanctions mediocrity.

    It’s my hope that we can all embrace the spirit of 84-21 to spur improvements in all facets of our lives, and this is another reason I am proud to use this designation. Be strong.

  • KelleE

    Congratulations to Downey High’s players, staff, and fans! CIF champs! You were amazing! What an awesome game to watch! 55 years in the making!!!! It was a brave battle for both teams.