Palmer leads La Serna to CIF-SS title game

La Serna High quarterback Frankie Palmer has helped lead the Lancers to the upcoming CIF-SS Southeast Division Championship game against Downey High. He is pictured at the Whittier campus on Nov. 27. (Leo Jarzomb/Staff Photographer)

By Eric Terrazas, SGVN
La Serna High School junior quarterback Frankie Palmer is already putting together quite a resume.

Since taking over the starting duties as a sophomore last season, Palmer has guided the Lancers to two consecutive CIF-Southern Section Southeast Division championship-game appearances.

Palmer and the Lancers (12-1) are preparing for Saturday’s CIF-SS Southeast Division final against Downey (10-3), which is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Cal State Fullerton. A victory would give the Lancers their first CIF-SS football crown since 1967.

“It feels great,” Palmer said of the Lancers’ achievement. “Our team has worked really hard for this and we deserve it.

“We have put in numerous hours of time. Our coaches have put great game plans together. We have a great group of guys who have helped us reach the final the last two years – from the seniors we had last year to the guys we have this year.

“It feels great but the task is not over. Downey is a great team and we will have a tough game on Saturday.”

Heading into the Lancers’ 35-17 semifinal triumph last week against West Covina, Palmer had thrown for 1,925 yards and 19 touchdowns while completing 60.6 percent of his attempts. Palmer has also done a good job taking care of the football, throwing only three interceptions.

Palmer has also contributed to the Lancers’ ground attack, rushing for 257 yards and two scores on 79 carries.

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  • 84-21

    What’s Palmer, 5’9″, 160? Is Terrazas serious about discussing this kid’s RESUME? Are there even any community colleges thirsting for a QB of his physical stature? On top of this, Frankie’s running abilities aren’t anything to get excited about. The youngster is simply a decent high school quarterback who looks good because of the team around him. But it’s swell that Terrazas wrote a whole article about him, because that’s one of the few things he’ll have to look back on when his football career abruptly ends after graduation.

    • borlots

      Let’s keep this in perspective; we aren’t talking about players from Mater Dei or Long Beach Poly. He’s talking about a player in Div. 7; so yes, he is worth talking about. To lead your team your sophomore and junior seasons to Southeast division championship games is quite an accomplishment. My nephew is an Asst. coach at La Serna and Frankie Palmer is a good kid. His completion percentage is well above the average for most HS QB’s at this level and he seldom makes mistakes with the ball.

      Go ahead and deride his size, it’s hardly pertinent to his play at this high school level. Yes he has a good team surrounding him, though I’ve seen plenty of good teams with running QB’s that couldn’t throw a completion beyond 5-10 yards. If the Defense stops the run, that QB becomes a huge liability.

      La Serna has been successful this year because of their offensive balance. You can’t stack the box to stop the run, because most likely you’re going to get burned by a smart and accurate passer. That threat has opened up the running game to greater success.

      If his football career ends after his senior season, I’m sure he’ll be fine with that, most high school kids football careers end abruptly after graduation. There might be a half dozen players in the entire Southeast that will play NCAA division 1 and another 2-3 dozen that can play division 2. Besides, football isn’t even his best sport.

      • 84-21

        I am keeping this “in perspective” when I say that Palmer’s abilities have no application outside of lower-division prep football. Recall the difficulties he experienced in last year’s 84-21 wipeout, and understand that community college defenses bring even more pressure than that. College scouts, like you and me, may say nice things about the kid but it’s all hot air…when he’s handed his H.S diploma, it’s all over.

        • The Chef

          The REAL truth is that you DON’T give a rat’s furry behind about the next level opportunities of this young man!!! ALL you care about is the opportunity to criticize all thing La Serna the La Serna Administration for the decisions that they make. Last year it was for using the Cal High Field to save money, this year for using the CSUF field that cost too much. The real play here is you want to be a whiny biyatch who pre-supposes himself to be far superior to anything that the La Serna Administration could decide. As evidenced by your screen name, your aim and your enjoyment is to attempt to humiliate anyone that is not you. You have no integrity and no agenda other than that. Let the La Serna coaches worry about the price for what you perceive to be their mistakes. I think they are willing to risk it. As for your agenda, I am sure that there will be lots of opportunities for you to keep be that whiny biyatch.

    • Lancer Fan

      Once again “Hatee-Four-21” your ingnorance and hatred shines through like a full moon on a very clear night. This proves to me that your credibility is absolutely shot at this juncture. Your entire goal on this blog is to take cheap shots at all things La Serna, including a 16 year old student who just happens to be an all-around, world class kid who puts scripture on his eye black and wrist bands. I’ve known him since he was 5 years old and he’s been preparing for his role as a true leader for a very long time, whether on the athletic field, in the classroom or out in the community you must respect his accomplishments. Instead you prefer to be critical about his height and weight…you must be kidding! Also, have you actually paid attention to his running game in the open field? He has that unique ability to make guys miss from 5 yards away and he is absolutely not afraid to put his head down (i.e. the go-ahead touchdown against Los Altos in last year’s quarterfinal). So, your question regarding community colleges thristing for a QB is completely irrelevant? That will not even be on Frankie’s radar, however, it sounds like it might have been on yours…sorry it didn’t work out for you. Frankie’s resume’, including grades, athletics and community involvement, will take him to a distinctive 4 year college or university and whether or not football is involved, he’s smart enough to understand that his pursuit of a degree from his chosen school is what will ultimately serve him in life. Oh and one other thing, feel free to stay home on Saturday if you don’t want to pony-up for parking. I’m sure Coach Beltran is feeling terrible about the field selection because of your “biting” criticism about the extra 10 bucks…Not! Haters gonna’ hate, peace out!

    • Cal Fan


      What you say may very well be true but, the fact that you feel the need to put it in the manner that you did, tells everyone what a jacka$$ you are.

      It’s been both a pleasure and nightmare watching this young man over the last few years. This kid will not need football in order to succeed in life, his conduct on the field, speaks volume to his character. Good luck Lancers but, please tell me your announcer will not be calling the game.


    If you know anything about football, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Frankie Palmer, demonstrates this every week, just “look at the scoreboard!” Look at Wes Welker, Sproles and Woodhead. The size of the heart is what matters…have you seen the size of the O-Line of La Serna…size is over-rated, if you know anything about football.

    • Regional Football Fan

      Glad to have you chime in, AMIRITE, because none of us knows anything about football here. I never knew that undersized high school players can do better if they try harder. Maybe if a major college recruiter reads your post, he’ll be dazzled enough to waste a scholarship on Palmer.

  • 84-21

    It’s difficult to name the exact reason La Serna lost its bid for a championship again tonight; the fellows seemed in contention throughout, and indeed had a shot at possibly tying the game in the contest’s last minute.

    I don’t believe it had anything to do with the La Serna contingent forcing several thousand people to waste time and gas driving to Orange county, or further extracting money from them via parking fees…this is how all rich people treat those they consider inferior.

    No, I’d guess that the ‘straw which broke the camel’s back’ in this matter was hauling that obnoxious announcer out to Fullerton so he could foul the air on a grand stage. Yep, that’s got to be it: this rank old man gave the team bad Karma and cost them a title! You might claim that he was on his best behavior at this game, but no matter; Karma knows who’s been naughty or nice, and it delivered the punishment.

  • 84-21

    Our thoughts go out to Frankie, hoping he’s OK after taking all those bone-jarring hits and sacks tonight. That last blindside blast which put him out of the game for a series looked particularly painful. Rest up young man…see you next year.