Question: What do you think is the best high school rivalry in the Whittier area?

La Serna wide receiver Austin Johnson catches a pass and runs for a touchdown against California in Friday’s Del Rio League game at California High School. (Keith Durflinger / Staff Photographer)

Hello, prep sports fans.  What is the best high school rivalry in the Whittier area?  Do you think it’s La Serna-California? ; Montebello-Schurr?; Santa Fe-Pioneer?; St. Paul-Cantwell Sacred Heart?, or any others that I’m missing.  So what is the Whittier area’s best high school rivalry?  I would like to hear from you.

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  • Deebow

    Santa Fe/Pioneer? Is this a joke? I’m not sure if this was a serious suggestion.

  • Once a Swordsmen

    St.Paul & Cantwell, seriously?

  • alum-parent

    E.T………..are you serious? When did the St. Paul-Cantwell Rivalry begin? And are the athletes from these two schools aware of this apparent rivalry?

  • ER Bluel Pride

    Back then in the 60’s and 70’s it was without a doubt El Rancho- St. Pual…

  • high school fan

    there is only one top rivalry in this area-CAL-LS -its an incredible rivalry-as for SF-PIHI what a joke-its not a rivalry unless both teams can beat each other- when has PIONEER evcer beaten SF in anything?

    • Deebow

      Soccer… maybe.