Greetings, from the WDN’s new Prep Editor

If I may, please allow me a quick introduction.
My name is David Felton, and I’m the new Prep Sports Editor for the Whittier Daily News. I’ve spent the last 12-plus years at the Long Beach Press-Telegram covering high school and junior college sports, and I’m excited to tackle a new challenge in a new place.
But I’m going to need your help. Being new to the coverage area, I’m not familiar with old rivalries. Names of legendary Whittier-area coaches and players will be foreign to me, at least at first. Even the geography is unfamiliar at this point, although that will change soon.
I welcome any and all input from the longtime WDN readers. If you have a news tip or story idea, send it my way. Same for comments – good or bad. My email is You can also follow me on Twitter and Tout at @dfeltonwdn.
I’ve met a few football coaches and ADs so far and hope to meet more soon. Special thanks go out to Whittier High AD Jim Marilley for his honest, unbiased breakdown of the Del Rio League earlier this week.
My goal in the next few weeks is to get out and meet as many coaches, athletes, parents, fans and readers as possible. Please feel free to introduce yourself if you see me.
And please, call me Dave.

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  • Ramone Zissou

    I hope that you cover the area respectfully, and that you are honest. No politics. Don’t come off as if your teeth are being pulled when it comes to providing content. The last two guys would go pretty much silent after Football Season ended. Wouldn’t update this page as often as Robledo or Tolegian do. We were stuck with them for far too long. Twitter was the best source, sometimes it’s hit or miss.

    No boot licking. If a coach is about to retire and he has a .500 season, don’t give him Coach of the Year.

    I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to reading your stuff, sir.

    • I hope to earn your readership. Thanks for commenting.

  • Once A Swordsman…

    Saturday 8/17 a story about Charter Oak, Keppel and Bishop Amat in the WHITTIER DAILY NEWS. I can’t remember a story about a Whittier area school for this week. I might be wrong, but if there has been one, that’s about it. This is the WHITTIER DAILY NEWS not the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Get with it Mr. Felton.

  • Always a Critic

    I had planned on leaving a hearty welcome message but I can’t resist piggy-backing on the 2nd comment from above. For far too long, this area has been undercovered despite having plenty of great teams and athletes. In football alone, you have the privilege of covering top notch championship level teams like LH, LM, SP, SF, LS & WC to name a few. Other schools in other sports deserve credit too, but unfortunately the coverage is lacking.

    I often frown upon Fred Robledo’s love affair with Bishop Amat and his blatant homerism on his blogs and and in his columns. However, you have to give him a ton of credit for the way he and Tolegian go about their business. Relentless coverage and (barf) one of the best tweeters covering HS sports in all of So Cal and trust me I follow them all.

    The Whittier Daily readers deserve better. We hope you’re the guy for the job.

    • Once a Swordsman…

      @Always a Critic, lacking is an understatement.

  • Once a Swordsman…

    Mr. Felton, maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but where are the stories about the Whittier are schools in the WHITTIER Daily News.
    Today, Monday 8/20 has a story about Arroyo H.S. written by Aram Tolegian from the San Gabriel Tribune.
    Still no stories about the Whitter area schools.
    I’d, and I’m sure others, would love to see Whittier covered by the Whittier newspaper of record. Time to show up Dave.

    • Once a Swordsman

      Correction: Tuesday 8/20

  • Once a Swordsman

    @ Dave, that’s what I’m talking about. Good job with the Pioneer article today. Too bad it wasn’t in the paper instead of the Maranatha article.
    Cantwell v. Whittier Christian was a nice piece.