La Serna moves to top of WDN football rankings

La Mirada’s 43-14 season-opening loss to Tesoro last week knocked the Matadores from the No. 1 ranking in the Whittier Daily News’ area Top 10 poll, where they have been replaced by La Serna.
The Lancers earned a convincing 27-10 victory over Vista of the San Diego Section to get to 1-0. Following its 26-3 throttling of El Toro, La Habra moved from third to second this week, ahead of the same La Mirada team it will meet Friday. Kickoff is 7 p.m. at La Mirada.

This Week’s Top 10

1. La Serna (1-0) – The Lancers’ Week 0 victory was their 13th in their last 15 games.
Friday vs. Los Osos at Cal High

2. La Habra (1-0) – Sophomore QB Barriere tossed three TDs in his varsity debut.
Friday at La Mirada

3. La Mirada (0-1) – Penalties and turnovers stopped the Matadores in their tracks last week.
Friday vs. La Habra

4. Santa Fe (1-0) – The Chiefs will play their first “home” game of the season this week.
Friday vs. Esperanza at El Rancho High

5. Whittier Christian (1-0) – The Heralds ran for four TDs last week vs. Bishop.
Friday at Cantwell-Sacred Heart

6. Cal (0-0) – The Condors make their debut this week.
Thursday vs. Montebello

7. El Rancho (1-0) – The competition level rises significantly this week for the Dons.
Friday at Diamond Ranch

8. Schurr (0-0) – Buena Park is a tough first opponent. Just ask St. Paul.
Friday vs. Buena Park

9. St. Paul (0-1) – The Swordsmen’s schedule only gets tougher from here.
Thursday vs. Mater Dei at Santa Ana Stadium

10. Montebello (0-1) – The Oilers haven’t beaten Cal since 2010.
Thursday at Cal

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  • The Chef

    Not bad but i think you got La Habra and La Serna swapped and I’m a Lancer fan. Cal and El Rancho should be above WC, and before the season is over St Paul will be beaten by 2 TD’s by Sister Mary Elizabeth’s School for Wayward Girls… But you only got 10 picks go being loud is more important than being right…

    • Prep Fan 29

      I bet you can;t beat any girls team! STFU

      • The Chef

        That’s not what yo momma said 29… and yes you been powned…

        • Prep Fan 29

          Your real name is….Take out the c and replace it with an s and then take out the e and replace it with an i and then take out the f and replace it with a t! That is what your real name is WIMP!

  • Joe Bob

    Why is St Paul even ranked they WONT win a game this year and even next year. It will take a few years and a new coach to get that program back on track

  • RealTough

    1. LH
    2. LS
    3. SF
    4. LM
    5. ER
    6. Does it really matter after 5?

    • Sookie Stackhouse

      ER is crap. LH destroyed LS in the scrim a few weeks back. SF will be mediocre at best. LM why over hyped but are still good.

      • The Chef

        Sookie… stick to being a fairy… You know nothing about football…

        • Sookie Stackhouse

          Stick to cooking. You know nothing about HS football. All talk….