St. Paul tastes victory for first time since last season

It’s time to celebrate at St. Paul High!

The Swordsmen secured their first victory of the season Friday night, defeating Harvard-Westlake 31-23 in the Mission League. St. Paul had lost 13 consecutive games dating back to 2012, and won a league game for the first time since 2011.

Cantwell-Sacred Heart also earned a victory Friday, 54-7 over winless Bosco Tech in the Del Rey League. The Cardinals improved to 2-5 overall and 2-1 in league play.

La Mirada suffered its first Suburban League loss, falling 28-21 to visiting Mayfair. The Matadores are now 2-5 overall and 2-1 in league.

Montebello and Schurr each earned Almont League victories Friday to improve to 2-0, and El Rancho improved to 2-0 in the Del Rio League by walloping Pioneer 62-21. Cal evened its Del Rio League record at 1-1 by defeating Whittier 17-14.

Here are all the area scores from this week.


Whittier Christian 41, Village Christian 21


La Habra 55, Sunny Hills 0

La Serna 37, Santa Fe 0

Mayfair 28, La Mirada 21

El Rancho 62, Pioneer 21

Montebello 42, San Gabriel 0

Cal 17, Whittier 14

Schurr 10, Bell Gardens 0

Cantwell-Sacred Heart 54, Bosco Tech 7

St. Paul 31, Harvard-Westlake 23

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  • Waldo Truth

    Dance La Mirada! Dance!

  • pirate7

    Congrats St. Paul… heads held high, move forward. Now lets hear from Miguel the racist redneck

    • mike ford

      you dont mean me do you ?

  • mike ford

    I am stunned.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    As promised, I am here to apologize to all the St. Paul faithfuls. I predicted our once mighty program will have a 0-10 season. Instead, we will be 1-9 and have a parade to celebrate that we proved all the doubters wrong.

  • honesty prevails

    Why tweet… Santa Fe chiefs put in a lot of time tweeting about how they were going to beat la serna and guess what???? They got blew out… 37 doughnut…… Frankie, Rosie,D, Bryce, Ruben, Tony,Bigg,Biggie, Campos, Joel, Comacho, etc,etc… Kicked Butt.. Stop Tweeting Santa Fe.. Then the sad part of the story is that #30 from La Serna Javon aka Bigg tackled Christian Lara the heart and soul of Santa Fe’s team, and now he may be out for a while.. Santa Fe stop tweeting.. Keep quiet, play the game, and let what you do speak for itself…

  • SMH

    Glad to hear Saint Paul got the win. Although, title of this blog post and the first sentence are a bit condescending, especially considering the incredible task to change the program’s mentality, the staff has been given this season. It’s a process and in the end, success will be measured beyond the win/loss column. Good work boys.

    • Barry

      Now if only the freshmen class sticks together and we hire a decent OC, we may actually be decent next season !

      • SMH

        That’s an interesting “if.” The frosh team has been playing lights out, with some pretty dominating performances. It would be a shame to see any poaching occurring between the end of this season and the beginning of next.

        • Barry

          I don’t really see too much poaching going on (with the exception of a few desperate Salesian scouts and the Ancich brothers); it’s usually tuition problems. I tell ya, the XC and track teams are leeching off the school’s funds. Quite a few parents will advertise their kids as being “very fast runners” and threaten sending them to local public schools, and the coach will hand out scholarships like hotcakes, not looking into the parents’ claims until it’s too late. Such a terrible waste of scholarship $$$.

          • Joey C

            More like La Habra

  • Barry

    You know what? Although I’ve been bagging on St. Paul as of late, good on them for this win. I seriously hope they’re placed in this week’s top 10 Dave.

  • pirate7

    A credible source said… Cathedral held out their QB from the Serra game. Kid was ready to play, but coach knew Serra’s LB’s and DB’s would have a field day with him. So much for watering down their practice season?

    • Football fan 1

      The Cathedral qB Started against Serra. He went out in the second half and a Freshman QB came in Tovar to throw a TD against serra. The Phantoms will be ready for St. Paul.