La Serna still the class of area softball teams

Whittier Daily News Top 10
1. La Serna (15-1, 3-0)

The Lancers are ranked No. 13 in the state by
Next: Thursday at El Rancho, 3:15 p.m.

2. St. Paul (15-5, 5-1)
The Sworsdmen return to Del Rey League action next week
Next: Tuesday vs. Bishop Montgomery at York Field, 3:15 p.m.

3. Cal (10-10, 2-1)
The Condors manged just four hits in Tuesday’s loss to La Serna
Next: Thursday vs. Santa Fe, 3:15 p.m.

4. La Habra (13-8, 2-1)
The Highlanders are part of a four-team logjam atop the Freeway League
Next: Thursday at Sonora, 3:15 p.m.

5. La Mirada (13-6, 6-0)
The Matadores have yet to be challenged in Suburban League play
Next: April 30 vs. Norwalk, 3:15 p.m.

6. Whittier Christian (11-9, 2-0)
The Heralds went 1-2 at their tournament and finished fourth
Next: Thursday vs. Valley Christian, 3:15 p.m.

7. Cantwell-Sacred Heart (12-4, 5-0)
The Cardinals return to Camino Real League play next week after a long break
Next: Tuesday vs. St. Monica, 3:15 p.m.

8. Montebello (11-6, 3-0)
The Oilers have scored 53 runs during a five-game winning streak
Next: Thursday at Schurr, 3:30 p.m.

9. Schurr (7-5, 1-0)
The Spartans suffered a pair of shutout losses in Las Vegas
Next: Thursday vs. Montebello, 3:30 p.m.

10. El Rancho (8-7, 2-1)
Each Del Rio League game for the Dons has been a shutout
Next: Thursday vs. La Serna, 3:15 p.m.

Batting average

Dani Munoz St. Paul .580
Byanka Diosdado Schurr .567
Jamie Wren La Serna .535
Nikki Butler La Habra .531
Amanda Garcia CSHM .528
Amanda Flores Santa Fe .511
Taylor Becerra La Serna .510
Andrea Rocha Montebello .510
Celeste Adriano Whittier Chr. .492
Alyssa Olague Whittier .490

Celeste Adriano Whittier Chr. 23
Jamie Wren La Serna 20
Dana De La Torre La Serna 20
Amanda Akles La Habra 19
Racquel Manzo La Habra 18
Nikki Butler La Habra 18
Dani Munoz St. Paul 18
Desiree Bretado Whittier 18
Morgan Ryan Whittier Chr. 17
Hannah Gabriel Whittier Chr. 17

Celeste Adriano Whittier Chr. 31
Dani Munoz St. Paul 29
Lovie Lopez St. Paul 27
Nikki Butler La Habra 26
Taylor Becerra La Serna 26
Racquel Manzo La Habra 25
Andrea Rocha Montebello 25
Melissa Martene Whittier Chr. 24
Hannah Gabriel Whittier Chr. 24
Alyssa Olague Whittier 24

Amanda Garcia CSHM 0.13
Jamie Wren La Serna 0.57
Byanka Diosdado Schurr 1.09
Trisha Trujillo Cal 1.15
Valerie Alvarado La Mirada 1.52
Anissa Sanchez El Rancho 1.72
Koreen Orozco St. Paul 2.08
Carly Gutierrez Santa Fe 2.22
Taylor Pierce La Habra 3.26
Janelle Rodriguez La Habra 3.29

Trisha Trujillo Cal 97
Valerie Alvarado La Mirada 63
Jamie Wren La Serna 54
Jackie DeLoza El Rancho 50
Byanka Diosdado Schurr 45
Evelyn Hernandez Montebello 44
Hannah Gabriel Whittier Chr. 43
Amanda Garcia CSHM 42
Taylor Pierce La Habra 40
Koreen Orozco St. Paul 37

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