Cantwell, Schurr coaches find positives in 7-on-7 meeting

Cantwell-Sacred Heart’s football team showed off some serious speed while Schurr had several skill position players perform well when the teams met in 7-on-7 play Wednesday on Cantwell’s campus.
Cardinal senior Jean Lue Dauphiney displayed some serious separation speed during drills, taking several short passes around the corner and pulling away from defenders. For the Spartans, senior receivers Tristan Rojas and Andrew Rosales made several nice catches against the defense of Cantwell and Marshall Fundamental, which also participated.
“Our timing is improving slowly,” said Schurr coach Marco Ramirez, “and Tristan and Andrew played well. They’re taking (forward) strides every day.”
Dauphiney was on the receiving end of several Matthew Valencia passes Wednesday, and CSHM coach Kim Taylor hopes an improved passing attack will loosen up defenses that routinely used nine run-stopping defenders against the tailback last season.
“That’s gonna be a big factor for us,” Taylor said.
Taylor was disappointed, however, by a brief dust up between the Cardinals and Spartans following a play when Schurr was on offense. It began with two players but soon involved the majority of each team and coaching staff, although it was quickly difused. Following the drills, Taylor apologized to Ramirez.
“(The 7-on-7) went well for us, but what I didn’t like was the (skirmish) with Schurr,” Taylor said.
Cantwell will host different schools each Wednesday in 7-on-7 play.

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