Friday Night Final: La Mirada gets big win; La Habra, Montebello go down

La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti said last year is ancient history, and his Mats proved it with an impressive win over Tesoro. Elsewhere, La Habra and Montebello had some big-time losses.
Here’s what the area did:


MONTEBELLO >> The first week of the football season is usually not the time for a statement game.
But what Diamond Bar High School did on Friday night likely opened a few eyes throughout the Valley.
Tyler Peterson passed for 162 yards and accounted for four touchdowns to lead Diamond Bar to a 48-14 victory over host Montebello.
Isaiah Thompson rushed for 72 yards and score and Antonio “Noodles” Hull returned a punt 62 yards for another to lead the Brahmas, who gained 422 yards.
Angel Hernandez threw for 102 yards and two touchdowns to lead Montebello.

Ralston Valley (Colo.) 47, No. 1 La Serna 24 (Thursday) — The post-Frankie Football era was lukewarm, with QB Enrique Pacheco looking decent, but the defense, especially against the run needs to improve
El Toro 51, No. 2 La Habra 35 —The Highlanders have handled the Chargers in recent years. But not tonight.
No. 3 La Mirada 26, Tesoro 23 — An impressive win for the Mats, who got 281 yards passing from Santa Fe transfer Christian Lara. Last year’s struggles are a distant memory
No. 4 El Rancho 46, Claremont 24 — An impressive win by the Dons. Should they be the Del Rio League favorite?
No. 5 California 28, Gahr 26 — A good win for the Condors.

Bonita 37, Schurr 20
St. Paul 62, Firebaugh 0
St. Joseph/Santa Maria 42, Santa Fe 20
Sonora 41, Whittier 15
Whittier Chr. 33, Bishop 15

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  • The truth and nothing but…

    Hey Steve, the folks at St. Paul are very upset with you for not giving them any props for blowing out power house Firebaugh (Cal Prep -49 ranking) 63-0.

  • Jack Tripper

    Who does SP play next? Curious as to why they would schedule arguably the worst team in the state. SP has fallen in some really hard times and this is very sad.

  • All About Us

    SP has that other powerhouse, Warren up next (Cal Preps ranking of -22). The Bears last won in October of 2011. Will the Swordsmen help extend the streak? WDN, SGVN and the Long Beach PT better have a full crew out there. Don’t want the Swordsmen faithful upset as it is all about them.

  • Yellow Balls

    I for one believe it was a solid win on a very weak team. The Swordsman faithful have hit an all time high of delusion with their team. SP is not what it used to be and I doubt it will ever be back to what it was. I hope the boys do a good job and compete no matter what. SP needs to ride this momentum early because once the games that count start it will be different I dont think they will be battle tested for league and might stumble. I heard their frosh team is really good how did they do vs Bosco?

  • Fair is fair

    These comments are always a hoot.
    I will sound like an apologist, but let’s be pragmatic. SP has been a joke for the last few years, can’t argue about that, but to rail on them for routing a terrible team is pretty lame. Beating Firebaugh is what they were supposed to do. Beating them to a running clock, especially with their most recent history, can demonstrate a slight improvement, at the very least. The issue would be if they struggled and played sloppy against FB. Harsh criticism would then be warranted. At the game on Friday, nobody was high-fiving when the clock wound down. Heck, people were leaving in the third. They knew what they were up against, but it was nice for those kids to feel that win. The varsity team is filled with young but excellent sophomores, and transfers can’t play for a few more weeks. It was needed to entrench morale. So they may convincingly beat a few losers on their schedule. Isn’t that what good teams do? To be fair, the Freshmen team got worked by Bosco, and the JV and Varsity clowned FB. It only shows that they aren’t the best in the country, nor are they any longer the worst. Then again, it was only week 0. Let’s see if they go 3-0 to Damien, because right now we still don’t know what this team is.

  • All About Us

    @Fair is Fair – it isn’t the team itself we are railing on. Those kids work hard everyday and are playing their hearts out. It is the delusional faithful we are banging on. Lots of your friends are taking this win as the second coming of the Swordsmen. Reality will set in once league starts.

    • Fair is fair

      Could be we keep vastly different company. Hadn’t run across anybody either during nor after the game that expressed that type of ridiculous enthusiasm. The only outlandish reference I came across was from one commenter, who wasn’t a SP fan, on the SGVFootball blog who predicted a victory over Damien. I concede that anybody making such bold claims so early in the season should get their head checked and promptly ignored. That being said, a few vociferous louts don’t make a credible representation of the majority. Then again, I took time to write this post and my initial one, so it seems I also fell for the vocal minority hook, line, and sinker.

  • Local Football Fan

    Are you sure Fair is Fair is a SP fan? Not only was his response well written and presented a good argument he also used vociferous in a sentence. LOL

    • Guest

      Are you seriously implying that anybody from the area is intelligent?

    • Fair is fair

      Zing! That’s pretty funny. All talk aside, good luck to everybody’s team and hope they stay healthy tonight and tomorrow night.