Former champion Antonio Margarito strongly denies rumors of a comeback

Rumors have recently circulated about a return to the ring by former welterweight champion Antonio Margarito of Tijuana. Supposedly, he needs the money because of an impending divorce from his wife, Michele, that allegedly will net her a nice sum of money.

Margarito this week vehemently denied he is coming back.

“I was surprised by several unfounded rumors regarding my current situation, including news on a return to boxing and supposedly a divorce settlement that has left me broke and with the need to return to boxing,” Margarito said in a statement. “In some cases, the information dealt with news of my return, and some unfounded news about a settlement. However, some tabloid media has gone further than that, spreading unfounded rumors that no one took the trouble to investigate fully.
“I am the first to admit that my time in the boxing stage is a thing of the past.”
Margarito said any word of his wife getting big money in a divorce, could be harmful.
“There is some damage to my family that can be done by spreading lies and half-truths,” he said. “We have been officially separated from my wife Michele for over two years. She is now in a new relationship and pregnant. Since then, I have also started a new life, and also had a baby with my girlfriend Lorena Vidales. The divorce settlement has not been finalized and as civilized people, we respect each others’ life and during this time have been negotiating the settlement.
“With what we will share, I expect that it will help us to live, if not full of luxuries, in a comfortable lifestyle. However, when people start talking of “a millionaire settlement,” it exposes Michele and my children – who live in Tijuana, Mexico- to becoming victims of blackmail and even kidnapping. That is why I wanted to make this public statement about the situation.”
Margarito, 35, has not fought since being stopped by Miguel Cotto after 10 rounds in December 2011.
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