‘Hal Linker’ reminisces, part 7

As we continue serializing what was originally intended as a comment on the “Things That Aren’t Here Anymore” thread, “Hal” (in quotes since we now know this is a pseudonym) is yakking about teen clubs of the late 1960s:

How about the Pacesetter? The building still stands and I think is called Mi Hacienda (last I checked). The Pacesetter was a teen club which opened circa 1967. The Standells, The Seeds and many other bands played the venue which also had the obligatory Battle Of the Bands competition.

(Someone told me Pink Floyd played there when Syd Barrett was still a member. I find that very hard to believe, because I would have gone! At any rate, it couldn’t have been any good given Barrett’s mental state on that disastrous 1st U.S. tour.)

My band was in a battle of the bands at the Pacesetter and did place second, but the two of us who were on the basketball team got kicked off for participating in a worldly activity. Ah, the joys of going to a parochial school. Now they have rock bands in their churches.

Not in the Inland Empire but just over Kellogg Hill was the Carousel Theater in West Covina. Great place for rock ‘n’ roll shows in the mid to late 1960s. These were held on dark days from their typical musical stage shows. Doors, Rascals, Simon & Garfunkel, Animals, Dave Clark Five, Buffalo Springfield, Byrds, Seeds, etc. all played there. Wallich’s Music City also had a store location in the same general area. It later became the short-lived Big Ben’s Records. Both buildings torn down.

Cal Poly hangouts were the Pic and Pan and The Library on West Holt.

Next time: more restaurants.

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