‘The Fugitive’ in Claremont

Here’s a treat. This note came in a while back from ex-Claremonter Debra MacLaughlan-Dumes:

“My husband and I like to watch DVDs of old TV shows from the 1950s-1970s, often with the hope of seeing some local scene in the background. We watched an episode of ‘The Fugitive’ last night called ‘Echo of a Nightmare’ which aired Jan. 25, 1966.”

The episode was filmed in downtown Claremont!

Going above and beyond, MacLaughlan-Dumes e-mailed screen shots of various freeze-framed images that showed recognizable Village landmarks. For the sake of comparison, I took photos in the same locations 44 years later.

The photos are paired below (to the best of my sizing ability), reading left to right. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

1) The first two are on Harvard Avenue looking south from Bonita. At least mine is; I think that’s where the original is oriented. I declined to stand in the middle of the intersection for my photo.

2) These two are shot from the SE corner of Harvard and 2nd. My version depicts today’s Boon Companion toy store (SW corner, to the left in photo) and City Hall (NE corner). What was on the SW corner in 1966?

3) Speaking of the SE corner of Harvard and 2nd, that’s the lovely Post Office. If you’ve never been inside, go in and look at the Milford Zornes mural that wraps around the lobby.

4) This is the sidewalk looking north from in front of the Post Office toward Shelton Park on the NE corner. David Janssen (1931-1980) was unavailable, but a Claremont fixture, the little old lady, wandered into the frame.

5) The NW corner of Harvard and Bonita had the Sugar Bowl, a soda fountain and candy store. Today it’s Unique Jewelry and Gifts.

37875-fugitiveclaremont 002-thumb-200x150-37874.jpg
37877-fugitiveclaremont 004-thumb-200x150-37876.jpg
37879-fugitiveclaremont 007-thumb-200x150-37878.jpg
37916-fugitiveclaremont 005-thumb-200x150-37882.jpg
37881-fugitiveclaremont 001-thumb-200x150-37880.jpg

And here’s an interior of the Sugar Bowl, unduplicatable today. Anyone seen this episode, remember the filming or want to reflect on any of these places?

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