Column: Election ends on high note with vote at opera house

After all the sturm und drang of the election, voting at an opera house made perfect sense. So I cast my ballot at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, home of LA Opera, on Sunday after a special Metrolink trip. A $10 round trip ticket was a small price to pay for a memorable experience. I write about it in my Tuesday* column.

*Tuesday, you ask, not Wednesday? In this case, yes. After the March primary, my column ran in print not on A3 as usual, but A10, and without the accompanying photo, all due to a space crunch from a newspaper jam-packed with election results. And that was a primary; I feared the presidential election might be worse.

So my editor let me get out in front of an avalanche of news to avoid getting crushed. And since this column is about voting, it made sense to get it into the Election Day paper rather than wait for my usual day. I’ll be back on my traditional schedule Friday and Sunday. In the meantime, if you haven’t voted, what are you waiting for?

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