L.A. County Fair Food previewed

Dine 909 was among a select group of participants to preview food selections from this year’s L.A. County Fair.


What did we sample?

Chicken Charlie’s, of course, whose new creations for this year are FryBQ Ribs and Totally Fried Kool Aid.

Then there were the food trucks. On hand were Calbi, Piaggio and Crepes Bonaparte.

We also got to sample from Big Bubba’s Bad to the Bone BBQ, Old Tyme Ice Cream Bars, Kokopelli’s Indian Fry Bread, Thai BBQ and South of the Border.

The verdict?

You will not be disappointed.

I always look forward to what “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian has up his sleeve every year, and this year’s new offerings are up to his usual standards.

On the savory side, we have ribs, fried up and then dunked in a spicy barbecue sauce. The ribs are already a hit…he’s sold three tons worth combined at the San Diego and Orange county fairs.

On the sweet side, we have cherry Kool Aid mixed in with a little bit of dough, balled up and fried. The Totally Fried Kool Aid is an even bigger hit, with a quarter of a million balls sold at the two county fairs. He’s hoping to sell that many again here in Pomona.

In addition, he’s cooking up a recent “people’s choice” contest winner specifically for the crowds at the L.A. County Fair: Totally Fried Caramel Apple! Can’t wait to get a taste of that!

As far as the food trucks go, they’re a repeat from last year, although it sounds as if there will be more of them this year.

All three of the trucks at the preview are set to attend the fair every day. It also sounds like they will have additional trucks showing up just to add a little variety. Tips: Do not miss the chicken tacos at the Calbi truck, nor the empanadas and chimichurri fries at the Piaggio truck. Also, the Nutella crepe from Crepes Bonaparte was delicious!

From noon to 5 p.m. September 11, the fair will host a food truck festival with over 30 trucks in the racetrack infield.

The L.A. County Fair opens Saturday (September 3) and runs through October 2. It’s closed on Mondays (except Labor Day) and Tuesdays, so you’ll have to eat somewhere else.