Jack in the Box creates game to promote latest offerings

Well, now we know who was driving the Crave Van…

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Jack in the Box is playing games with its customers. Literally.

The chain has created Crave Crasher, a limited-time mobile-optimized browser game, to help promote its latest food offerings.

The game — in which the player careens through the streets of a virtual city in the Crave Van to deliver the chain’s new Munchie Mash+Ups — was released this week.

The design of Crave Crasher takes a decidedly 8-bit approach and would be right at home in an ‘80s arcade.

The Munchie Mash+Ups themselves come in three varieties, and all begin with a base of hash browns and white cheese sauce, topped with the following ingredients:

  • Wakey Bakey Hash: Egg, bacon, and pepper jack cheese.
  • H’angry Chicken Hash: Chicken nuggets, Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce, and ranch.
  • Jack’d Jalapeño Hash: Jalapeños, bacon, and pepper jack cheese.

With a minimum of 1400 milligrams of sodium and 670 calories, these are obviously not health food.

However, I’m guessing the crowd they’re catering to doesn’t really pay any mind to such details.

They’re available for $3 at participating locations.

If you want to try the Munchie Mash+Ups, head to your nearest Jack in the Box.

If you want to play the game, simply click here.