Adieu to a friend


When I first became involved with the Doo Dah Parade I had quite a bit of support from my friends, but one of my biggest fans was Robert “The G-Man” Shields. At the time I was his co-host on “G-Man’s Freak Show” on cable access television. I didn’t mind being his sidekick, as he shared the spotlight and even gave me some glory once in a while. It was a fun gig. (One cool fact is that the program was recently named the number one most watched cable access show in California by Unfortunately G-Man passed away Tuesday, Aug. 5.


G-Man and I have been friends for 18 years. I first met him at a funky little club called the Natural Fudge Company in Hollywood. The venue had bands and open mic nights for comedians. I was fronting the hard rock /heavy metal group Morpheus and he was doing standup. Our paths crossed and a friendship was forged.


We worked well together and made the rounds emceeing between bands at clubs all over Southern California, as well as making appearances at all kinds of places and even serving as presenters at the Rock City News music awards. Later, the cable show came and our rapport continued on camera, reaching even more fans.


G-Man also helped found, an entertainment ezine, and contributed a monthly column. 


But the talent didn’t stop there… G-Man was a poet, an author and an artist too. His paintings are absolutely amazing. They’re all contemporary modern, but it’s not just the emotion and color that makes them intriguing– what makes them shine is the texture and technique. G-Man would use almost anything to apply the paint– an eyedropper, an earring, his hands.


 Most of his work remained hidden in his apartment instead of hanging in a gallery where it belongs… I am lucky to have a few pieces that he gave me. And today, at his memorial, I was given another two to add to my collection.


I am being flooded by a myriad of emotions with G-Man’s passing. It’s not only thinking about the past or our mortality, but it’s the little, yet big things like: I will never hear his laugh on the telephone again, I will never see him working on a painting again and I will never be able to give him some grief (in fun) again. Of course, I have photos, videos, his CD, some of his art… but….


Please take a minute to meet my friend at

and while you’re there, celebrate a life well lived….


G-Man, your wit, wisdom and talent will be remembered, but your words, creativity and energy lives on! 

1 thought on “Adieu to a friend

  1. DDQ, sad to here of your loss.
    Sounds like a wonderful, caring person.
    This life needs to hold on longer to people like this.
    One day we’re in the cradle. And, the next day-it seems-we’re on our death bed.

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