Queen meets Ernest Borgnine


On July 29th I interviewed acclaimed actor Ernest Borgnine for a story to preview his Southland appearances promoting his new autobiography, “Ernie.”


 During our chat, the earthquake hit and I had told him,  “Ernie, we’re having an earthquake. I have to crawl under my desk.” And we continued talking until the quake reached him. I knew because Borgnine suddenly said, “Oh! Oh, oh!”  True to form, he regained his composure quickly and we finished our interview.


On Aug. 25 Borgnine came to the South Pasadena Public Library for an talk and book signing.  Today, I received this very nice letter from one of my readers: 


Hi, Michelle:

You may not remember me, but I certainly remember you. I sat next to Mrs. Parent (Zen Golf mom) at the Ernest Borgnine book signing event in South Pasadena, a week ago Monday.

Later, as I stood near the back of the line waiting to get his signature, I heard Mr. Borgnine let out a big laugh. I looked up and saw him talking to you, so i knew he was enjoying the memory of your momentous telephone conversation as the earthquake struck; that’s when I moved in and took this picture.

I hope you like it and that it also serves as an excuse for me to say “hello” to you occasionally. This is just my way of acknowledging the memorable impression that you made, and the pleasure of our brief conversation about your great career.

Milton Douglas



Milton with Borgnine


Thank you for sharing this with me, Milton. I will never forget my interview and meeting with Ernie. ~ Michelle



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