Third jersey

Hello everyone…it’s back to work after two weeks of mildly relaxing vacation, and somewhat surprisingly, there’s not much news to report. The most interesting item of the morning comes from Howard Berger of 590-AM in Toronto, who blogged about all of the NHL teams’ upcoming third jerseys. Here’s what he had to say about the Kings’ jersey:

“The Kings will unveil a predominantly black jersey with the letters “L A” inside a pencil-point logo on the front. Broad white stripes will adorn each arm. A thin white stripe will run horizontally on each side of the jersey, just beneath the shoulder. There are no stripes at the bottom of the uniform. The color purple – widely evident in the Kings’ primary jersey – will likely be featured in the number outlines of the alternate, though the photo copy I have doesn’t clearly show it. A better idea would have been a reprise of the Kings’ original purple and gold uniforms from 1967, but the club marketers are apparently not bent on tradition.”

I have yet to see the jersey but I had been told that it would incorporate aspects of all the Kings’ previous jerseys. This is still a little hard to picture, but I’ll post pictures if I should acquire them.

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