What Johnson isn’t asking for

Jack Johnson is not asking for $5.5 million a year, regardless of what you might read. That comes from Dean Lombardi, who would probably know such things. Again, I’ll advise the same thing I advise all the time. Pop some popcorn, read the rumors, enjoy them and try to forget about them the moment that you click to another page.

The Kings are negotiating with Johnson’s agent, not his father, which is good for everyone. There’s no real urgency because there’s no need for urgency at the moment. There can’t be an offer sheet and there can’t be arbitration, so it’s quite different from the O’Sullivan stuff from last year.

Sorry for the lack of posting of late, but I’ve been caught up in five other things and we’re in that lull period right now. The Kings’ management is scattered around the continent, and Lombardi is getting ready to hit the road again and visit with some potential draft prospects. I’d imagine things will start heating up in a week or so, but I’ll stay on top of things throughout. The Lecavalier reports aren’t totally false, but they’re old. More like a burning ember than an inferno, to give a mediocre analogy.

Oh, forgot one thing. I saw the item, as did several of you, about Tom Preissing selling his home. I asked Lombardi about it, but there’s no other shoe waiting to drop, at least not at the moment. I’d still be surprised if he’s Kings property by the start of training camp.

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