Pregame reading: L.A. Kings coach Darryl Sutter talks about the team’s play

Here’s Kings coach Darryl Sutter’s assessment of the team’s inconsistent play:

“I think that’s what everybody’s said. That’s been a frequently-used word this year, but if you look at the last little bit … our issue would be goals-against, no question. We’re scoring right around three and we’re giving up right around three the last 10 games. That’s not going to get you very far in this league.

“That’s fun to talk about. If you score three, that’s great. But a lot of times it’s still that number, giving up three. If you look at it just since the first of the month, if you’re an analytic guy, we’ve dominated games, quite honest. We’ve dominated games … not just puck possession, which is what you guys use. That’s what anybody goes back to because they don’t understand the game.

“So, it’s probably the bad goal or the odd-man rush or the turnover.”

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