Day off

No practice today.
Good day to do taxes, laundry, re-connect with the family, walk the dog, look at what’s left for the Lakers. … Eight games remaining. … Probably can’t win ’em all, but might need to in order to win the West.
Here’s a closer look:
Portland, Wednesday at Staples (Gasol might return).
Dallas, Friday at Staples (Mavs not the same since Kidd trade).
Sacramento, Sunday at Arco Arena (Kings sure to be in spoiler mode).
Portland, April 8 at Rose Garden (Blazers always tough at home).
Clippers, April 10 at Staples (Lakers go for Hallway Series sweep).
New Orleans, April 11 at Staples (Paul/West/Chandler formidable trio).
San Antonio, April 13 at Staples (Spurs playing like champs again).
Sacramento, April 15 at Staples (Chance to rest Bryant, Fisher and Odom?)
Playoffs start either April 19 or 20. Probably the 20th for the Lakers since ABC will want them for their Sunday afternoon national telecast.