Morning Buzz…

Sorry, this was supposed to publish in the actual morning today, but there were some technical difficulties last night…

Anyway, here you go:

Elliott writes about the symbolic gesture sweeping the Nuggets would make, while Steve opines on the technical difficulties in finishing off a wounded opponent in today’s Daily News

Steve Springer has an excellent feature on Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, which includes one of the funniest opening sentences you’ll ever see in the hallowed pages of the LA Times.

Mark Heisler reminds Colorado fans that they still have the Rockies!

And Mike Bresnahan breaks down what could be a bad break-up if the Lakers take care of business tonight.

Over at the Orange County Register, Kevin Ding looks forward at a possible second-round matchup with the Utah Jazz and likes the Lakers chances.

While in Riverside, the Press-Enterprise to be precise, Brad Turner discovers some psycho-babble in the Denver weight room, with some assistance from super sleuth Phil Jackson.

The mood in Colorado is downright funereal, according to the Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman. But that doesn’t mean it’s George Karl’s fault.