Bynum update

Just got done speaking with Andrew Bynum’s agent David Lee for a quick update on how Bynum’s knee is doing. Bynum was in Los Angeles earlier this week, worked for the Lakers team doctors, and was cleared for everything, according to Lee.

Bynum is now down in Atlanta with his personal trainer. The Lakers, Lee said, have a standing invitation to drop in on Bynum down in Atlanta and see his progress.

“He’s absolutely fine, he’s going to come in as a beast,” Lee said. “He’s got no atrophy anywhere. The kid’s in great shape. Maybe it comes with being 20 years of age.”

As for the negotiations on Bynum’s contract status, Lee said that the discussions have been tabled until September.

“We aren’t going to talk again until September until they have a chance to see what they’re getting,” Lee said. “But I don’t have any concerns about it.”

Lee said that once negotiations begin, it was “very important” that the extension be completed by the time the season starts. Lee of course, will be seeking a max (five years, $80 million) extension.

“I know what we want, I know what the rest of the league thinks of Andrew. I just hope the Lakers are on the same page,” Lee said.