Pau Gasol anxiously awaiting All-Star invite

All indications are that Pau Gasol will be named as a reserve to the Western Conference All-Star team later today.

But as of 12:30 this afternoon, he said he had been given no word on whether he was going to get the nod.

“They’re not telling me anything,” Gasol said before boarding the team’s flight to Minneapolis. “The year I made it, they told me a day or two prior to the announcement, but this year I haven’t heard anything.

“I’m looking forward to knowing just so I can be really excited and happy about being a part of it, or you know, maybe a little disappointed and upset about it.

“If I win, I’ll be extremely happy and excited about it. It’s something that would give me pride and honor. It’s nice to make it and be amongst the best. And if I don’t, I’ll be disappointed. But I’ll try to keep it cool.”