Some insights about today’s NFL meeting with San Diego

I got a chance to do some poking around about today’s NFL meeting with San Diego leaders on the status of their Mission Valley stadium push for the Chargers. A lot of stuff going on, needless to say.

Here are the cliff notes.

The meeting today between the NFL, Chargers and San Diego leaders enabled San Diego to present the outline for its stadium project. And while there were many questions asked, no negotiations took place.

Among the items talked about were:

1. Building design

While the stadium it is still in the conceptual stage, it has all the key elements NFL would expect at this stage.

2. EIR

San Diego leaders emphasized that the Environmental Impact Report they are putting together will be a thorough procedure that deals with the replacement of an existing stadium at an existing site.

3. Outline of stadium financing

Financing of the stadium will be a public/private process that requires very significant funding from NFL and Chargers sources.

3. Timeline 

San Diego outlined the following timeline for all the various elements- and expressed faith San Diego residents will back them up with supportive votes:

August 10: Draft EIR release

Sept. 11: Deadline for stadium agreement between City and Chargers

(A final deal between San Diego and the Chargers must be reached by Sept. 11 in order to get it to a January 12 election)

Sept. 29: Final EIR published.

October 12 or 13: Council hearing to call election.

January 12: Special election.


On a side note, NFL vice president Eric Grubman tells me San Diego stadium leaders will be in Chicago to update the NFL Los Angeles owners committee but will not update all 32 owners at the special owners meeting on Aug 11.