Raiders owner Mark Davis opens up

Tip of the hat Bay Area college Tim Kawakami, who got Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis to open up about where things stand in his stadium pursuit in Oakland and the progress being made with the Raiders joint stadium plan in Carson with the San Diego Chargers.

I urge you to read the entire interview, which you can see here.

Davis touched on a number of subjects, but one that caught my eye was the comparison he made bewteen the progress the Raiders and Chargers have made in Carson compared to the non progress in Oakland:

“If you make a comparison to what’s going on down south… in six months, we’ve purchased a parcel of land, we’ve gotten the financing, we’ve got through the development process, and worked with the political people, and we’re to the point where we’re just about ready to get to work. That’s in six months.

“And in, what, 10 years of discussions with people in Oakland, we don’t even have a parcel of land that we know for sure is going to be the place we can build. We don’t have one person that we know can make a deal, we don’t even know who we’re supposed to talk to. They keep changing.

“We don’t know who to negotiate with. I’m serious.

“So that’s a pretty big difference, I’d say, between the two locations right now. But we still are focused on getting something done in Oakland.”

I’ve always taken Davis at his word that he’s still focused on getting something done in Oakland, but it’s abundantly clear that Carson is the only viable stadium alternative to consider. And until something changes in Oakland, the Raiders are full steam ahead in their Los Angeles pursuits.