Rams coach Jeff Fisher a fan of Carson Wentz and Jared Goff

It probably doesn’t come as any surprise – especially given the Rams need at quarterback and the focus and effort they’ll put it breaking down the top quarterback prospects in next month’s draft – but Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has begun the process of digging into North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and Cal’s Jared Goff, the two highest-rated quarterbacks in the draft.

Like so many others, Fisher is impressed.

“Wentz is obviously very smart. I don’t think he’s ever gotten a B in his life. He’s got the leadership qualities. And from a football standpoint he’s got all the traits,” Fisher said. “The am strength and decision making ability and he can make all the throws. The same thing with Goff, too. Not every quarterback coming out is going to have that same personality. All their personality types are different. But both of them are perfect for the NFL and can get in the huddle and lead and win games.”

Fisher shed some light into what he zones in on when breaking down a quarterback, and both Goff and Wentz seem to check off the boxes Fisher most values.

“You have to take the mobility into consideration. And then the arm strength and decision making,” Fisher said. “You have to look and see what they did, what the body of work was. What system they played in, what they were required to do. And then, if it’s not pro style, how far long are they and how far away are they, as well?”

That last part seems especially applicable to Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch, who is regarded as the third best quarterback in the draft but faces a considerable learning curve adjusting from the Tigers spread offense to a pro-style system. Lynch has potential, but the question is how long will it take to make the transition.

If he ever does.

It’s still early in the process, but the sense is while the Rams value Wentz and Goff as elite prospects, Lynch is more of a work-in-progress development prospect.

The problem for the Rams is, while Lynch might be available when they pick at 15, it’s a long shot Goff or Wentz will be there. Which means they’ll have to trade up to get a shot at one of the other.