Turkey Tussle: Throw away records, this one’s for pride!

Kevin Mills this, Pasadena that … They ain’t all that …

The Bulldogs are 1-8.

So what?

Pasadena has lost 11 straight.

So what?

None of that ever, and I mean EVER, matters when crosstown rivals meet at the end of the season.

Take UCLA three years ago. Nobody thought they’d knock off USC and out of contention for a national championship. But the Bruins did it even when nobody believed in them. The Bruins were the mockery of college football in L.A. But they got it done and UCLA’s season was made with that one win.

Know this: Pasadena’s season will be its best ever in the last 12 years if they knock off John Muir.

So when people blog that they won’t attend the game because they’re embarrassed I got this to say to you:

You’re no true Pasadena fan.

You don’t bleed red and white.

A true bulldog doesn’t hide its tail after a fight. He gets up and continues to fight. He keeps barking even if he’s getting kicked in the gut.

Keep biting because eventually you’ll grab a hold and it is then when you will never want to let go.

True fans stick to their teams in the thick and thin.

And know this: Come Friday, you can bet nobody at Pasadena will care about records.

It’s about pride. Don’t nobody wants their helmet blown off like in that picture above. When you’re getting pushed, push back.

Two teams.

One city.

Winner takes Braggin’ Rites because at the end of the day your rival couldn’t get one up on you.

And even if Muir makes a deep run in the playoffs, Pasadena fans will always have that one game to defend their trash talk.

And there’s that bell, too.

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