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Sorry I’ve kept you guys out of the loop. It’s not on purpose I promise you. In a week I’ll be moving into my new town house in South Pasadena, which means I have to be out of my old apartment by the 31st, this Wednesday. That’s what’s been keeping me busy off the blog and limited to game assignments/Rose Bowl coverage. Things will settle back to normal by the start of next week, I hope. No longer will I be dreading the 40 minute drive from Downey to Pasadena to arrive early in the morning and no more hour-plus drive home in traffic. I’ll be loving the 14-minute drive to and from work, which means I’ll be much more productive, at least that’s the main plan =) As for tonight, I will be heading to the La Salle-Temple City Classic in a bit where I’ll cover St. Francis vs. La Canada at 7:30 p.m. at La Salle High. Andrew J. Campa will cover the other semifinal, Alhambra vs. Montebello at Temple City High, 7:30 p.m. About a week ago, I had planned on posting a Top 10 moments in WSGV Preps ala Robledo’s Top 10 Sports Stories. But I’ve been working here only four months and it’s probably not enough a time to compile such a list. That’s where you come in. What are your top stories of the year. Fill me in. Just for kicks, the best football game I ever covered this year had to be without a doubt La Salle vs. Maranatha, my pick for Game of the Year.

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