Baseball: La Caada goes from first to fourth in RHL

Temple City coach Barry Bacon called it.

“Someone is going to be fourth real fast,” he said last week after the Rams’ 4-3 win over La Caada.

And if you look at the Rio Hondo League standings you’ll see that Monrovia has taken control with a 7-2 league record, followed by San Marino (7-3); Temple City (7-3); and now the Spartans (6-3). I’ve been getting some heat for supposedly calling this year’s Rio Hondo League the strongest and deepest. By no stretch did your favorite sportswriter ever say that. I posed the question and it’s obvious you have given an emphatic answer. But you can’t argue there’s excitement in this league race as we spearhead to the playoffs. Sure, I wasn’t anywhere near the SGV when Temple City had Tucker and La Caada had Stoner and Monrovia had McKiernan. But I’m here now and what I’m seeing is excitement no matter how you want to compare this year’s RHL teams to the past. We should stop living in the past and look forward to what we have right now, and that’s an exciting league. The bigger question now is, what game on Friday is bigger: Monrovia at La Caada or Temple City at San Marino? Where should I go?

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