Warning: My one-week vacation starts next Friday

Not that I would ever get married because, lets face it, I like my freedom. And no way I’m ever letting anyone redecorate my house like so many have tried. But if I were to EVER get married I would like to do a similar entrance like in the video. OK, maybe not because I still have to hold my head high when I walk onto a football field. But I must admit, that entrance is very unique. And if that was just the wedding ceremony can you imagine the reception? Now THAT’S a party I would love to attend. By the way, the video has gotten 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Anyway, things have been quiet here, I know. Blame it on me. But then again, teams are on dead period and this usually is the time when we take our very own time off before we go full throttle starting August when we put out the preview section, which by the way I can already tell will have more in-depth analysis and interviews. Not so much that our section is getting more space, but rather the fact I’ve been here almost a year (damn, time flies FAST!) and know the teams a lot better than last year when I came into this job and hit the ground running.

I take off on vacation starting next Friday. I’ll be back Aug. 10. Still not sure on where I’m going. Could go to Vegas, Cabo or, heck, why not go international and invade France, Italy or Spain, three of my favorite destinations. See, if I was married I’d be spending my vaca working around the house. Not in my lifetime.

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