New year, new story lines … It’s good to be back.

The money shot: Interviewing TCU QB Andy Dalton alongside ESPN’s Erin Andrews.

As you probably already know, several blogs throughout SGVN have been malfunctioning for several days, this blog having the most problems. Entries that I post do not show up for several hours, sometimes days. Because of this, I will not post any new entries unless it’s to update you on the blog or until we’re functioning properly. I wish we had better news, but it is what it is.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m glad December is over. The holidays are fun as always, but the schedule sure throws a wrench at you and at times puts havoc on planning and so on. We finished our PrepXtra all-area football magazine, and it’s set to publish Jan. 20 at a newsstand near you. Working on the magazine meant more office writing and less games to cover, but I did get a chance to cover the La Salle/Temple City tournament, which was a lot of fun from start to finish. Watch out for Maranatha when the playoffs roll around. The Minutemen have more size, strength and depth this season. Jeremy Major and Josh Chamberlain are fun to watch, but the hustle and sheer determination from Stephen Van Spronsen is the epitome of a true team player. As I get back in the swing of things here let me know what big games you guys would like to see covered this week. I’ll comb through schedules and make my own list, but it’s always good to get your input as well. We’re also running all-area this week beginning with girls volleyball Tuesday, boys water polo on Wednesday, cross country Thursday and girls tennis on Friday. Also, I know some of you are annoyed with all the spam comments we’re getting on the blog, and our folks here and in Denver are working the servers to fix it. Hopefully it’s resolved soon. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, now let’s get back to it.

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