Rio Hondo and Pacific leagues to stay status quo after Crescenta Valley loses vote to join RHL … Marshall headed to the Mission Valley League …

Crescenta Valley High School’s bid to join the Rio Hondo League beginning with the 2014-15 school year, thus creating a domino effect that would have led Arcadia and Hoover to seek the same thing, was voted down on Friday when the Foothill Area held its re-leaguing meeting at Hart High.

Thus, the Rio Hondo League and Pacific League will remain the same for the next four-year cycle of league play. Elsewhere during the meeting, the area voted to send Marshall from the Alpha League to the Mission Valley League in a move that has soured the Mission Valley League, which vowed to appeal.

As far as the Rio Hondo League and Pacific League were concerned on Friday, the bigger story was what didn’t happen, rather than what did.

Last week, the Rio Hondo League agreed to a proposal that would move Crescenta Valley from the Pacific League to the Rio Hondo and get rid of Blair, which has put a weight on the league with its struggling athletic programs.

That proposal prompted Arcadia to propose that it would also like to join the Rio Hondo League if Crescenta Valley was voted in. The Rio Hondo League was not in total agreement about the proposal, with San Marino opposed to the idea.

That number must have grown in recent days because when Friday’s motions to put proposals to a vote were made, the Rio Hondo League decided against going forward with its Crescenta Valley proposal.

“There wasn’t a united decision from the Rio Hondo League anymore as far as adding a team or two,” La Canada athletic director Craig Franzen said. “It was just the best option at this point for the league. If the Blair problem gets worse, you have another opportunity in four years to do something.”

With schools given the opportunity to put forth their own proposals for a vote, Crescenta Valley went forward with its bid to join the Rio Hondo League despite the idea no longer having support from the league. The proposal did not gain enough votes.

With Blair staying put, the Rio Hondo League must again cope with a league mate that could not field a varsity baseball team this season and sent out a varsity football team last fall that was shutout in every league game last season by an average score of 62-0.

Another option for the Rio Hondo League would have been to add Marshall. Instead, the Eagles were voted into the Mission Valley League, which immediately made clear that it will appeal that decision to the CIF-Southern Section.

Marshall would join current Mission Valley League teams Arroyo, El Monte, Gabrielino, Mountain View, Rosemead and South El Monte to form a seven-team league.
“In my opinion, all the other proposals — Crescenta Valley, Arcadia, the Rio Hondo League — were all just posturing so they didn’t have to take Marshall,” Arroyo varsity football head coach and athletic director Jim Singiser said. “Obviously, geography was not an issue because you have to pass every Rio Hondo League school to get to a Mission Valley League school.

“Neither was school size (an issue) because I think Marshall may be a better fit size-wise in the Rio Hondo League.

“We will appeal and see what happens. If it sticks, so be it. I know a lot of people over there and they are good people.”

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IMPORTANT!!! Star-News All-Stars … If you see your name on this list, you need to email me ASAP …


Brandon Jolley, Pasadena
Jeremy Major, Maranatha
Jelani Mitchell, Muir
Ryan Wiley, Rio Hondo Prep
Perris Hicks, Pasadena
Taturs Mayberry, Muir
Felix Awujo, Temple City
Tyler Shimamoto, Gabrielino
Jasper Hwang, San Marino

Samantha Lee, Keppel
Melody Chang, Arcadia
Sydney Hua, Rosemead
Melody Gauthier, Rosemead
Kayla Pounds, Blair
Lauren Barsamian, La Canada
Leigh Kunitake, San Marino
Emma Wong, San Marino
Dariel Johnson, Pasadena
Leslie Tan, Keppel
Lili Lim, Westridge
Julissa Aguirre, Arcadia

By Aram Tolegian
Staff Writer

Organizers have settled on April 26 as the date in which local hoops fans will find out exactly which side of the Valley plays the best high school basketball when the 10th Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic is played at Damien High.
The girls game will take place at 6 p.m. and the boys game will be played at 8 p.m. There will be a 3-point shooting contest at halftime of each game.

“It’s a great opportunity to showcase the fine athletes we have in our Valley from the Pasadena area all the way out to La Verne and Claremont,” game organizer Gordon Hamlow said. “It’s an opportunity for our seniors in the Valley to get one more chance to compete in front of their fans. For some, it will be their last competitive game and for others who are going on to college, it’s a neat opportunity to give people a taste of what to expect in the future.”

So far, the Star-News holds a slight edge in both series. The Star-News girls have a 6-3 series lead while the boys have a 5-4 series advantage.

The game is contested between the top seniors in the area. Any senior player who made the first- or second-team All-Area team for the Star-News or Tribune are automatically qualified to play in the game. The rest of the roster, up to 15 players, will be rounded out by the coaches and game organizers.

For the Star-News, that means both boys Player of the Year Andre Spight of Pasdena and girls Player of the Year Alyson Lock of Keppel will be the headliners of their respective teams.
For the Tribune team, both area Players of the Year are underclassmen, but there’s plenty of other talent to choose from. The Tribune boys team will be coached by Damien’s Matt Dunn, who led the Spartans to a CIF-Southern Section championship this season. The Tribune girls are coached by Bishop Amat’s Richard Wiard, who has won five CIF championships and two state titles in his career.

The Star-News boys team is coached by Flintridge Prep’s Garrett Ohara, who led the Rebels to a sweep of the Prep League and a trip to the Southern Section playoffs semifinals. The Star-News girls team are coached by Joe Kikuchi, who led the Aztecs to the Almont League championship and the semifinals of the playoffs.

Kikuchi will not only have Lock, who will play at Loyola Marymount next year on his roster, but fellow Aztecs Samantha Lee and Leslie Tan as well.

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Pasadena’s Andre Spight and Keppel’s Alyson Lock named Star-News Players of the Year …

The Star-News All-Area Boys and Girls Basketball teams were released this morning. Pasadena’s Andre Spight and Keppel’s Alyson Lock are the respective Players of the Year. Flintirdge Prep’s Garrett Ohara and Keppel’s Joe Kikuchi are the boys and girls Coach of the Year, respectively.

Boys All-Area Team gallery.

Girls All-Area Team gallery.


Player of the Year
Andre Spight, Pasadena, Sr.*

Coach of the Year
Garrett Ohara, Flintridge Prep

Brandon Jolley, Pasadena, Sr.*
Robert Cartwright, Flintridge Prep, Jr.
Jeremy Major, Maranatha, Sr.*
Jelani Mitchell, Muir, Sr.*
Josh Ajayi, San Gabriel Academy, Jr.
Ryan Wiley, Rio Hondo Prep, Sr.*
Eric Olivas, Temple City, Sr.*
Kyler Lee, Keppel, Jr.
Vance Jackson, La Salle, Fr.
Milan Acquuah, La Salle, Fr.

Second Team

Kyle Leufroy, St. Francis, So.
Perris Hicks, Pasadena, Sr.*
Taturs Mayberry, Muir, Sr.*
Dejon Williams, Muir, Jr.
Koko Kurdoghlian, La Canada, Fr.
Felix Awujo, Temple City, Sr.*
Arnas Dautartas, San Gabriel Academy, Jr.
Tyler Shimamoto, Gabrielino, Sr.*
Miles Ford, Alhambra, Sr.*
Jasper Hwang, San Marino, Sr.*


First Team
Player of the Year: Alyson Lock, Keppel, Sr.*
Coach of the Year: Joe Kikuchi, Keppel

Samantha Lee, Keppel, Sr.*
Tala Ismail, Flintridge Prep, Fr.
Melody Chang, Arcadia, Sr.*
Sydney Hua, Rosemead, Sr.*
Melody Gauthier, Rosemead, Sr.*
Alexis Parker, Rio Hondo Prep, Jr.
Courtney Chen, La Canada, Jr.
Sophia Hathaway, South Pasadena, So.
Kiki Yang, Pasadena Poly, So.
Kandyce Smith, La Salle, Jr.

Second Team

Kayla Pounds, Blair, Sr.*
Lauren Barsamian, La Canada, Sr.*
Lexie Scholtz, South Pasadena, So.
Leigh Kunitake, San Marino, Sr.*
Channon Fluker, Muir, So.
Dariel Johnson, Pasadena, Sr.*
Caira Benton, Arcadia, So.
Leslie Tan, Keppel, Sr.*
Lili Lim, Westridge, Sr.*
Caroline Knop, La Salle, Jr.

* — Automatically qualifies to play in Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic on Apr. 26.

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Tribune/Star-News All-Star Game set for Apr. 26 at Damien HS in La Verne …

Exactly which side of the Valley plays the best hoops will be decided on Apr. 26 at Damien HS in La Verne in the Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic for local seniors.

Any senior player selected to the Star-News All-Area first or second teams is automatically to play in the game. The rest of the 15 roster spots for each team will be decided by a committee.

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